WMPLT Ch. 30

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Huo Cheng founded a company called Jinshi Technology two years ago with his old classmates in University A. Their company launched a short video app this year, which had quickly become popular among young people in the past few months.

Like their company’s main audience, most of Jinshi’s employees were also young people. Huo Cheng, who was less than 30 years old, was considered relatively old in their company.

The employees of Jinshi Technology generally commented on Huo Cheng as: capable, aggressive, and straight.

He never wore makeup, nor did he use skin care products. He had a cropped haircut. Although he wore formal clothes all day long, the purpose was not to look good, but to save trouble.

But because of his outstanding height and appearance, he was chosen by a romance show.

The program team repeatedly sent people to approach him. In order to promote his company, Huo Cheng finally chose to participate in the filming of this romance drama.

Because of participating in the love drama “Red and Blue Signal”, their boss Huo had changed a lot.

His clothes were no longer black, grey and blue suits were even worn to the end, and he had also started to learn to wear casual clothes, with a bit of fashionable style.

He even started using perfume.

But they could understand all these. They heard that ordinary people even had to put on makeup when they went on camera. Huo Cheng was obsessed with his image on behalf of their company, and the overall image naturally depended on the aesthetics of young people.

You must look handsome if you want to fall in love.

But what they never expected was that Huo Cheng was going to learn how to cook, just because of this romance show he was participating in!

You must know that Mr. Huo was famous for his straight thinking, he didn’t understand romance, he was not considerate enough, and carelessness had always been one of the most important labels on him!

“Boss Huo has worked too hard for our company.” A manager stood at the door of the back kitchen of a certain restaurant, looking at Huo Cheng who was carrying a spoon, and sighed.

It was really hard for Mr. Huo.

Looking at his tall head of more than 1.9 meters, wearing a white shirt, suit pants, and holding a pot in his hand, it reminded him of a sentence that was inappropriate but very appropriate for the occasion: The Empress of the Eastern Palace bakes big pancakes.

No matter how you look at it, it’s clumsy, and no matter how you look at it, it didn’t fit well.

Zhou Ming, Huo Cheng’s partner, said, “You really think he’s doing it for our company.”

Everyone turned to look at him.

Zhou Ming said: “The old iron tree is finally blooming.”

“Mr. Huo is in love?”

“Mr. Huo has really taken a fancy to the guest in that romance show, who is it? Who is so charming that he captured our Mr. Huo so quickly!”

“I thought Mr. Huo only had work in his eyes. And he is a workaholic who loves to work overtime!”

“Our company held a regular meeting last month. Who taught the singles in our company with a straight face, saying that they should work hard while they are young and don’t engage in those love affairs!”

Huo Cheng learned very seriously.

He was the kind of person who once he had an idea, he would immediately put it into action, and he had always had a strong ability to act.

Among the eight of them, only Zhai Xingchen could cook, which meant that whoever could cook would have more opportunities to come in contact with Zhai Xingchen.

He didn’t need to learn everything, he just needed to learn one thing a day.

The chef wiped the sweat from his brow: “You…you don’t have to stir fry so vigorously.”

This man’s hands were too strong.

Huo Cheng was very energetic.

Thinking that this was cooking for Zhai Xingchen, he was even more motivated.

At six o’clock in the afternoon, Hu Ying arrived at the South Gate of Zhongwu on time.

Before Zhai Xingchen walked out of the gate, he saw Hu Ying.

Because Hu Ying attracted a bunch of classmates to shoot him.

His appearance seemed to have caused a commotion.

Although “Red and Blue Signal” had been broadcast live several times, it had not been officially broadcast, so most people had not seen this program. Usually, no one recognized Zhai Xingchen in school. Now seeing this scene suddenly, they were deterred for a while.

But Hu Ying also saw him from a distance, and waved to him excitedly.

Zhai Xingchen had no choice but to walk over.

The reason Hu Ying was able to attract so many people to take pictures was not only because of his white, rich and beautiful temperament, but also because he had two follow-up cameramen by his side.

As soon as Zhai Xingchen arrived, all the onlookers pointed their phones at him.

The two of them walked out together, and Hu Ying said: “You have to get used to it slowly. After our program airs, you will know that these were small scenes today! You are destined to be a big star when you grow up like this, and a great dancer!”

Zhai Xingchen laughed, and his nervousness faded away.

Today’s date process was arranged by Zhai Xingchen himself. Considering the need to provide the program group with available materials, he took Hu Ying to the underground shopping mall near their school for more than two hours after dinner.

Just like what Hu Ying thought before, going out to play with Zhai Xingchen was completely different from going out with those second-generation rich. Zhai Xingchen took him to play games that students in their early twenties would play. They played basketball, they played VR, they went for shopping in bookstores, they sat on a chair in the snack street and listened to folk songs by singers, they ate candied haws, and drank milk tea.

Hu Ying was very excited, and bought two glowing rabbit ears to wear on his head.

“Have you never been to this kind of place before?”

Hu Ying said excitedly: “No!”

“Didn’t you say that you often come to our school?”

“To be honest, I am usually very busy, even if I have time to shop, I go to places like Hua Jiang.”

Hua Jiang Building was the most famous high-end shopping mall in Nancheng, the CBD of Nancheng.

“Do you know who Hua Jiang belongs to?” Hu Ying asked.

“Whose family?”

