TCYEC Ch. 12

Luo Peng spent the day outside and came back home tired and hungry. He thought that his well-behaved little Yu would have already prepared food and be waiting for him, but when he walked in, there was no expected enticing fragrance, and there was no warmth from Yu Siyang’s “you are back”.

Luo Peng was dumbfounded and searched the in and out of the small two-bedroom flat, and did not even leave the bathroom and balcony out. There was no shadow of Yu Siyang.

 He suddenly panicked.

 Xiao Yu is so sweet and so good; he wouldn’t have met a bad guy, right.

 Luo Peng took his phone out of his trouser pocket and tapped at the screen. The screen showed a missed call from Yu Siyang, so he quickly called back.

 Yu Siyang picked it up soon, and he asked eagerly: “Xiaoyu, where are you? I didn’t answer your call. Are you okay?”

 “Brother Luo, I’m okay.” He was stirring the tuna with one hand while holding the phone in the other. Holding the phone, he peeked out of the kitchen, “I will go home later today.”

 “Why?” Luo Peng asked. What would he do for dinner today?

 Yu Siyang vaguely said, “Uh…I, I’m going to a friend’s house as a guest.” It was obviously going to a stranger’s house to cook.

 “Okay,” Luo Peng slumped weakly on the sofa, “Come back early and pay attention to safety on the road.”

 “Yes, thank you Brother Luo.” Yu Siyang hung up the phone, put the phone in his pocket, and depressedly spread sea salt on the tuna meat.

This kitchen is spacious and bright, with all kinds of cooking tools, abundant ingredients and dazzling condiments.

 Two words-advanced[1].

 Three words-Blindingly flashy[2].

 Compared with the kitchenette in the two-bedroom and one-room rented by Luo Peng, it is really the difference between Rolls-Royce and bike sharing.

 This is how Yu Siyang dreamed his own kitchen being.

 However, Yu Siyang was not happy even though he is cooking in the kitchen of his dreams.

 As passers-by who met each other by chance, shouldn’t there be no intersection after passing by, why would anyone so aggressively ask others to cook in his house?

 “Why, have you encountered any difficulties?”Xue Chengxiu leaned on the kitchen door with arms folded, staring at the boy’s every move, seeing the boy frowning, and deliberately asked him.

 “Ah? Ah!” Yu Siyang was taken aback and shook his head violently, “No difficulty, no difficulty.”

 “What are you doing?” Xue Chengxiu used his chin to refer to the tuna being stirred in the bowl. It looked slimy and particularly unappetizing.

 “Tuna.” Yu Siyang answered simply and rudely.

 Xue Chengxiu: “…”

The child’s resentment is not ordinary.[3]

 Yu Siyang put the tuna mixed with olive oil, nutmeg, black pepper and salt aside, found the corn flakes from the cupboard, put it on the chopping board, washed his hands, put on disposable gloves, and pinching tuna into small animals put it on the corn flakes[4].

 After seeing him make a flower and a little rabbit, Xue Chengxiu finally couldn’t help but say to him, “You don’t need to make it so childish.”

 Yu Siyang blinked, and deliberately said, “I’m here to cook for Mu Mu. Of course I have to do it.” It has to be cute so that child will like it.

 Xue Chengxiu looked at him quietly for a while, turned and left the kitchen, with a smile on his lips, but his smile looked like a big villain.

 Yu Siyang didn’t know that he had provoked a person who should not be provoked, so he happily picked up the airbrush and started to cook the tuna, proud of his petty retaliation.

 Compared with Luo Peng’s instant noodles, Xue’s dinner was both rich and…cute.

 When Xue Yunmu heard “Dinner”, he immediately threw his favorite bear on the sofa, ran to the dining room with his short legs, and leaning on the edge of the table said, “Wow–“.

The other is not even a head taller than the table, with his chin resting on the table, his short and fat fingers pointed vigorously: “Flower, Meow, Little Rabbit…”

 “Flower Brother, are they all from Mumu?” Xue Yunmu rushed over and hugged Yu Siyang’s legs, looking up and blinking at him with his big cute eyes.

 Yu Siyang was so anxious about his adorableness that he trembled and touched his little head, “Yes, it’s all for Mumu, do you like it?”

