KHSW Ch. 208

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“Who is it?”

Meng Zidi was still doing his homework when he heard the doorbell, he thought it was his mother who had come back.

“Sister, it’s you!” Meng Zidi’s eyes were clearly shining with excitement, “Why didn’t brother-in-law come this time?”

“He went to work.”

A small head poked out from behind Ling Xi’s back.

“Huh? Where did this ‘little monk’ come from? He looks interesting.”

Ling Xi was puzzled, the baby didn’t wear his monk clothes this time, why did Xiao Di still call him “Little Monk”?

If even his reaction was the same, when he went to school… She didn’t know if he would be laughed at by those children.

“Baby is not a ‘little monk’.” Xiao Nuo came out from behind Ling Xi, pouting.

“Xiao Nuo, this is ‘Uncle’.” Ling Xi lowered her head and said, looking at the little guy who did not even reach up to her waist.

Hearing the word “uncle”, Xiao Nuo’s body froze, and he immediately guarded Ling Xi like a little tiger whose fur had exploded.

“Uncle?” Meng Zidi murmured, when did he become an uncle?

Even though Meng Zidi had a bright and clever head, it seemed to have been frozen by frost at this time, and it was unbearably dull.

“I don’t want an uncle, uncle is bad.” Xiao Nuo looked directly at Meng Zidi, as if he had really done something bad.

The smile on Ling Xi’s face quickly disappeared, and she slowly squatted down with a serious expression, “Baby, why did you say ‘uncle is bad’?”

Xiao Nuo looked into her mother’s eyes and said righteously: “Chen Xiang’s uncle pushed her mother to the foot of Mount Hua, Xiao Nuo doesn’t like uncles.”

Ling Xi raised her eyebrows, and there was a bit of worry in her eyebrows. It seems that most of Xiao Nuo’s cognition came from cartoons, and those had a deep impact on him, “Baby, listen to what mother is going to tell you, ‘Uncle’ is just a title, didn’t mom teach you before?”

Xiao Nuo replied sadly: “Mom’s elder brother and younger brother are called ‘uncle’.”

“Yes, every uncle is different. Chen Xiang’s uncle is a bad person, but mother believes that Xiao Nuo will definitely like his uncle.”

Meng Zidi scratched the back of his head. He imagined countless possibilities in his mind, but finally came to the conclusion, “Sister, this is the child you picked up, right?”


Entertainment Express Weekly.

“Look at the news headlines you came up with this time, it can’t catch people’s attention at all.” The propaganda director slapped the newspaper on the table, and since the head of the reporter team was on temporary maternity leave, he handed over the work at hand to her .

“Director, we really did our best for the news headline, but we racked our brains for this draft, and it took a lot of effort to come up with it.”

The director of publicity rolled his eyes, “I think there is a saying that is very good. The original taste without a hit point is not as good as an old popsicle that has been sucked by a hundred people. I saw your stuff eight hundred years ago. It’s over, may I ask, are you willing to take out such things?”

“Director, isn’t your request a bit high? When the team leader was here…”

“She is her, and I am me. With me, you have to listen to me in everything. Since you don’t have any hot spots, I’ll find them for you.”

He casually took a financial magazine that was on the table, and flipped through it page by page with great vigor, and finally fixed his gaze on the top of the rich list, “Xu Yizhi?”

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