CFCS Ch. 201.1: Apocalypse World (5)

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Jing Yang stood on the roof of the car and drove out on a road. When the car passed the road in front of the hospital, Jing Yang returned to the car and directed Li Sheng to turn left and head for the medical school not far away.

There were not many zombies in the medical school, and the students were almost all running. Jing Yang asked Li Sheng to park his car under a certain building.

Jing Yang opened the door and got out of the car and rushed into the building with a gun.

Li Sheng and Wu Zhong looked at each other, hesitated for a while, and got out of the car and quickly followed Jing Yang. The other two cars did not follow. Jing Yang had long expected that they had other places to go, so he only let Li Sheng and Wu Zhong come with him in one car.

The elevator no longer worked, so he could only climb the stairs. Along the way, he encountered a few newly mutated zombies, so Jing Yang raised his hand and solved it. There were those kinds of intelligent zombies who were waiting to ambush at the corner and suddenly rushed out, but Jing Yang didn’t mean to retreat in fear at all. He either kicked out or shot them in the head, or quickly dodged the zombie and kicked it down from behind, and then shot it in the head.

Li Sheng and Wu Zhong came here originally to protect Jing Yang, but they didn’t expect Jing Yang, who looked so weak, to fight so well. There was nothing for them to do with them behind him.

Li Sheng and Wu Zhong felt that although it was the apocalypse now, Jing Yang had spent a lot of money on the contract to take care of them. The time was two years, but now it had only been more than ten days. They didn’t have to leave. They wanted to continue to fulfill the contract. Moreover, they already believed that Jing Yang really had the ability to predict the future and felt that being by Jing Yang’s side was the best choice.

Jing Yang stopped in front of a silver metal door that required fingerprints and a password to open. The password was simple, but the fingerprint was a bit difficult, so he could only find a way to destroy the password lock without setting off the alarm.

Jing Yang took out the tool from his pocket, then activated the system, and began to think of a way to open the door.

Li Sheng and Wu Zhong didn’t know what Jing Yang was going to do, but after years of professionalism, they subconsciously turned around to defend, and focused on listening to see if something was approaching.

Jing Yang spent some time, but he opened the door anyway, then he wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand, and said to Li Sheng and Wu Zhong, “You must help me guard, before I come out, no matter who is coming, you must not let them in. What I am going to do now is very important, and it is related to myself, including those who are willing to follow me, and whether we can live better.”

Li Sheng and Wu Zhong looked at Jing Yang’s serious expression, so they also nodded solemnly, and promised that as long as they didn’t die, they would definitely guard against letting anyone in.

Jing Yang pushed open the door inside, closed the door after entering, and looked around the biological laboratory. Inside a semi-circular glass cover, he saw the target he was looking for this time.

After the apocalypse, many people would become zombies due to physical reasons, and some people had developed abilities. The ability could be strengthened by absorbing the crystal cores of zombies, but the number of crystal cores required was very large. Moreover, the crystal core of intelligent zombies must be used to have a significantly enhanced effect. No matter how many crystal cores of ordinary zombies were used, the effect would be very small.

But there was also a zombie’s crystal core, which could not only make the ability quickly become stronger, but also made the body change so that it would not be injured easily. Even if one was injured by a zombie, they would not mutate into a zombie.

This kind of zombie was a corpse that had been dead for a long time, but there was no rotting corpse, such as this human specimen that had been preserved for many years in front of Jing Yang.

According to what had happened in the previous two lifetimes, it was known that not every human specimen would have a crystal nucleus, but this human specimen not only had a crystal nucleus, but also the energy of this crystal nucleus, which would not appear in the crystal nucleus that appeared later, was also very strong, because this was the first superpower crystal nucleus, the superpower crystal nucleus after falling asleep slowly appeared, and the energy began to gradually weaken. In the later stage, the superpower crystal nucleus no longer appeared.

Jing Yang pressed the switch and opened the glass cover. Facing this human specimen, he was definitely not afraid, but he still felt a little disgusted while taking out the crystal nucleus from his brain by himself.

Jing Yang put on a pair of clean surgical gloves, cut open the brain of the human specimen with a scalpel, took out the super crystal nucleus inside, and took a look at it in his hand.

The azure-blue crystal nucleus emitted a faint light, and it looked like a top-quality sapphire. In appearance, it was very different from those ordinary crystal cores.

Jing Yang disinfected the superpower crystal core, then took off his gloves, put the crystal core in his pocket, and prepared to go back, use the system to activate the power in advance, and then absorb the energy inside the crystal core.

After Jing Yang went out, he saw that except for a few zombies killed by Li Sheng and Wu Zhong, no one else had come, so he took the two of them downstairs quickly and prepared to leave.

When they were about to get into the car, another car just happened to come by.

Qi Yun saw Jing Yang when he was in the car. At that moment, both new and old hatred flooded into his heart. Before the car stopped, he opened the door and rush down.

Jing Yang also saw Qi Yun and Wu Hao, as well as several other people in their car. He stopped to get into the car and waited for the angry Qi Yun to rush over.

Qi Yun lost the palm of his right hand that he was used to. When he saw Jing Yang, there was no way to think about anything other than anger and wanting revenge. So, when he rushed in front of Jing Yang, he subconsciously raised his right hand to shoot, completely forgetting that his right hand could no longer hold a gun.

Jing Yang quickly took two steps forward and kicked Qi Yun’s chest. Unprepared Qi Yun was kicked out a distance by him and fell to the ground, clutching his chest that felt like it was going to shatter.

Jing Yang took a few more steps forward, grabbed the clothes on his chest and lifted him up, punched him hard in the face, knocked him to the ground again, and then stepped on his chest hard, then he looked down at him.

Qi Yun felt as if one of his teeth had fallen out. He was in so much pain that it hurt to take a deep breath. He couldn’t even speak, so he could only stare at Jing Yang hard, as if he wanted to kill Jing Yang with his eyes.

Those people brought by Qi Yun saw that Qi Yun was beaten, and immediately got out of the car to stop Jing Yang, but Wu Hao rushed in front, and yelled at Jing Yang, “Qiu Jin, let him go! Didn’t you hurt him bad enough? What else do you want?!”

Jing Yang took out his pistol and shot Wu Hao in the chest with a blank expression.

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