RCFS Ch. 75: You must get used to it 1

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Of course, the small team’s celebration banquet didn’t reach completion, because Di Junxie came in halfway.

With the person leaning against the door to smoke, Wang Tingting and others automatically opted out and offered Ye Yunxi both hands.

“Yunxi, come on!”

“Seize the opportunity!”


What opportunity should she seize?

Ye Yunxi was confused and couldn’t understand at all!

On the contrary, the corner of Di Junxie’s mouth curled into a smile that was not a smile, and he successfully made a group of girls on the road blush.

“I think I have the right to eat with my friends.”

Ye Yunxi decided to fight for her rights in this matter.

“I don’t think you understand the meaning of the contract.”

The man drove the car aggressively, and the incoming wind ruffled his dark hair and blurred those slender and deep eyes.

“The meaning of being my fiancée is that you should think of me before others.”

This was true.

Ye Yunxi rubbed her chin, recalling the little couple she had seen before. Their glue-like state made her subconsciously shiver.

Forget it, there was no need to do those glue like actions.

“Where to go?”

Where is he going to take her to learn this time?

“Verify your learning outcomes.”


How to test?

When in doubt, the car stopped in front of a restaurant in an upscale neighbourhood.

This restaurant had a very high-class style. In addition to the expensive food and only accepting rich people, there was also a rule that people who could come and go must wear formal attire!

That was to say, Ye Yunxi who was wearing sportswear and sneakers was not allowed to enter.

“Here? Are you sure?”

Was he sure she could get in?

“Come here!”

He hooked her slender waist and pulled her into his arms. The soft touch made Di Junxie very satisfied.

Sure enough, as seen during the exercise, it felt good.

He subconsciously hooked the corner of his mouth and looked down at the person in his arms.

Ye Yunxi was also looking at him, her beautiful eyebrows were obviously a little unpleasant because of him, such a close distance had even crossed her line of defence, and the smell of tobacco mixed with an unfamiliar aura made her somewhat uneasy.

“Dear, you have to get used to it.”

Di Junxie whispered softly close to her ear.

There were many men in the army, but all of them were her buddies, and they were scrambling to catch up to her, so no one had ever spoken to her by sticking to her!

Ye Yunxi’s face was slightly red, and she glared at Di Junxie fiercely.

Of course, the man laughed instead of being angry, and with a long arm he held Ye Yunxi even more tightly.

“This is the most basic contact between lovers.”

The old lady knows!

Don’t say it over and over again!

He slightly raised his eyebrows, Ye Yunxi was also unequivocal, she flipped her long hair, and simply knocked away Di Junxie’s hand, then she put her arms around him, and smiled slightly: “I prefer this kind of thing.”

“That’s alright.” Di Junxie retracted his gaze, and when he raised his eyes, the person’s aura also changed, from charming to high-spirited and majestic!

This man was indeed handsome!

“I’ll buy you a formal dress first.”

The clothing store was right next to the restaurant, and as soon as Di Junxie walked in, he was surrounded by salespersons. These people were used to seeing the elites of the upper class, and they could tell Di Junxie’s status at a glance, but Ye Yunxi…

Wearing sportswear and sneakers?

“A formal dress.”

The emperor threw out the sentence indifferently, and Ye Yunxi had several more clothes in front of her in an instant.

The salespersons were attentive, and Ye Yunxi could only change her clothes.

But no matter what kind of clothes she wore, it looked good on her.

With her slender waist and buttocks, of course, she could wear anything.

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