The movie that Yu Siyang was auditioning for was called “Poisonous Delicacy”. The role he was auditioning for was the second male lead in the movie, a handsome, gentle and considerate company president. The president’s hobby was to cook for the heroine.

 What a strange person.

 However, looking at the name of this movie, you knew that it was not a romance movie, but a suspense thriller.

 The second male lead seemed to be a perfect winner in life. However, many seemingly unexpected deaths around the heroine were caused by him.

 He liked the heroine, but the heroine only regarded him as a friend, so he killed all the good-willed people in the heroine’s life.

 In the fourth scene of the tenth act that Yu Siyang had to perform, the second male lead made a table of exquisite and delicious meals for dinner with the heroine. The heroine enthusiastically shared her new love affair with him. After eating, the heroine received a call and hurried away. The second male lead finished the table of dishes alone.

 Peng Zhigao asked the deputy director to act as the heroine in the audition with Yu Siyang.

 Seeing the deputy director with a plump beer belly sitting opposite Yu Siyang, Luo Peng tried to cover his mouth, otherwise he would laugh out loud.

Peng Zhigao glared at him and pointed to the door.

 Luo Peng immediately put his hands down, with a serious expression on his face, saying that he would not disturb them.

 Yu Siyang put the script aside, his eyelashes were slightly closed, the upper body was straight, the corners of his lips were slightly raised, and there was a gentle smile in his eyes. He slightly lowered his voice and said, “Zhao Zhao, have you not eaten well recently?”

The deputy director was surprised. Why did he start without a prompt, he hurriedly started to read the lines: “Of course, no one has worked hard to make delicious dishes for me. I have eaten your dishes, now I can’t eat anything else. “

Peng Zhigao was also very surprised. The person sitting at the table and talking seemed to be a twenty-five-year-old mature young man who was tender and caring for his beloved.

 What surprised Peng Zhigao even more was that Yu Siyang actually lowered his voice, without the clarity of a teenager, it sounded with a kind of sexy magnetism, very suitable for the character in the movie. It seems that I have dug out a treasure.

 “Then eat more.” Fei Qin’s eyes smiled even more, and he frequently kept giving Song Zhao some dishes, but he ate very little. He was very satisfied to see Song Zhao eating happily.

 “Fei Qin, let me tell you something.” Song Zhao swallowed the food in her mouth, moved a little bit forward, a grin on her face, and announced: “I’m in love, I’ve found my true love.”

 The smile on Fei Qin’s face was stiff for a moment. He lowered his eyes, picked up a piece of beef and put it into his mouth, chewing slowly and forcefully, the fingers holding the chopsticks so tightly that his knuckles turned white, as if he was trying to endure something.

 “Fei Qin, why don’t you speak, aren’t you happy for me?” Song Zhao asked puzzled.

Fei Qin raised his head with a nearly perfect smile on his face, and his voice was soft enough to drip with sugar: “Congratulations on finding true love again.”

 “Oh, you are so annoying. Don’t use the word ‘again’.” Song Zhao said exasperatedly.

 Fei Qin smiled, but there was no smile in his eyes.

 At this moment, Song Zhao’s cell phone rang; she picked up the phone and talked softly to the person on the other end of the phone. The happy smile on her face dazzled Fei Qin.

 “My true love is calling me. I’ll leave first and we’ll have dinner together next time.” Song Zhao hung up the phone, immediately picked up her bag, and ran away without looking back.

 Fei Qin sat in his seat without moving. Hearing the sound of the door closing, he picked up his chopsticks and slowly ate the delicate dinner he cooked for his beloved. He ate bit by bit, his eyes darkening with a little bit of humiliation.

 The deputy director who was playing Song Zhao came over and went to Peng Zhigao and asked in a low voice, “What do you think of this kid?”

 Luo Peng was sitting next to Peng Zhigao, and he immediately tried to overhear their conversation.

