TBVSR Ch. 6.1: The First Kiss P. 1

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While preparing for the ballet promotion show at the end of the year, Jiang Yu had to start saving money for the tuition of the Esmera Art Center.

As long as she was given a chance to showcase herself, she believed that she would definitely be selected.

As for the task of [Saving the Devil Boy], Jiang Yu had been a little passive in her work recently.

Although the risk in this task was huge, but the reward was also 300 million.

However, this reward was not something that could be obtained in just a few days, weeks or even months, and she must take care of the life in front of her.

However, what Jiang Yu never expected was that a few minutes before school that afternoon, Jiang Yu received a message from the app: “Because the reborn person has not fulfilled the progress of the [Save the Devil Boy] task for a long time, 500 yuan have been deducted from the funds of the reborn’s account, the remaining funds are 4300.”

Jiang Yu was shocked and checked the back-end account. Sure enough, the remaining funds from the tuition she paid before was 500 yuan less!

How could this broken app still deduct money!

Jiang Yu sent a few question marks over.

The service account sent a message to Jiang Yu: After accepting the task, failing to perform the task for a long time is regarded as [delaying the client’s precious time]. Punishment: For every day of delay, 500 yuan from the funds will be deducted, when the funds in the account will be exhausted, the life of the reborn will be exhausted.

Jiang Yu: …

Service number: “If the reborn starts the mission within 12 hours, the deducted funds will be returned to the account.”

Jiang Yu: OK, you win!

She put down her phone and looked at Chen Wei who was packing her schoolbag and preparing to leave: “Xiao Wei, I want to ask you something.”

Chen Wei: “Tell me.”

Jiang Yu looked around, approached her, and whispered: “Do you know Qiu Li?”

Chen Wei lowered her voice, “I’ve heard of him, but…why are you asking me so quietly?”

“Because he is very dangerous, so, I have to whisper.” Jiang Yu continued: “Do you know which class he is in?”

“Class three.” Chen Wei said: “Didn’t he just transfer last semester!!!, I heard, the principal went to No. 12 Middle School to dig out the guy himself, he has a high IQ, and no one in our school can match him.”

Jiang Yu had a deep understanding of this. In her last life, she had heard about the high IQ being reported by the news media for ten consecutive days.

“He used to go to No. 12 High School?”

“Yeah, it’s incredible.”

“I heard that No. 12 High School is the worst high school in the entire Beicheng.”

“If it wasn’t because of Qiu Li’s good grades, how could our principal dig him over and make all his tuition fee free and give him a scholarship instead.” Chen Wei continued, “But I heard from my classmates in Twelfth High School that Qiu Li’s people skills…”

She tapped her head with her fingertips: “He has something wrong here, they said he was diagnosed with an emotional disorder… You must not provoke him!”

Of course, Jiang Yu didn’t want to provoke him, but if she didn’t do the task, she would become even poorer, even more then she already was.

She was also feeling helpless.

Qiu Li did have an emotional disorder.

Specifically, he was unable to perceive normal human emotions, was indifferent, selfish, and suffered from a lack of empathy, so it was basically difficult for him to obtain pleasure from normal things.

Therefore, according to the analysis of experts on TV, his psychology had been distorted, and he did not feel anything about killing or torturing people.

This kind of psychological disorder was simply standard for “cold-blooded killers”!

Jiang Yu was really afraid of him.

However, even if she was afraid of returning, she still had to bite the bullet and do the tasks that she needed to do.

She left the school gate early and waited for Qiu Li across the road. Soon, he was seen walking out alone.

He was thin and tall, with a brown Band-Aid on his forehead, a shoulder bag, and wearing a blue and white school uniform.

At first glance, he looked like an ordinary high school student.

Who would have thought that he would become a criminal in the future.

Jiang Yu thought of her mission and quickly followed him.

Of course, she didn’t dare to go up to talk to him directly. She could only follow behind him, as she did before, to find out what happened to him first.

Qiu Li went to the convenience store as usual, and bought an ice cream.

He ate it, while walking.

Who would have imagined that such a high school teenager who ate ice cream on the side of the road would grow into a terrifying big devil in the future.

Turning into an alley, they saw a group of older children bullying a little boy, shoving him to the ground, and snatching the toy car from his hand.

With tears in his eyes, the little boy was pushed and fell to Qiu Li’s feet, and helplessly signalled to him for help: “Brother, help me! Help me!”

However, Qiu Li who was holding an ice cream stick in his mouth, walked directly past the little boy.

There was no turmoil in his heart, and he didn’t even lift his eyes.

Violence and bullying happened every day in this world.

He couldn’t perceive the reality of this world, so what did the sorrows and joys of others have to do with him.

When he came to the corner, he heard a clear shout from behind: “Stop!”

Qiu Li turned his head slightly, and saw Jiang Yu hurrying over, protecting the bullied little boy behind her and say to the big boys: “What is up with your ability to bully the weak!”

The big boy seemed to be no more than a junior in high school, but because of the crowd he had with him, he was not afraid of Jiang Yu at all, and said, “Sister, I advise you to mind your own business, you are not our opponent.”

“I can’t beat you, but my eldest brother is here. He is very good. Even if you had ten more, even they are not his opponent.”

After speaking, Jiang Yu pointed at Qiu Li who had stopped at the corner.

There always seemed to be a special magnetic field between males, and when the boys saw Qiu Li, even if he didn’t say a word or do anything and had just walked past them, but they still felt that there was some kind of gloomy aura about him, and he was definitely not someone to be messed with.

The big boys looked at each other in dismay, and finally chose to leave.

Jiang Yu squatted down, wiped the child’s tears with a tissue, and said to him, “If they bully you in the future, you must fight back.”

The boy looked at Jiang Yu crying and said, “I…don’t dare.”

“You must.”

Jiang Yu said firmly: “Even if you are beaten, you must fight back. Any bully should pay the price. In this way, even if you can’t beat them, they will not take it as an easy task to bully you.”

The boy nodded thoughtfully, thanked her, and left.

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