KHSW Ch. 207

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“Dad, he only has your granddaughter-in-law in his eyes. If you are dissatisfied, just ask your granddaughter-in-law directly?”

As soon as Xu Xinrong said this, the old man glared at him immediately, “When did I become dissatisfied? I couldn’t be more satisfied with my granddaughter-in-law. No, prepare the car. I’m going to see my great-grandson too.”

“Dad, it’s so late now, it’s not good to bother them, right? You have to wait for another five days. Your granddaughter-in-law who you are most satisfied with said that after five days, Nuo Nuo will be sent to kindergarten, and we will take care of him when the time comes.”

“No, no, I’m going tomorrow.”

Su Zhiyan and Xu Xinrong had helplessness written all over their faces. Once the old man started to throw a tantrum, he was like a child.

“Your granddaughter-in-law who you are most satisfied with said that she will take your great-grandson to live with her natal family in the next few days, as her mother hadn’t seen Xiao Nuo yet! We can go out together to buy clothes, daily necessities and other things for Xiao Nuo these few days, and set up a room.”

“Then… okay.”

The old man had no choice but to compromise.

“Yizhi, I’ll show you something.” Ling Xi found the schedule sent to her by Sister Pei on her phone.

Xu Yizhi took it and saw that it was a nutritious meal, “I’ll make it for you tomorrow.”

“No… Didn’t I promise Xiao Nuo last time!”

“You just promised him that you wouldn’t eat fish, you didn’t say you wouldn’t eat steak, as long as you don’t eat it in front of him.”

Ling Xi was stunned for half a second, then rushed forward and kissed Xu Yizhi’s side face, “Honey, you are so smart, I really love you.”

Xu Yizhi was also taken aback by her words, and then slightly hooked his lips, the corners of his mouth continuously raised.

“However, I’m also quite worried about Xiao Nuo. Our protein and calories are all taken in from meat. If this continues, I’m really worried that he will suffer from malnutrition.”

“Take it easy and everything will be fine.”

“By the way, husband, I’m going to stay at my mother’s house for a few days starting tomorrow, so don’t miss me too much!”

The man’s eyes flickered…

“Sister Ou, it’s really thanks to your help that my album will sell well this time.”

Shen Bingqian did not expect that the song written by Ling Xi would be so popular. Although Ou Mengxue said that someone had done the adaptation, they only adjusted part of the tune, and there was not much difference.

Ou Mengxue put down the teacup in her hand, and curled her lips coldly, “What do you think… what will happen when Ling Xi finds out?”

Shen Bingqian gently placed her right leg on top of her left, with a calm expression on her face, “She won’t do anything, because…she has no evidence.” Back then she heard the song clearly, it had been written temporarily.

Ou Mengxue glanced at her contemptuously. This idiot, did she really think she didn’t know about her conspiracy with Ling Xi?

Last time she heard them talking about Brother Jiayang, maybe they wanted Shen Bingqian to seduce Chi Jiayang.

“By the way, Bingqian, I have some good news for you. Brother Jiayang and I will get married soon. You must come to drink our wedding wine when the time comes.”

Shen Bingqian suddenly opened her eyes wide, and asked in surprise: “Sister Ou, isn’t Brother Jiayang married to Ling Xi?”

Ou Mengxue carefully observed Shen Bingqian’s demeanour and movements, and she found out that Shen Bingqian reaction was unusual. She guessed right that Shen Bingqian was the person sent by Ling Xi to destroy the relationship between her and Jiayang.

“What? Don’t you want him to marry me?” Ou Mengxue pretended not to notice.

“Of course not. I’m just too surprised. Congratulations, Miss Ou.”

Shen Bingqian’s expression was a little unnatural…

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