Peng Zhigao did not answer the deputy director. He got up and walked to the side of Yu Siyang who was still immersed in the mood of the second male lead. He patted him on the shoulder and reminded him to come out of the role.

 “Director Peng, I’m sorry.” Yu Siyang regained his senses, and immediately stood up. Where there was still the shady character just now, it changed back to youthful innocence.

 “Are you really acting for the first time?” Peng Zhigao asked.

 “Yes, if performance class doesn’t count.” Yu Siyang nodded, he was really acting for the first time, even the previous Yu Siyang just ran through the performance set, so it could not be regarded as a real performance.

 Peng Zhigao nodded. The young man’s acting skills were still very awkward, but he is definitely a natural talent, especially his control of the muscles around his eyes, which makes his eyes look very playful.

Compared to the pre-determined male and female protagonists of this movie, the acting skills are still jerky, but at least there are some real acting skills.

 “Wang Tai, go to the Legal Department to get the contract.” Peng Zhigao said to the deputy director, and when he saw Luo Peng stretch his neck to look at him, he said to him: “Yu Siyang’s agent, if it’s okay, you can join Wang Tai. Go check the contract, and you can put forward any comments.”

 Luo Peng’s facial expression was like slow motion in a movie, slowly changing from blank to surprised, and then he hurriedly followed the deputy director.

 Coming out of the Shengjing Building, Luo Peng looked at the contract in his hand, still with an expression of disbelief.

They took the character down?

 Although Peng Zhigao’s movies are not particularly popular, they are still sufficiently popular.

 Yu Siyang was able to appear in a film he directed. He is also the second male lead with a lot of screen time. The starting line was instantly elevated. As long as the film is not particularly bad and the acting skills are not bad, his future in the industry will be much smoother.

 “Why did Director Peng want you to cook?” Luo Peng was still anxious about this, but it was mainly because he didn’t eat the dish himself.

 The Q-bomb shrimp looked delicious from the photos, but he didn’t even eat a bite. It was too much.

 When we pass the supermarket, I’ll be sure to buy a few catties of shrimp, let Xiaoyu cook it and eat it.

 “This role is a president who is very good at cooking. There are several scenes of cooking.” Yu Siyang showed him the script and explained: “So Director Peng asked me to cook the dish, and Director Wang took the camera to shoot the whole process. To see how the photogenic effect is.”

 The hands of this eighteen-year-old body are white and tender, and the knuckles are slender. From the lens, every move looked very beautiful. Cutting vegetables must have like playing a piano. This should be one of the reasons Peng Zhigao chose him.

 After getting the first role, Yu Siyang’s tight heartstrings loosened a little bit. He should have a chance to pay off his mountain-like debts like in this lifetime… right!

 The energetic agent and artist took the contract and went straight to All Star Entertainment, happily going to Wei Xiaofeng to report.

 Little did he know that Wei Xiaofeng would pour a basin of cold water down on him.

 “As an agent, don’t you check the script and the characters?” Wei Xiaofeng pointed at Luo Peng and criticized him, “What kind of character it is, didn’t you inquire from the crew about it first? Ah!”

Luo Peng’s tall body was crouched on the sofa, and he looked pathetic. Yu Siyang couldn’t help but speak for him: “Brother Feng, in fact, this role is also good, with perfect external appearance, complex personality, and a lot of psychological drama.”

 “Fuck!” Wei Xiaofeng was so angry that he threw the script of “Poisonous Delicacy” with a clatter, “This character is a pervert to put it bluntly, and if the first role is a pervert it’s easy for people to stereotype you, and it will be very difficult for you to receive a positive role in the future.”

 Yu Siyang was frustrated. Brother Xiaofeng’s evaluation was really sharp. He saw less than a quarter of the script and concluded that this second male lead is a pervert.

 If you like the heroine, you just confess it. If you are not saying it, you kill all the people the heroine has ever liked. Isn’t this just like a pervert?