“Pei Xu’s family. It is named after his stepfather Zhou Jiangbai and his mother Pei Huanong. Pei Huanong is now the chairwoman of Hua Jiang Group.” Hu Ying was standing by a crane machine as he spoke.

“Do you want to play?”

“I’ve never played this before.” Hu Ying took out her mobile phone as he said, “Just having a good time today.”

The claw machine was located at the entrance of the mall, next to the two escalators going up, Hu Ying looked at the row of claw machines, and finally chose the one with the most pink dolls.

“You like pink so much.” Zhai Xingchen said.

“Yeah, I’m a fan. You’re also a fan.”

Zhai Xingchen was stunned for a moment, then realized what Hu Ying was talking about, and immediately stretched out his legs and kicked him.

Hu Ying hid and scanned the QR code with his mobile phone while smiling.

He played it for the first time, and it was inevitable that he would not succeed. But he had poor patience, he got angry after he failed three times, and he wanted to kick the claw machine with his feet after failing six times.

Zhai Xingchen said: “Why don’t I try it?”

“Have you ever played?”

Zhai Xingchen said: “No. It’s my first time playing.”

Hu Ying took the milk tea from him and asked Zhai Xingchen to try it.

Zhai Xingchen looked around and saw a plush rabbit that he liked very much.

Who knew that Zhai Xingchen clamped the doll up the first time.

Now not only Hu Ying was excited, even Zhai Xingchen was also excited.

He was really playing for the first time.

When the doll was clipped to the top, both of them had their hearts in their throats.

Finally, when Zhai Xingchen took out the pink rabbit, Hu Ying couldn’t help raising his arms: “YES!”

The milk tea in his hand even spilled out.

“Give it to me, so I can show off when I go back.” Hu Ying said.

Zhai Xingchen gave him the rabbit.

Hu Ying couldn’t put it down: “It’s so cute.”

Zhai Xingchen tried a few more times, but he lost his luck and couldn’t get any of them out. Hu Ying tried a few more times, but it also ended in failure.

In the end, the two brought a rabbit out of the underground mall.

It was completely dark outside, Zhai Xingchen looked at the time and asked, “Is it time to go back?”

“You guys go shopping again.” He said to the filming brother, “Give us some more material for editing.”

Hu Ying smiled and said: “Then let’s go to the beach for a walk.”

They walked down the road behind Zhongwu, walked through a dilapidated dark path, and they arrived at the beach outside the Zhongwu playground.

This was the favourite place for Zhongwu dance major couples. Now that the night was dark, there were many couples sitting in twos and threes under the moonlight.

They brought a follower to take pictures, and it was not easy to go to places with many couples, so they kept walking west.

“Along this coastline, can we go all the way to the red and blue cottage?” Hu Ying asked.

“Yes, yes, but I guess you can’t bear it, it’s a bit far away.” Zhai Xingchen said.

“Don’t underestimate me. When I graduated from high school, I had dinner with a certain classmate for the last time. After dinner, we were going to take a taxi back to school, but we were reluctant to leave, so we all walked, from the south to the north. To the east of Nancheng, We crossed half the city and walked for two hours.”

Zhai Xingchen asked, “Do you still have contact with that classmate now?”

He looked both shy and sad.

“Your first love?”

Hu Ying shook his head.

Zhai Xingchen turned around and said to the camera: “This part is not allowed to be broadcast.”

“It’s okay to broadcast.” Hu Ying said, “It’s not my first love, it’s the first person I liked, and one of my best friends. It was a secret love.”

Hu Ying smiled as he spoke, he grabbed the pink rabbit with one hand, and scratched his hair with the other, and said: “He is now abroad with his girlfriend, he has just graduated and is about to get married. His girlfriend is also a Bai Fumei and the two are very affectionate. He even said that he would ask me to be his best man.”

Zhai Xingchen nodded.

Hu Ying asked: “What’s your expression?”

“I’m sorry for you.”

Hu Ying shook his head and said: “That relationship has long passed, and now when I see him again, it’s completely like a friend, I have always been chased by others in my life, and the only time I feel sad is for someone who doesn’t like me.”

Hu Ying stretched out a finger, with a serious expression he had never had before: “The only time.”

“Have you ever had a crush on someone else? Someone you liked but couldn’t get?” Hu Ying asked.

Zhai Xingchen shook his head.

Hu Ying laughed by him, stared at him with deep eyes, and said, “Forget it, you are a little chick.”

Zhai Xingchen laughed, muffled.

Zhai Xingchen smiled gently and calmly, as if he was obviously touched by what he said just now and tried to comfort him. In the dark, they couldn’t see each other’s faces clearly, Hu Ying suddenly felt genuine affection, and said sincerely: “It’s so kind of you, Xingchen, I hope you will never shed tears because you love someone, I don’t know who it is, and what does he look like.”

“I hope you won’t in the future as well.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Then the two looked at each other for a while, and finally laughed at the same time.

“Oh my god, let’s forget about being hypocritical.” Hu Ying shouted.

Zhai Xingchen burst out laughing.

It was very hearty laughter, clean love between boys and men, cheerful, tall and thin, exuding a nice and clean fragrance.

For a moment, Hu Ying felt the long-lost, youthful throbbing, as if being brought back to the youthful age by Zhai Xingchen’s green breath.

Zhai Xingchen must be the kind of boy on campus that everyone had a crush on.

Gentle and clean, the person was like a white moonlight, and his heart was like a complete gem.

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