 “Yes-Happy -” the little man said loudly, crawling on the chair with his short legs.

 Xue Chengxiu placed his son onto the children’s chair and made him sit down. He sat in the main seat and stared at the cats, puppies, and bears on the table. It was almost like being in a zoo.

 Except for a chicken with peach kernels, it is estimated that it is impossible to keep the plate in a normal state. However, there is still a small animal with a square face carved from a pumpkin on his plate.

 “What did you carve?” Xue Chengxiu asked, pointing to the pumpkin carving.

 “This…” Yu Siyang scratched his cheek, feeling a little embarrassed by his own evil taste, “It’s a Tibetan fox.”

 The child’s revenge is quite strong.

 Xue Chengxiu shook his head helplessly, picked up his chopsticks, and announced: “Let’s eat.”

 Xue Yunmu cheered, and the spoon in his hand went straight to the nearest “Little Bear”.

“Little Bear” is actually chicken meat balls in orange sauce.[5] Use chicken breasts, salt, green onion and ginger water to make mashed meat, then mix it with cornstarch, then you can use it to make… all kinds of small animals. After making a small animal, coat it with a thin layer of starch and fry it in the pan until golden brown. Then pour the pre-prepared orange juice into the pan and boil. When it becomes thick, pour the chicken balls in, and then boil the soup until it is ready to be poured out of the pot.

 This dish is sweet and slightly sour, with a slightly bouncy taste and bright and beautiful color. It is a favorite dish for children.

 Sure enough, Xue Yunmu ate most of the “little bear” in one bite, his eyes lit up, and half of the “little bear” was chewing in his mouth, vaguely complimenting Flower Brother: “Oh!”

 “Xue Yun Mu!”

Xue Chengxiu’s voice was slightly heavier. Seeing how severe it was, the little guy immediately put his hand holding the spoon down, closed his mouth, and opened his eyes to look at his Dad with round eyes.

 “It’s useless to sell meng.” Xue Chengxiu looked through his son’s attempt. “There is food in your mouth, so you are not allowed to speak. Did you forget it.” 

“Mu Mu is wrong.” The little guy bowed his head and admitted his mistake.

 Xue Chengxiu tapped his index finger on the table and said sternly: “If you make another mistake, you will not be able to eat today’s dinner. You can only watch Dad and Flower Brother eat.” 

Xue Yunmu looked at his father with sobbing eyes. Looking at his Dad and Flower Brother, he nodded pitifully: “Dad, Mu Mu’s not bad.”

The father is very strict. Yu Siyang felt distressed and touched the little head hanging down, and gave him a “kitten” made of millet wrapped in tenderloin.

 The little guy immediately opened his eyes and smiled and took a bite to eat the “kitten”.

He still remembered what his father said. He didn’t make a sound while eating, but he smiled crookedly at Yu Siyang, and silently praised him.

 Yu Siyang touched his little head again, and clipped him a “pig”.

The person who he thought would bring a stranger into his house to cook for his son because of his son’s demands was an unreasonable father who doted on his child in his mind. Unexpectedly, this person is a bit different from what he imagined. Seeing these actions, you can gauge a person’s self-cultivation.

 Xue Chengxiu slowly put a “rabbit” into his mouth, and he keenly felt that Yu Siyang looked at him with less resentment than before.

 But it’s just a little less, not completely gone.

 This kid is still scolding him in his heart!

 It doesn’t matter, let him scold him in his heart I can’t hear it, and the craftsmanship is really top-notch.

 I never imagined that at his young age, his culinary skills have reached this pinnacle. If he is in the culinary world, given time, he estimates that Huaxia Kingdom will produce another world-class chef.

 Unfortunately, there are not so many “ifs” in this world.

The meal made the Xue family ’s father and son grin. Xue Yunmu slumped in the arms of his father with a bulging belly. Even if Xue Chengxiu is an old foodie, he still had some self-control in the face of food. He still ate 80% as per his usual eating habits. He was so full, but still sitting on the sofa with his back straight.

 The Xue family has a helper aunt, and she washed the dishes after the meal. Yu Siyang took his schoolbag and stood in the living room to say goodbye to the host family.

 When Xue Yunmu heard that Flower Brother was leaving, he immediately got up and ran over to hug him, “Big Flower Brother, where are you going?”