 Wei Xiaofeng’s anger exploded, and finally returned to his usual cold expression. Leaning on the back of the swivel chair, with his chin slightly raised, and his eyes narrowed he looked at the two drooping heads and told them what he knew: “The male and female leads in this drama are both artists under Fengyu Times, and they have only acted in TV dramas before. The hottest TV drama “Legend of Jade Concubine” which released at the end of last year was starring those two people. Fengyu Times has no current outstanding movie stars. They have invested in the movie themselves to move the two people from TV to movies.”

 “Then…” Luo Peng hesitated. He wanted to ask whether Yu Siyang should or should not act in this drama, but he couldn’t say anything.

 “Then what!” Wei Xiaofeng stared at him with hatred for iron not becoming steel[1]. Sometimes he really didn’t want to know this cousin so well, “Go and act in it.” The contract has already been signed, now it is a matter of principle. To break the contract as soon as the contract is signed, and more importantly for a newcomer to do so, is a devastating blow to his reputation in the industry.

 In addition, Peng Zhigao is a person with a wide network of contacts. If he says something bad about him, then Yu Siyang would no longer be able to mingle in the entertainment industry.

 But the reverse is also true.

 Wei Xiaofeng tapped his fingers on the table, wondering if he could do something on Peng Zhigao’s end. He couldn’t let his soft and cute Xiaoyu act a pervert, helping Fengyu to support people, but getting no benefit.

 At this point, something would be done by Brother Xiaofeng. Luo Peng breathed a sigh of relief, and looked at Yu Siyang secretly, he smirked while saying: “However, Director Peng is still quite generous. He has given Xiaoyu third-tier actor remuneration for the role.”

 “Huh-it’s so generous. He should pay according to the second tier.” Wei Xiaofeng was still a little unhappy. Due to Luo Peng’s various flaws, his own good seedling had been transformed into a second-tier pit. He really wanted to beat him up.

 Luo Peng was aggrieved and shrank himself tighter, and winked at Yu Siyang-hurry up and say nice things to brother.

 Yu Siyang blinked and received his signal for help, and immediately looked at Wei Xiaofeng, “Brother Xiaofeng, I am still a rookie now, and my acting skills are not good. Wouldn’t it be good to take a role similar to my true character? The second male lead likes to cook. I also happen to be a cook. Isn’t that just right? If it’s other types of roles, I probably won’t play as well.”

 “What similar character? A perverted character?” Wei Xiaofeng was almost furious to death. Yu Siyang used to be a pure and innocent child, but now he has been changed by Luo Peng.

 Yu Siyang was also aggrieved and shrunk into a ball, flattening his mouth at Luo Peng-Brother Xiaofeng is too powerful, so please pray for more blessings.

 “Little Yu read the script well. The blasted movie will start shooting next month on the 8th, don’t forget. I will let the company take care of the other things.” Wei Xiaofeng waved away, “Okay, you two go back. Seeing you both is annoying.”



 Yu Siyang and Luo Peng responded at the same time, stood up and walked out, the excitement before coming to the company had completely disappeared.

 “That…Brother Xiaofeng, Xiaoyu would make Q-bomb shrimp at night, would you like to eat it?” Luo Peng walked to the door and suddenly turned around and asked.

 Yu Siyang looked at him in surprise, when did he say he would make Q-bomb shrimp at night?!

 Wei Xiaofeng looked at Luo Peng coldly for three seconds: “…Yes.” 

Luo Peng snickered.

 Yu Siyang was speechless.

The author has something to say:

 [Small Theater]

 Yang Yang: In this world, there is nothing in this world that can’t be solved with a meal.

 Luo Peng: For example?

 Yang Yang: Look at Director Peng and Xiaofeng brother, they are a living example of it.

 Luo Peng: What if there are any exceptions?

Yangyang: Then two meals

Luo Peng: What if even two meals don’t work?

 Yang Yang: … the other party didn’t want to care about you, and threw a dog at you.

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[1] To feel resentful towards someone for meeting their expectations.

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