TCYEC Ch. 10

On this day, a certified Weibo account posted: “#HappyPlayerCook# See the little chef brother, so handsome, so white and good-behaved, the Q-bomb shrimp he made is super delicious, but unfortunately I only had one bite. It doesn’t matter, I’m going to Japan [so happy]”.

 There are nine pictures on Weibo, seven of which are Yu Siyang cutting and cooking vegetables, and two of them are Q-bomb shrimps plated exquisitely like works of art.

 This poster often posts news about celebrities so it has tens of thousands of fans. When this Weibo was first posted, many people were first attracted by the beauty of the persom in the photos and asked the blogger who “Little chef brother” is.

 However, within a short while, the fierce foodies occupied this Weibo.

 “The blogger come out alone! Ah! Ah, after eating the dishes made by my little chef brother, you dared to show it off. I’ll drag you out to kill!”

 “What does it mean to go to Japan? Blogger, please tell clearly. What’s wrong with the little chef?”

 “[Gluttonous mouth][Gluttonous mouth] looks so delicious, I want to eat it too.”

 “Do you guys only see what you can eat? Don’t you think my little chef brother is so handsome.”

More and more people were discussing it, and soon the topic of #HappyPlayerCook# was on the top of the trending list again.

 Before dinner, Luo Peng scanned this Weibo and raised his phone to show Wei Xiaofeng.

 Wei Xiaofeng folded his hands and like an emperor leaned back on the sofa, glanced at the screen of the phone, and said with contempt: “What celebrity is this? Only more than a thousand comments and just hundreds of reposts.”

Luo Peng raised his phone and lowered his head, dejected.

 Wei Xiaofeng then inserted another knife into him: “Even if it’s a celebrity, it’s just an internet celebrity. What’s to be so happy about?”

 Luo Peng ran away in tears. Who would save him from his cousin’s poisonous tongue, he really couldn’t bear it!

 No one came to save him, but there was food to save him.

 Yu Siyang brought out the fried dishes one by one, Q-bomb shrimp, pickled fish[1], shredded pork[2], tofu mixed with toon[3], and yakgwa[4] for dessert.

Wei Xiaofeng’s always cold expression became similar to Luo Peng, and he silently despised himself for becoming greedier, but the hand holding the chopsticks did not hesitate.

 Luo Peng was not in a hurry to eat, he first took pictures of a few dishes with his mobile phone secretly.

 “What’s wrong with you? You have to take pictures first when you eat.” Wei Xiaofeng frowned, thinking Luo Peng’s problems were increasing.

 Luo Peng smirked, “Taking a picture to show off on Moments.”

 Wei Xiaofeng: “…” I really don’t want to admit that this person is related to me.

 Luo Peng actually did not show off in the circle of friends, but posted it on Weibo, and also used the topic #HappyPlayerCook#.

However, his Weibo fans are fewer than Yu Siyang’s previous ones, and no one paid attention to it.

 He also doesn’t mind the data with 1 reading, 0 reposting, 0 comment, and 0 likes. It can be enjoyed by himself alone.

 In less than half a month, Yu Siyang joined the film crew to shoot his movie. He took the time to read the script and looked at the original novel without paying attention to what Luo Peng was doing.

 There was a large mirror in his room, which is specially bought by him to practice acting. When acting in front of the mirror, he can observe whether his facial expressions are in place, and whether they are in accordance with the psychological state of the character at the time.

 With the knowledge of the role to be performed, Yu Siyang’s lessons in the acting class are more targeted.

 He is also very talented in acting. The teacher explained and he understood easily. The old professor of the film school who came to All Star Entertainment as the teacher was very surprised.

 Students who are studious and smart are more favored by teachers no matter where they are. For the students they admire, the old professor doesn’t mind giving him more tips.

 The performance classes offered by All Star Entertainment mainly provide basic training for the company’s newcomers, trainees or artists who have transformed from singers into film and television.

 Where there are many people, there are many mouths, not to mention the existing competition between these people.

Nobody knew who leaked the news but many people in the company know that Yu Siyang was going to be the second male lead in the new film directed by Peng Zhigao.