 “Big Flower Brother is going back.” Yu Siyang knelt down and said to the little guy.

 “Why?” Xue Yunmu didn’t want Flower Brother to leave at all, looked back at his father, and asked, “Why?”

 Xue Chengxiu waved to his son, and when his son ran over, he hugged the person in his arms and explained: “Because this is Mumu’s home, not Flower Brother’s home, Flower Brother is going to go back to his own home.”

 Xue Yunmu’s mouth flattened his mouth and looked upset.

 Yu Siyang took the opportunity to quickly say, “I’ll leave first.”

 “I will let the driver see you off.” Xue Chengxiu called the driver as he said.

 “Thank you.” Yu Siyang thought, this person isn’t particularly hateful.

 Immediately after, Xue Chengxiu had made the phone call and put away his cell phone, he said, “I will let the driver pick you up tomorrow.”

 Yu Siyang: “!!!”

He took back the sentence just now, this person is absolutely hateful.

 “There are many restaurants in Yunzhong City who have very good craftsmanship. I can make a list for you.” Yu Siyang was filled with indignation. The implication was “I will not come again, and I am not a restaurant chef.”

 Xue Chengxiu chuckled, and the old laozi said: “Yu Siyang, you are an all-star artist, and it is Wei Xiaofeng who signed you in, right?”

 Yu Siyang didn’t understand what he meant by this, but it is a fact, and there is nothing that cannot be admitted, so he nodded.

 Xue Chengxiu went on to say: “Your family went bankrupt. After you signed to All Star, All Star helped you repay a debt of 150 million yuan, right?”

 Thinking of the huge debt, Yu Siyang felt that life was dark and nodded weakly, but said, “I will work hard to make money back to the company.”

 “Very good.”

Xue Chengxiu put his son on the sofa and sat up in front of Yu Siyang. He was more than half a head taller than Yu Siyang.When he looked down at him, Yu Siyang felt a strong pressure and couldn’t help taking a step back.

 “Do you know who I am?” Xue Chengxiu asked.

 Yu Siyang is dumbfounded-he doesn’t know!

 He had forgotten to ask the man’s name, and he only knows that the name of the man’s son is Xue Yunmu, which he heard at the dining table. And just say what you want to say, why you want to pretend to be forced.

 “Sorry, I forgot to ask your name.”

 Xue Chengxiu couldn’t help the corners of his mouth twitching slightly at this moment.

 He deliberately asked who he was just now, because he was certain that he knew him.

 But now it seems that the child he is cooperating with is so stupid that he doesn’t even know who he is, so he came to his house to cook, and he thought … forget it!

 Xue Chengxiu was a little frustrated, “I am Xue Chengxiu.”

 “Hello, hello.” Yu Siyang nodded politely.

 Xue Chengxiu stared at him for a long time, and declared in a depressed mood: “I am the chairman of the board of directors of Hengsheng Group.” (A/N Poor Xue Chengxiu, has to make everything clear to his clueless shou)

 Yu Siyang then nodded, thinking, oh, he knew that he was a rich man but he was even the chairman of a group.

 Wait a minute, isn’t Hengsheng Group the parent company of All Star Entertainment? !

 He is the chairman of Hengsheng, that means…

 Yu Siyang’s eyes widened in surprise.

Now you know.” Xue Chengxiu felt that he had finally won a round and his mood improved. He patted Yu Siyang on the head and said, “I am your creditor.”

 Yu Siyang: “…”

Xue Chengxiu happily announced: “The driver will pick you up tomorrow.”

The author has something to say:

 [Small Theater]

 Xue Gong: This kid is so stupid that he doesn’t even know who I am, and he still ran to my house to cook. It’s so easy to deceive him.

 Yang Yang: It’s obviously you who forced me to go.

Xue Gong: I forced you?

 Yang Yang: Yes.

 Xue Gong: Really?

 Yang Yang: …I’m stupid and insisted on going~~o(>_<)o ~~

Xue Gong: Good~

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[1] This is two words in Chinese.

[2] This is three words in Chinese.

[3] He is trying to say that Yu Siyang carries extraordinary grievances or resentment towards him.

[4] Something like this, bit in different shapes.


Made in the shape of a bear.

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