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The ratings of the first broadcast of “Dongnu Country” broke 2, and explosive topics emerged from the episodes one after another, including the combination of male and female protagonist, and the attention to the themes of marginal and national history TV series. Because this play reflected a matriarchal society, sociology and anthropology experts also ended up discussing it in full swing. The most important thing was that in this play, women were superior to men, causing a group of aunts to watch it with attention. They all regretted that they were not born in Dongnu Country.

In just one week, this play had extended from the discussion of the fan circle to the academic circle and the aunt circle. Once even the auntie circle was discussing, this drama had obviously become a hit.

Everyone stayed up for five days, and finally waited for a new episode at 8:00 on Saturday night.

Then! What the hell!

Queen’s strong confession?! The plot of forced love was so poisonous and really fragrant. The key was the changed roles of men and women. The queen was forcing her love, why was it even more exciting?

The phrase “you have a place here sooner or later” made everyone scream. As a result, Cui Ling would rather starve to death than leave.

Ji Muye fans: Brother, if you were kidnapped, blink once. You really, really got the script wrong.

Jiang Zheng fans: Sister, if you were kidnapped, blink once. Is it bad to be a queen and to open a harem? We think it’s too bad for you to favor Ji Muye alone.

Passerby fans: Come on, don’t stop! I can bear anything exciting.

Aunt Fan: Women in the Dongnu Country don’t have to do housework or take care of children? Finding a man is all about feelings, open the window for him if you like him, and let him get out if you don’t? Huh. Please come up with more of these episodes. We can do it all!

CP fans: Ah, it’s so cruel, I can’t stand it. Isn’t it okay to go in love mode?

Director: You are children. The abuse is still behind.

Many people ran to the director and the hero and heroine’s Weibo to leave various messages, expressing their wishes, as if they all wanted to reach out and direct the plot.

As soon as the fourth episode aired on Sunday night, the angle of discussion on the entire network changed again.

#Woman, can you hug your man, princess? #

#How much strength Jiang Zheng’s arms have#

#Ji Muye is the happiest man in the world#

#Hugging and still being hypocritical, hurry up and enter the bridal chamber#

#I am not afraid of taking the wrong script once, but I am afraid that I will keep taking the wrong script all the time.#

#Screenwriter, can you be a little princess with sugar, what do you do as a guard with a knife? #

# How much is Ji Muye? 100 pounds?#

Originally everyone expressed doubts about the plot of the princess hugging the male protagonist, thinking that it must be caused by camera angles, otherwise Jiang Zheng would not be able to hold up. As a result, the crew released a clip, in which Jiang Zheng hugged Ji Muye steadily throughout the whole process, and directly slapped those questioning faces.

He Xiao, a member of the IKEEN men team, posted a video. In the video, he was hugged by his own female assistant in a princess hug, but the female assistant was directly pressed to the ground by him. Challenge failed! At the end of the video, He Xiao asked across the screen: Teacher Jiang, where did you get your fitness card? And when will I find Her Majesty the Queen who can hold me?

People, just liked to follow the crowd and challenge the impossible. All the people whether online and offline, started competing to imitate that scene.

If you have a boyfriend, hold your boyfriend high, no matter if you succeed or fail, at least it showed that they had a boyfriend. Single dogs were so stimulated that they had to pick up the single sofa or even the single bed at home.

Then, “Can you hold your boyfriend princess?” became a substitute sentence for “Are you in love.” It was a magical direction.

Jiang Zheng woke up early in the morning and was surprised by the overwhelming videos of the princess hugs.

She thought for a while, and asked Han Yi next to her, “Have you bought the hot search?”

Han Yi calmly picked up the coffee and took a sip, “How is it possible, do you still need me to pay for hot searches with your physique?”

Jiang Zheng nodded, “It seems that this drama is on the right track. There should be a lot of people who will ask Brother Mu to cooperate. You can ask Jing Meini when you have time.”

The coffee in Han Yi’s mouth instantly turned bad. Since he joined the crew, he and Jing Meini had made eye contact a few times, but they were still not very friendly. How could he talk to her?

Jiang Zheng blinked, and Han Yi’s liver trembled cautiously. Ya Ya Ya! The girls are so cute and amazing, aren’t they?!

Really amazing.

He agreed indiscriminately and drank his coffee in one go.

Today, the filming location was moved to the Dadu River. According to historical records, “the name of the queen’s residence was Kang Yanchuan, and there was a weak river flowing south, which had to be crossed by a cowhide boat.” This river had witnessed too many historical changes, and the Battle of Jinchuan during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty also took place here.

“Dongnu Country” was just an interception of a certain time period of this river.

Jing Meini found that Ji Muye was in a good mood early this morning. He was completely different from the way he used wine to drown his sorrows yesterday.

She asked with a gossipy face: “Muye, have you understood?” Jiang Zheng, the famous flower had a master, and he couldn’t pry anyone’s corner no matter how much he liked her.

Ji Muye smiled lightly, “Didn’t you tell me to be professional, focused, and attentive? I can’t smash my own brand of being Master Ji.”

Jing Meini was shocked. He was preparing to turn grief and anger into motivation after suffering emotional injuries? Woohoo, her brother Mu was back! Everything was ready to start shooting. This time, teacher Yu Juan, the screenwriter, also came. Recently, many netizens under her Weibo had left comments frantically, some praised her, some scolded her, and some even forced her to change the script with death threats. She asked an assistant to manage the comments, and she simply came to hide on the set.

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