 Previously, his participation in the “One Sword Allure” as the supporting character was enough to make people jealous. But eventually, he was seriously injured and lost his role. Although the crew gave him a lot of money as compensation, it cannot be compared to the role in “One Sword Allure”. The role of a large-scale production big-cast movie is much more important than the compensation received.

 After all, if one becomes popular, was anybody afraid that there will be no chance to make money in the future?

 When everyone was feeling either sympathetic or gloating, the news came out that Yu Siyang, who had been hurt not a long time ago, was actually going to participate in Peng Zhigao’s new film.

 Director Peng Zhigao is more famous than the director of “One Sword Allure”. He won a lot of awards in his early years of literary and artistic films, and then made a lot of money by shifting to commercial films. Although his commercial films are not very well received in the industry, he has a large audience willing to see his movie.

The stars in the movie are also very popular.

 Yu Siyang’s first movie stood at such a high starting point, and was a long way from the people who took the acting class with him. While everyone was sour in their hearts, they had to flatter him.

 Everyone thought that Wei Xiaofeng helped him win this role.

However nobody knows that he actually took this role by virtue of his excellent cooking skills, and was even scolded by Wei Xiaofeng because of that.

 Yu Siyang is an introvert, and he often doesn’t know what to say to unfamiliar people so, as not to offend the other party by behaving coldly, most of the time he only listens while others are talking.

 But there are too many people who want to talk to him now.

 Although he is not good at speaking, his lonely life for more than 20 years has made him very good at distinguishing whether others treat him sincerely or not.

 Although these people have said a lot of good things to him, all they want is to let him introduce them to Wei Xiaofeng.

 He can’t afford to mess with them so he can only hide.

 Had it not been for Professor Zhang’s class in the afternoon, he would really like to go back home.

 He used the microwave in the pantry to heat up his lunch, and sat down in the stairwell to hide with his lunch box. Newcomers like him do not have their own private lounge and can only rest in the common lounge.

In the common lounge or the company cafeteria, there were people everywhere, and after hearing the same words for several days, even if he had a good temper, Yu Siyang couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated.

 It is even more impossible to go to Wei Xiaofeng. He is not the kind of person who likes to disturb others and cause them trouble. Life in the orphanage makes him used to solving problems by himself.

 Since staying in the common room is uncomfortable, he could make do in the stairwell for two hours.

 He cooked lunch for himself. The company’s canteen charges a fee. The price is not unaffordable but the chef’s craftsmanship… It’s difficult to describe. It’s better to cook for yourself. Although it loses its original flavor after heating in a microwave, it’s more cost-effective to cook himself.

 As a person with huge debts, he can save a little bit.

 As soon as Yu Siyang opened the lid of the lunch box, he heard faint sound of footsteps coming upstairs. He looked up and happened to see a child holding the railing.

 Yu Siyang: “…” How could there be such a small child here, what about his family?

 Child: “…” This elder brother looks good, where had he seen him before?

 The big one and the small one stared at each other for a long while, suddenly, the little chubby guy pointed his finger at him and shouted in surprise: “Flower Brother.”

 Yu Siyang’s face turned black. What the hell is Flower Brother?!

 “Flower Brother.” The little guy was very happy, and ran towards him on his short legs.

 Yu Siyang was startled, worried that the little guy would fall down running on his shot legs, so he quickly put down the lunch box in his hand, stood up ran to the child in two steps.

 “Hahaha…” The child thought that Flower Brother was playing games with him, and laughed happily.

 “Child, where are your parents?” Yu Siyang put the child on the landing and squatted down, asking him.

 The child bowed his head for a moment, and said, “I don’t have a mom,” and then raised his head up again, “Dad didn’t see me.”

 No? Didn’t see? What does it mean?

 Yu Siyang felt that his brain was not smart enough.

 “Little friend, what is your name?” He asked in a different way.

 “My name is Mumu.” The little man waved at Yu Siyang, blinking his round eyes, “Flower Brother, I want to eat flowers. Dad is a liar, and he didn’t bring Mumu to eat it.”

