TCYEC Ch. 11

The man is tall, having a dignified presence, possessing the aura of a high-ranking person. He has always been in a superior position thus leading people to ignore his handsome appearance and be shocked by his demeanor.

Yu Siyang felt like the prey of a tiger being stared by him like that. This prey was almost scared into having a heart attack! Does this person think I abducted his son?!

 Not allowed!

 This must be explained clearly. It was the little fat guy who came by himself and ate his lunch.

 “It’s you!”


Yu Siyang was dumbfounded, how to explain his innocence when his brain is only this big[1].

“Qingsongyuan Cemetery, we met once, have you forgotten it?” Xue Chengxiu reminded him.

 Have we? If I had met such a strong person, I would never forget it. Yu Siyang was puzzled and his eyes were blankly staring at Xue Chengxiu.

 After living for twenty-eight years, Xue Chengxiu felt embarrassed for the first time where he remembered others but others had forgotten him. It looked like he had botched up the conversation.

 “Thank you for taking care of my son today.” Xue Chengxiu changed the subject.

 Yu Siyang smiled and said, “You’re welcome, your son is very cute.” Just eats a lot.

 How could such a small child eat nearly two-thirds of the food in his huge lunch box, no wonder he was so fat.

 “Are you an artist of All Star Entertainment?” Xue Chengxiu asked.

 “Yes.” Yu Siyang nodded.

 “Who is your agent?” Xue Chengxiu asked again.

 “It’s Luo Peng, Brother Luo.”

 “…” Xue Chengxiu was silent, having never heard of this person’s name.

 “Dad, Dad.” Xue Yunmu, who was in his father’s arms, tried to brush up his presence, kicked his short legs then pointing at Yu Siyang said, “Mu Mu is hungry.”

 “Okay, Dad will take you to dinner.” Xue Chengxiu looked at his son with soft eyes, and touched his belly with his hands, but under his hands there was a bulging feeling. He thought his son was holding toys in his arms, so he confirmed it again. His son’s belly was indeed bulging, it was not his illusion.

 Xue Chengxiu looked at Yu Siyang.

 “The kid has already had lunch.” Yu Siyang hurried to show him his lunch box, and specially emphasized: “He has eaten more than half of the lunchbox.” 

Xue Yunmu embarrassedly buried his face into his father’s neck. He said in a low voice, “Flower Brother’s meal is delicious.”

 Xue Chengxiu has a better understanding of his son’s appetite, patted his son’s little butt, and said to Yu Siyang: “Sorry, Mu Mu took your lunch. It just happens that I haven’t eaten yet, let’s go to eat together.”

 “No need, no need, I still have some left here.” Yu Siyang shook his head hurriedly.

 At first glance, this man is the kind that is not easy to provoke. Although he is holding his peerlessly cute son in his arms, which neutralized the aura of keeping away people by a large margin, but out of animal intuition, Yu Siyang felt it was best not to tangle with this person.

 “Your lunch is cold, let’s go.” Xue Chengxiu held his son and pushed open the safety door. Seeing that Yu Siyang was still holding the lunch box and not following, he stopped and said again, “Let’s go.”

 Yu Siyang: “…”

I really don’t want to go! Are there any human rights? You being so overbearing will teach bad manners to your soft and cute son!

 Picking up the coat that was on the floor and putting away the lunch box, Yu Siyang followed behind the father and son out of the stairwell with his head hung down in depression.

 Xue Chengxiu called the assistant and asked him to prepare the car and wait in front of the company entrance, and also asked him to order all the security guards in the building to go back to their original posts.

 Yu Mingliang asked the driver to drive the car to the front of the building and waited in the lobby. After a while, seeing the boss showing up holding his son, his hanging heart finally settled down-fortunately, the young master is fine.

 “Mr. Xue.” Yu Mingliang greeted him.

 Just now, he was far away and Xue Chengxiu was so tall that Yu Siyang, who was walking behind, was completely hidden. Thus, Yu Mingliang did not see the young man following the boss.

 Standing next to the boss at this moment, he was surprised when he saw the slender and handsome boy. Why was he following the boss looking so reluctant?

 However, because of his professionalism, he did not show surprise on his face. He nodded to the boy. Even though he was curious about the boy in his heart, he still had an expression of “I am not curious at all” on his face.

 “Go to G. Garden.” Xue Chengxiu said.

 Yu Mingliang opened the car door and then closed the car door after the teenager had gotten in. He walked around to the co-pilot seat and sat down. The car slowly drove out of All Star Entertainment and merged into the traffic on the road.

 “Was that Yu Siyang just now?” A few young people on the side of the road pointed to the car that was already driving away. Although they used questioning sentences, their tone was very calm.

 “Oh, I was wondering why he got so many opportunities so fast; it turned out to be because of a golden master.” A girl in her early twenties sneered with disdain.

 “Don’t talk nonsense,” a loyal man reprimanded: “If you say that other people approached a golden master, then they did[2].”

 The girl who spoke just now pointed to the traffic on the road, “He got into that kind of luxury car. If it’s not a golden master, then do you want to say that that was Yu Siyang’s own car.”

 Another girl folded her arms and smiled softly and said: “Even if it’s a golden master, that’s also his skill. Why are you being jealous? People have the ability.”

 “Hmph! I don’t ever want to do such filthy things.” The girl raised her chin and looked arrogant. She came from acting major, how could these wild grasses[3] compare to her.

 The others laughed vaguely and did not comment on the girl’s remarks.

 Xu Mumu stood aside and did not join the discussion of these people, secretly assessing who were worth making friends with among these people and from whom he must stay away.

 The last time he was on StarFish TV, he tried to snatch Yu Siyang’s announcement from Wen Zengzhen. He thought he was being subtle, but in fact, he was the stupidest one who regarded others as fools.

