APY Ch. 160: The guests are here!!!!

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She couldn’t help but feel a little lucky that the mobile phone was not on her body, otherwise if she took the phone call just now, she might not have known what Ding Minghui thought about her.

When she returned to the box, both Shen Qinglan and Shen Junyu were eating quietly, Fang Tong sat down, and Shen Qinglan handed a bowl of soup to her.

“You didn’t eat much when I saw you just now. Let’s have a bowl of soup first. This soup is good.”

Fang Tong smiled and thanked her, but there was no smile in her eyes after watching that scene.

She drank the soup mechanically, and Shen Qinglan and Shen Junyu both noticed her distraction. The brother and sister looked at each other with the same doubts in their eyes.

Shen Qinglan glanced at Fang Tong who was absent-minded, thought for a while, and asked, “Brother, your company has been busy recently?”

Suddenly being questioned like this, Shen Junyu was a little confused, so he looked at his sister, “It will be the end of the year, naturally there are more things going on. Yes, the annual meeting is just around the corner, there are a lot of things that need to be prepared.”

Speaking of the annual meeting, Shen Junyu was interested, “Next week is our company’s annual meeting, do you want to come?” Then he looked at Fang Tong, “Miss Fang, if you are interested, you both can come together, there is a lottery at the end, you may as well go play.”

He didn’t plan the annual meeting, but he had seen the plan and felt it was good.

Seeing that the topic was brought to her, Fang Tong finally stopped being silent, “I won’t go, it will be the end of the year, and I have to accompany my mother to prepare the New Year’s gifts.”

Shen Junyu did not force her, instead he looked at Shen Qinglan, and saw her with a look of no interest on his face, so he smiled, “I will give the invitation letter to Qinglan at that time. If you want to participate, you are welcome at any time.”

Shen Qinglan didn’t care, but asked irrelevant questions, “This annual meeting, everyone in your company will participate?”

Fang Tong pricked up her ears.

“As long as they have worked in the head office for three months, they are welcome. In the branch, some managers above a certain level will receive an invitation letter.”

The company’s annual meeting this year was going to be very grand. For this reason, Shen Junyu specially contracted a giant luxury cruise ship, as the venue for the annual meeting.

“Can you bring your family?” Shen Qinglan asked again, her eyes falling on Fang Tong’s body for a while.


“Okay, give me the invitation letter, I’ll take a look at it then.” Shen Qinglan said.

The person who didn’t want to go just now suddenly changed her mind, making Shen Junyu a little surprised, but he was still very happy that his sister was willing to participate, so he agreed with a smile.

In the following time, the three of them ate quietly, and no one spoke again.

The meal ended in this quiet atmosphere. The bill was naturally settled by Shen Junyu. After the bill was settled, the three of them walked out of the box. When they passed the lobby, Fang Tong subconsciously glanced in a certain direction. No one was seen and she felt a feeling of relief.

When they got to the door, the three parted ways. Shen Junyu returned to the company. Seeing that he didn’t have an umbrella, Shen Qinglan simply gave him her umbrella.

Shen Qinglan got into the car with Fang Tong.

“I’ll send you home?” Shen Qinglan asked.

Fang Tong looked out the window and didn’t look back, “Can I go home with you?”

Shen Qinglan didn’t speak anymore, but drove home, and brought Fang Tong back by the way.

When they got home, Shen Qinglan turned around and went to the study, “I have some things to deal with, you can wait here yourself.”

Fang Tong nodded, lying on the sofa without speaking.

Shen Qinglan just turned on the computer, put the money into the account of the owner of the teahouse, and then came out after talking to the other party.

When she came out, Fang Tong was still sitting in the same position as when she had left, with a blank expression, thinking God knows what.

Shen Qinglan went into the kitchen and made her a glass of honey lemonade.

“What are you thinking about?”

Fang Tong returned to her senses, took the cup and put it on the table, shaking her head, “It’s nothing, it’s just uncontrollable wild thoughts.”

“Next week, you should attend the annual meeting with Ding Minghui.” Shen Qinglan changed the subject, since Fang Tong didn’t want to say it, she won’t ask.

Fang Tong remembered what Shen Junyu said that people from the head office could attend the annual meeting as long as they had worked there for three months, and nodded, “Well, if he goes.”

Fang Tong didn’t stay at Shen Qinglan’s house for a long time, as Fu Fanghua’s call came, she went home.

Because Uncle Li’s family was coming the next day, Fu Fanghua wanted to take Fang Tong to buy clothes.

“Mom, I don’t want to go.” Fang Tong was reluctant.

Fu Fanghua didn’t persuade Fang Tong, but said lightly, “Even if it’s not a blind date, if your father’s friends come to the house, you should show the attitude that a host should have, right?”

Fang Tong was silent. The education she received from a young age told her that what her mother said was right. She followed her mother out silently, bought two set of clothes, and then went to the supermarket to buy some ingredients.

The next morning, Fang Tong was woken up by her mother. She didn’t sleep well last night. She woke up in a bad mood and didn’t look very good.

“Tongtong, are you not feeling well?” Fu Fanghua asked, looking at her daughter’s ugly face.

Fang Tong shook his head, “I didn’t sleep well last night, I’ll just do some makeup later.”

Fu Fanghua was relieved, but still warned, “You can dislike your Uncle Li’s son, but you can’t let others know. Looking at his face, after all, he is a guest, you know?”

Fang Tong smiled, “Mom, am I such an ignorant person?”

Fu Fanghua also laughed and urged her daughter to have breakfast, as she went into the kitchen. Although her family was able to invite an aunt, she and Fang Tong were the only two people living there. On weekdays, especially after Fang Tong went to college, it was just her, while Fang Tong only came back on weekends, so she was too lazy to invite an aunt to cook for just her.

Fang Chengzhi was not at home and had gone out to pick up Li Wei’s family.

When the doorbell rang, Fang Tong was helping her mother choose vegetables, so she got up to open the door, and saw Uncle Li’s family as her father had said. Although she hadn’t seen them for many years, Fang Tong recognized Li Wei at a glance, “Uncle Li, it’s been a long time.”

Li Wei looked at the slim, smiling girl in front of him, and smiled, “I didn’t expect you to grow so big, you are becoming more and more beautiful, I almost didn’t recognize you.”

The woman beside him was his wife, but not his original wife. He remarried after the death of his original wife. It was Fang Tong’s first time meeting her.

Fang Chengzhi introduced, “This is your Uncle Li’s wife, Ji Ning, just call her Aunt Ji.”

Fang Tong smiled, “Hello Aunt Ji.”

Ji Ning also smiled, she didn’t look very old, about thirty maybe, or maybe she was just well-maintained, “You are the Tongtong Lao Li talks about so much. Today can be regarded as meeting the real person. I always hear Lao Li mention you and say that you are well-behaved and sensible. When I see you today, it seems to be really true.” The people present laughed.

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