 Yu Siyang’s mouth twitched and he held the child. Okay, he asked, “Why do you call me Flower Brother?” There is no flower on him.

 The kid named Mu Mu stood up straight, with a pair of chubby hands on his chest, his whole body swaying like electric current, and the sound of “hehehe” in his mouth. Then, he raised his hands over his head and shouted: “Biu-flowers bloom[5].”

 Yu Siyang : “…” This child’s world is really hard to understand.

 The little guy raised his head and looked at Yu Siyang expectantly.

 Yu Siyang looked back at the unknown child.



Silence resumed in the corridor.


A loud noise came from the little guy’s stomach.

 The little guy was embarrassed so he covered his stomach with his hands, and said glutinously: “Big Flower Brother, Mu Mu is hungry.”

In the face of the adorable things in this world, Yu Siyang had no resistance and was defeated in one second. He took off his coat and put it on the ground, let the little guy sit on it, picked up the lunch box that had become warm, and fed it to him resigned to his fate.

Picking up a piece of chicken, the little guy ate it in one bite: “It’s delicious.”

 A piece of broccoli: “It’s delicious.”

 Carrots… I hate carrots… but they look so delicious Looks like… Eat it in one bite, really: “So delicious.”

 The child and Yu Siyang took turns taking bites and ate lunch happily, without knowing that the whole building of All Star Entertainment was in a mess at this time. The security guards were inspecting every office on every floor.

 Xue Chengxiu stood with his hands folded in the monitoring room and stared at the screen to replay the thirty-two surveillance footages. His whole person seemed to be covered with frost.

 The assistant stood behind him, his face full of self-blame and worry.

 He didn’t expect that just by going to the conference room to deliver a document, the boss’s son would disappear. If something happened to the child, he wouldn’t even be able to apologize.

 “Stop!” Xue Chengxiu asked the administrator to pause the video. The child in the footage was pushing the door leading to the stairwell.

Xue Chengxiu walked out of the monitoring room quickly, found the stairwell, and shouted “Mu Mu” as he ran up the stairs.

 Yu Siyang, who was feeding the child chicken wings, heard a faint voice, stood up, put his head out over the railing, and looked down. “Child, is someone calling you?”

The little guy also followed him to the railing and looked down. It’s a pity that he is not tall enough, he can only see from the gap between the railings, and saw nothing.

 But the sound of “Mu Mu” became louder and louder. The little guy heard that it was his father’s voice and jumped for joy: “Dad, Dad, Dad, Mu Mu is here.”

 Xue Chengxiu heard his son’s voice and accelerated and ran up, turned around a platform, and turned his eyes to see the big and small person leaning on the railing.

“Dad, Mu Mu found you.” Xue Yunmu ran down happily, rushed over, hugging Xue Chengxiu’s thigh.

 Xue Chengxiu breathed a sigh of relief, picked up his son, pinched his little nose, angrily and said: “Daddy found you.” 

Xue Yunmu hugged his father’s neck and chuckled happily.

 “Why didn’t you tell Dad or Uncle Yu before running out alone?” Xue Chengxiu asked sternly.

 Xue Yunmu stopped smiling, looking at his father’s face in fear, and cleverly admitted his mistake: “Mu Mu made a mistake, don’t be angry Dad, Mu Mu will definitely tell his father in the future.”

 Xue Chengxiu squeezed his son’s face, “You have to tell your father where you want to go to play in the future, and let someone take you there, got it?”

 “I know now.” Xue Yunmu nodded obediently, kissed his father, and pointed at Yu Siyang, who was still leaning on the railing, said: “Dad, Flower Brother.”

 Flower Brother? Xue Chengxiu looked up suspiciously. He was worried about his son just now and didn’t look closely at the person standing with his son.

 At a glance, he recognized that this was the boy he met in the cemetery that day.

 “It’s you!”


The author has something to say:
The gong has finally officially appeared~\(≧▽≦)/~, no more getting soy sauce[6] for him~\(≧▽≦)/~

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[5] I don’t understand what he’s trying to say here.

[6] Not being an active part of the action.

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