TBVSR Ch. 29.2: Repair the Door

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On the way home, Jiang Manyi walked in front, while Jiang Yu followed behind, looking at her mother’s back, which felt unfamiliar from before.

She didn’t know that her mother was hiding so many things from her.

No wonder in the past, whenever she mentioned Bu Tanyan and Esmera, Jiang Manyi was very emotional.

It turned out that she had known Bu Tanyan for a long time, and they were still best friends!

It felt like a dream.

In front of a roast goose shop, Jiang Manyi stopped, and Jiang Yu followed behind her with her head buried, almost bumping into her.


Jiang Manyi looked at the roast goose shop in front of her, and said to Jiang Yu who was behind her, “Get half a roast goose weighed.”

One sentence immediately brought Jiang Yu back to reality. She stepped forward and held Jiang Manyi in her arms. “Half one is enough, if you want to weigh one!”

“You are just hungry.” Jiang Manyi poked the little girl’s head: “I bought it for you, and you could only eat two bites. You didn’t let me solve it for you.”

Jiang Yu smiled and said coquettishly, “It’s not good for you to eat it all.”

Jiang Manyi still bought a whole roast goose, and even told the store to mix the ingredients, “Do not add too much spice, my daughter cannot eat spicy food.”

Halfway back home, Jiang Yu held Jiang Manyi’s hand, and they finally restored the sticky intimacy between mother and daughter, laughing all the way.

If Jiang Manyi could change her mind and support her, ballet would  no longer be a forbidden topic for mother and daughter to quarrel about whenever they disagreed.

Jiang Yu excitedly said to Jiang Manyi: “Mom, you really hid it well. When you were young, you were actually good friends with my idol! I admire you so much! What was Bu Tanyan like? Mom, tell me!”

Jiang Manyi looked at Jiang Yu with tenderness on her face: “She, she was just like you, she was a very firm person, whether it is for her love, or her dreams, she went forward without any fear. It’s just…”

“Just what?”

“It’s just that between love and dreams, she still chose her dream…”

Then she recalled what Bu Tanyan had said when she handed over her infant child to her, “As long as I win the queen’s crown, I’ll be back, at most in two years!”

Jiang Manyi also asked her: “Didn’t your family force you to dance ballet, wasn’t your dream to be a pop singer, so what kind of queen trophy is that important?”

Bu Tanyan smiled and said to her: “Yeah, dancing ballet was not what I wanted at first, but you know, even you, with my tone-deaf voice, wouldn’t want to hear me finish singing a song. A complete song…”

“But in the first half of my life, almost four-fifths of the time, I was dancing ballet. The spotlight illuminated the stage, and there was thunderous applause from the audience. They cheered and cheered for Bu Tanyan. Screaming…that stage is the stage that belongs to Bu Tanyan!”

At that moment, Jiang Manyi finally understood.

Even if it wasn’t her original choice at first, but… Bu Tanyan couldn’t leave that stage, because it had taken all her youth and sweat.

Therefore, after giving birth to the child, Bu Tanyan resolutely chose to go back to fulfil the Bu family’s high requirements for her, and also fulfil her own dream.

She gave up love and gave her life for that dream.

The reason why Jiang Manyi had opposed Jiang Yu’s dancing all these years was that she didn’t want her daughter to follow in her footsteps.

“Xiao Yu, mother no longer opposes you dancing. Dreams are indeed precious in life, but on the way to pursue dreams, you must stop and look at the people around you. Because sincerity, like dreams, is precious and sparkling.”

Jiang Yu took Jiang Manyi’s hand and returned home, only to find that Qiu Li was repairing the door in front of her house.

He was squatting on one knee, screwdriver in hand, and carefully screwing in the new door lock.

Jiang Yu was surprised: “Why are you here?”

Qiu Li looked up at her and said blankly, “Your mother asked me to fix the door, otherwise she will sue me for illegal entry.”

“Mom, this…”

Jiang Manyi raised her arms and said, “It’s cheap to let him fix the door lock. Next time something like this happens, I’ll call the police directly.”

The corners of Jiang Yu’s mouth twitched. Sure enough, this was something Jiang Manyi could do.

However, Qiu Li actually listened to her words, which was unexpected to Jiang Yu.

Who was Qiu Li, a future high-IQ murderer, could he be at the mercy of Jiang Manyi?

Jiang Yu looked at Qiu Li apologetically, and said, “Don’t mind, my mother is just like that.”

“It’s okay.” Qiu Li repaired the door, stood up, and patted the dust off his coat: “If you need anything, you can contact me directly.”


Was he so easy to talk to today?

He put the screwdriver on the shoe cabinet and was about to get up and leave: “Let’s go.”

Jiang Manyi leaned against the door and looked at him with his arms crossed: “You’re leaving now, I haven’t asked your name yet.”

Qiu Li turned around and said, “My name is Qiu Li, auntie can call me whatever you want.”

“Our family’s Xiao Yu usually spends too much time dancing, and her grades are particularly poor. How are your grades, Xiao Li?”


Jiang Manyi was about to be disappointed, but she heard him add again: “It’s just the first in the grade. If I’m lucky, the school also excepts me to win the provincial championship.”


This was too much.

“Don’t worry, Auntie, I will urge Xiao Yu to study.”

There was a satisfied smile on Jiang Manyi’s mouth: “Thank you then.”

“No thanks required, it should be like this.”

Jiang Yu: ???

This guy had a different face in front of her mother.

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