RCFS Ch. 76: You must get used to it 2

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Ye Yunxi couldn’t see any difference.

Anyway, they were all skirts, the difference was only the color and length, was there any other difference?

“Miss, whichever one you wear looks good, it’s really hard to choose!”

“Yeah, it’s super hard to choose, otherwise buy them all!”

Buy them all?

Did something go wrong?

It’s just a meal, do they think it’s a runway show?

Seeing that Ye Yunxi couldn’t make up her mind, Di Junxie simply stood up and picked a dark starry sky dress from the pile of clothes and handed it over.

“This one.”

“This one?”

Ye Yunxi took it and glanced at it. Except for some sparkling things on it, wasn’t it still a skirt?

But she could only put it on and walk out of the dressing room.

At that moment, even the shop assistant didn’t know what to say.

This dress was really suitable for Ye Yunxi!

It was almost like it was made just for her!

The background was as deep as the sea, and the blue changed from dark to light from top to bottom. The hem of the skirt seemed to be a shallow cut. The long skirt was covered with a layer of tulle, and the fragments on the veil were as bright as stars. As she walked around, the stars twinkled little by little, and she looked absolutely gorgeous!

“So beautiful!”

“Like a sea spirit at night!”

“She feels mysterious and beautiful!”

Although she disdained the profession of models, beauty was beauty.

Everyone was very satisfied with this skirt, but Di Junxie glanced at it and frowned: “Take it off.”


Ye Yunxi was very curious, everyone said it looked good, didn’t they?

Di Junxie’s face became even uglier.

It looked good, but it was too revealing on the chest. Wouldn’t pulling it down a little bit be the same as not wearing a top?

And the back, showing so much skin, who was she trying to seduce?

“Change to this one!”

Di Junxie handed over another skirt with an ugly face, and Ye Yunxi was speechless.

This time, the long skirt was ordinary, and the design of the small stand-up collar even wrapped the neck. Emperor Di Junxie nodded with satisfaction: “Just this one.”

This one?

The shop assistants all said that it was not as good looking as the starry sky dress.

But the gold owner had said so, and they could only collect the money.

However, the one who handed over the card was the little mistress in their eyes.

“Swipe the card.”


The shop assistant looked at Di Junxie, the man’s card had already been drawn out, but Ye Yunxi said directly, “I can still afford a skirt.”

Di Junxie glanced at her incredulously, but did not speak and kept his card away.

The shop assistant’s brain was going to explode.

Could she really afford it?

The cheapest dresses here cost tens of thousands, and those who could afford it were all rich people, right?

So, this girl was not Di Junxie’s kept lover!!!

At that moment, the shop assistant couldn’t help feeling that Ye Yunxi was awe-inspiring. After all, in their line of work, there were not many women who used their own money to buy clothes here.

It turned out that the little sister was from a wealthy family herself!


[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

After changing her skirt and slightly adjusting her hairstyle, Ye Yunxi followed behind Di Junxie and walked into the restaurant.

The advantage of being young was that there was no need for makeup, and her skin also revealed a texture that was unbroken.

“Hello, sir, table for how many?”

The waiter greeted him eagerly, but Di Junxie turned around, took Ye Yunxi’s hand, and stubbornly wrapped it around his own arm.

“You have to get used to it.”

The man whispered softly.

You are the evil emperor’s woman.

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