 That’s Wei Xiaofeng’s face. No matter newcomers like him, even the first-tier big names may not dare to refute Wei Xiaofeng’s face.

 Later, he didn’t know what Luo Peng did. His work during this period was so slow that there was almost no work. Sister Ting also specially warned him to be a little more restrained in his actions.

 It’s just that he wants to make friends with Yu Siyang now, but the other party is already wary of him. He kept silent when he went to talk to him several times.

 Xu Mumu realized what it means to take the initiative to die.

 Those people were still discussing Yu Siyang’s gold master, contemptuously. Xu Mumu sneered in his heart. At this moment, they were acting so dignified. If there was a chance, this group of people will probably jump on the gold master’s lap immediately. .

 Such people are the most unacceptable.

 As for Yu Siyang, who was “close to the gold master” in others’ mouths, Xue Yunmu was thrown into his arms as soon as he got in the car, and became a child’s companion.

 Xue Yunmu is three years old this year. Boys at this age are the most active. He can’t stop talking for even a moment, holding Yu Siyang’s neck, and constantly asking: “Flower Brother, make flowers for Mumu, okay?

“What is flowers?” Yu Siyang looked dazed and couldn’t help turning his eyes to the child’s father, seeking answers.

 Xue Chengxiu explained: “He saw the chrysanthemum tofu soup you made on TV, and he wanted to eat it.” After more than a week, he had a headache.

 Yu Mingliang had found out that the chef who made the best chrysanthemum tofu had passed away due to an accident some time ago. The taste of other restaurants was not authentic.

 Xue Chengxiu wouldn’t wrong himself and his son, no matter what.

 So, the little guy’s flowers had not been eaten yet.

As for whether the teenager is a good person or not, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that he can coax his son to stop clamoring for flowers. It’s better to let the “culprit” do it.

 “Dad lied, and didn’t take Mumu to eat the flowers.” Xue Yunmu’s chubby face was full of accusations, pouting aggrievedly.

 “Didn’t Daddy find Flower Brother who can make flowers for you?” Xue Chengxiu fooled his son with no guilty conscience.

 Yu Siyang stared at him dumbfounded. It’s not good to lie to children like this, why he found him himself.

 Xue Yunmu looked at his father, and then at Flower Brother. He immediately became happy and hugged Yu Siyang, “Flower Brother, Mumu wants to eat a lot of flowers.”

 Wait a minute! I didn’t promise to make flowers for you!

 “I will trouble you today.” Xue Chengxiu’s tone was flat and polite, but it sounded unconvincing.

 Yu Siyang was surprised by Xue Chengxiu’s natural attitude, so he forgot to refuse immediately. He waited until the restaurant to remember, but the best time for refusal had passed, so he had to find an excuse and said euphemistically: “Excuse me, I have to go to class this afternoon. I’m afraid…”

 “It’s okay,” Xue Chengxiu slowly sliced the lobster on his plate, glanced at Yu Siyang on the opposite side, and said: “When do you end class, I will let the driver pick you up.”

 “…Four o’clock.”

Yu Siyang was almost frozen by his glance. In the past, there were a lot of rich and powerful people in the hotel, but it was the first time he saw such a powerful man.

 “Very good.” Xue Chengxiu nodded in satisfaction.

 What’s so good about it! This is kidnapping you know! Yu Siyang roared silently in his heart, and vented his anger by cutting the steak on the plate as thin as cicada wings.

 Xue Yunmu was sitting in the children’s dining chair and nibbling on a piece of tiramisu. When he saw Flower Brother cutting the steak, he immediately stared and applauded: “Big Flower Brother is amazing.”

 Yu Siyang smiled triumphantly.

 Xue Chengxiu said, “The craftsmanship is good.”

 Yu Siyang stopped smiling immediately and lowered his head to eat steak.

 Now Xue Chengxiu smiled.

 If you eat a Western meal, it can take even two or three hours, but in the afternoon Yu Siyang had to go to class, so Xue Chengxiu took the time to send him back to All Star Entertainment.

 “Mobile phone.”

 Xue Chengxiu lowered the window and stopped Yu Siyang, who was about to rush out of the car.

 “Huh?” Yu Siyang pretended to be stupid.

 “Your mobile phone number.” Xue Chengxiu reminded him: “When the driver will come to pick you up in the afternoon, he will call you.”

 Yu Siyang reported his mobile phone number with a bitter expression. It seemed that he had to go to someone else’s home to cook.

 It used to cost a lot to employ him to cook one table of food. The price for New Year’s Eve dinners started at five figures, but now how can someone force a famous chef to cook for a stranger in this way, not to mention not paying for it.

 “Wait a minute.” Xue Chengxiu stopped Yu Siyang who was walking inside again, “What’s your name?”

 You don’t even know who I am, and you still let me go to your house to cook. It’s unreasonable!

 “Yu Siyang.”

 “Which three characters?”

 “Yu from Yùyùcōngcōng[4], Si from Gōngsī[5], and Yang from taiyang[6].”

 “Yu Siyang?” Xue Chengxiu repeated the name aloud, remembering seeing it in the Qingsongyuan Cemetery. These three words were also on the tombstone.

 After Yu Siyang went into the company, Xue Chengxiu raised the window, and said to Mingliang: “Send me a copy of Yu Siyang’s information.”

 “Okay.” Yu Mingliang responded, curiously peeking at his boss. Is he interested in that little artist?

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[1] Yu Siyang felt that he is too dumb to get out of this situation by himself.

[2] He means to say that just because she thinks that Yu Siyang is being kept by somebody does not mean it s true.

[3] Common people…She means to say that because she is from an acting major she is much better than the other non-acting people.

[4] Lush.

[5] Company.

[6] Sun.

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