CFCS Ch. 208.1: Apocalypse World (12)

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Other people’s abilities were activated at the time Jing Yang had expected, and those who possessed abilities felt very ecstatic for a while. With an ability, it meant that they also had a certain self-protection capability without weapons.

Because Jing Yang told Shang Yue about this in advance, the military region made preparations early. After everyone’s abilities were stimulated, the military region quickly controlled those who wanted to take the opportunity to cause trouble. And in the way of killing chickens to warn monkeys, they dealt with some people, so that the others became honest, and in a very short period of time, normal order was restored.

Since the powers were activated in a large area, and the strength of each person’s powers was different, of course, some aspects of their training had to be readjusted and changed.

But these were not things that Jing Yang needed to be concerned about. The only thing he was worried about now was the safety of Shang Yue. Because Shang Yue did not come back within the expected time, and was still in a state of disconnection, even if he knew that his lover was a very powerful person in every life, but without any news of him, he still couldn’t help but feel worried.

Jing Yang had been unable to eat or sleep well in the past few days. He had been anxiously waiting for the news of Shang Yue. He thought that if there was no news of Shang Yue’s safety within two days, he would go out to find him.

Finally, on the second day, the guards came to tell him that Shang Yue had returned to the military area, but because he was seriously injured, he was in a coma and was still in the process of treatment.

Jing Yang felt an unprecedented panic after hearing this. This was the first time in so many lives that he had received news that his lover was injured. When he hurried to the military medical building, he couldn’t get in, because this building had strict regulations, and no one could enter or leave this building without the approval of the military leaders.

Jing Yang now regretted deliberately hiding his strength in order to live a comfortable life where everybody left him alone. Although the leaders of the military region knew that he had supernatural powers, they did not know how strong his superpowers actually were. If he showed how powerful he was early, he would definitely be highly valued by the leaders of the military region. Now, to enter this building, he only needed to say hello to the leaders of the military region.

If he knew this earlier, he wouldn’t have been lazy. The development of things had deviated from the reality he knew, otherwise he would have gone out with Shang Yue on his missions. He had the ability and confidence to assist him.

Jing Yang now just wanted to go in and see Shang Yue and see his situation with his own eyes, because the guards couldn’t even find out how Shang Yue was now.

Just as Jing Yang was thinking about how to meet Shang Yue, the guards came to tell him another news, saying that it was Professor Cui, the chief doctor of Shang Yue, who was looking for people with healing energy in the military area.

The so-called self-healing energy meant that after their supernatural powers were activated, even if they were injured, they could use supernatural powers to heal quickly without the need for medical treatment. Only a small number of people had healing energy in their abilities. This was an advantage, and if a person had it, he was also considered a dual ability owner.

Because Jing Yang absorbed the energy of the first super power crystal core, what he had was not only dual powers, it could be said that any power he wanted, with the ability of the first super power crystal core, he could have it after affecting it with the system. So, healing energy or something was something that he could have if he wanted.

However, because Jing Yang received special treatment as soon as he entered the military region and Shang Yue was worried that if the military region had too much control and management over him, it would make him feel uncomfortable, so he made a guarantee that he would not have to be controlled by the military region, and made him exempt from all the procedures that should be followed after entering the military area.

Because Jing Yang had not been tested and registered in the military region, the leaders of the military region did not know the situation of Jing Yang’s ability. They only knew that he had developed an ability before everyone, but the strength of his ability was unknown. Now that most people had supernatural abilities, Jing Yang didn’t seem so special.

After other people’s abilities were activated, their abilities were registered in the database of the military region, although not all were registered due to the large number of people. But in addition to looking for people who had not yet registered, as per the registered data, all the ability users with healing energy had been taken to the military medical building.

Qi Yun was one of the people who was taken away. When he knew that he was likely to become the person who could save Shang Yue, his excitement could not be suppressed. He finally had the opportunity to get close to the person who had tempted him, he had known that his healing energy would be his advantage, and he knew that God had not completely abandoned him, and he still had the hope of becoming the top figure in this world.

Several people from the military medical building were taken to the hospital, after testing the strength of the healing energy again, it was determined that Qi Yun had the strongest energy. But this kind of treatment, it was their first time using it, and it was still uncertain whether the energy in Shang Yue’s body would repel Qi Yun’s energy, so all the people who were recruited stayed behind, and tested according to the strength of their healing energy, one by one.

After changing into the hospital clothes, Qi Yun stood outside the glass wall with the others and waited. He looked at Shang Yue who was lying inside through the glass wall and had already begun to imagine the drastic change in his life that would happen after he used his abilities to save Shang Yue.

He thought that since he would save Shang Yue, he would be Shang Yue’s savior, and Shang Yue would have no reason not to be grateful to him, and he would also have the opportunity to get close to Shang Yue. When he intervened between Shang Yue and Qiu Jin, he would definitely be able to pull Shang Yue from Qiu Jin to his side. This was his strength and he would definitely be able to do it.

Since his healing energy could heal Shang Yue, it meant that Shang Yue’s physical ability did not repel him, so Shang Yue would be inseparable from him in the future. With Shang Yue’s ability and status, as well as his family background, of course he would be highly valued because he was needed by Shang Yue, and he would also have more opportunities to improve his abilities.

“Come in, No. 1.” A doctor wearing a mask said, opening the glass door and walking out.

Qi Yun was pulled back to reality from his fantasy, and with some nervousness, he followed the doctor in.

According to the doctor’s instructions, Qi Yun lay down on the operating bed next to Shang Yue. When several doctors put various instruments and catheters on his body, he turned to look at Shang Yue’s profile, and felt that even in a coma, this person was still handsome beyond words. This person, he wanted to get no matter what, this had become his strongest belief to continue to live.

The doctor who called Qi Yun in just now instructed him, “When you feel a tingling sensation of electric current, you start to activate the healing power in your body. Remember, don’t activate the attack power.”

“I know, I will never make a mistake, please rest assured.” Qi Yun solemnly assured.

Professor Cui stood next to the screen of the main unit of the instrument and signaled to the other doctors that they could start, and then focused on the values on the screen.

Qi Yun felt the numb electric current covering his whole body, so he activated the healing ability according to the doctor’s instructions. In order to prove and show the strength of his healing energy, he used all his strength to activate the healing ability from the very beginning.

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