CFCS Ch. 207.2: Apocalypse World (11)

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In order to make movement more convenient, Jing Yang took off his jacket and gave it to Li Sheng to hold it. His figure did not look as strong as Zhao Gang, but it was not those who were in good shape who had an advantage in fighting, but those who were better in fighting. Other than having a seemingly strong body, Zhao Gang had no skills at all, but he had neither self-knowledge nor did he know how powerful Jing Yang’s skills were.

Both of them got ready, Jing Yang stood still, waiting for Zhao Gang to attack first.

Zhao Gang was ready to go all out. He wanted to get the first punch and make Jing Yang lie on the ground so that he couldn’t get up, and then he would take the opportunity to maim him and avenge Qi Yun’s palm.

Zhao Gang clenched his fists and seemed to rush towards Jing Yang quickly, but Jing Yang easily avoided him. Zhao Gang staggered and almost fell to the ground. He was a little surprised by Jing Yang’s flexibility, and he became a little more careful.

When Zhao Gang rushed up again, Jing Yang kicked Zhao Gang’s stomach with force. Zhao Gang felt that he might even have kicked off his intestines. He hugged his stomach and knelt on the ground, while tears and sweat came out from his eyes at the same time.

Jing Yang stepped forward again and kicked Zhao Gang’s head with a roundhouse kick. Zhao Gang seemed to feel as if a bomb had exploded in his brain, and his brain seemed to be spattered.

Under everyone’s gazes, Jing Yang punched and kicked Zhao Gang. At first, Zhao Gang tried to stand up to resist, but he was powerless to fight back, except for howling and begging for mercy, there was nothing else he could do. He really didn’t expect Jing Yang to be so powerful, he was beaten to death without him even touching him. He was now regretful, if he knew it would be like this, he would never agree to fight Jing Yang. Now it was not two people fighting at all, but him being beaten unilaterally.

Wu Hao and the others listened to Zhao Gang’s screams and saw that Zhao Gang was kicked by Jing Yang into having a bruised nose and a swollen face, while he spit out blood. However, because the soldiers were standing beside them, although they sympathized with Zhao Gang who was punched and kicked, no one dared to step forward and pull Jing Yang away.

Zhao Gang was beaten by Jing Yang until he had a bruised nose and a swollen face. He lay motionless on the ground, unable to even shout. If it wasn’t for his chest heaving slightly, the people around him would have thought that he was beaten to death by Jing Yang. However, if he looked like this, if he was thrown out by the military now, he would definitely not be able to live.

Jing Yang finally stopped beating people and wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand after intense exercise. After resting for a while, he looked at the others and said, “According to the rules set before, now that I have won, Zhao Gang would be thrown out of the military area. Do any of you think that what I did is too cruel and shouldn’t throw Zhao Gang out of the military area who is injured like this? “

A few people were in a state of I look at you, you look at me, and after a little hesitation, some of them stood out.

Jing Yang looked at the people who stood out, nodded and said, “Very good, since you think I shouldn’t throw Zhao Gang out of the way, is there anyone willing to leave the military area instead of him? If so, I can arrange for Zhao Gang to go and get the medical treatment immediately.”

Those who stood up immediately backed away without any hesitation, and their actions were much faster than when they were standing out.

“No?” Jing Yang looked at them with a sarcastic smile and said, “If he is thrown out like this, it can be said that he will die. I will give you one last chance. Do you want to exchange with him?”

Jing Yang turned his gaze to Qi Yun and Wu Hao, who were unresponsive from beginning to end, he looked at them and said, “What did you say when you came to me to borrow money? Everyone is a friend. When it’s time to help, you should help. Right? Now that this friend of yours is dying, why is no one standing up to help this friend of yours? Sure enough, it is easier to expect generosity from others. When it is your turn, what kind of friendship, what kind of friend, it’s not as good as shit.”

Those people’s faces were not very good, they thought, how could borrowing money and borrowing a life be on a par? What was the difference between going to face the zombies outside alone at this time and going to die? Their relationship with Zhao Gang was not good enough for them to trade their own life for his.

The one who felt the most uncomfortable in his heart should be Qi Yun, but his discomfort was not because he was worried about Zhao Gang, but because he knew that Jing Yang doing this, in addition to being a tit-for-tat to take revenge on Zhao Gang, was also a demonstration against him. But he couldn’t do anything right now. Not only could he not save Zhao Gang, but he didn’t even dare to say a bad word to Jing Yang.

Jing Yang asked the soldiers to drag Zhao Gang away directly in front of everyone, and then throw him out of the military area. He wanted to let them all know that he wasn’t just pretending to intimidate them, but that he really did what he said. As for Zhao Gang’s life and death, it was not within his scope of consideration. Anyway, for him, it could be regarded as taking revenge for the original owner against one of his enemies.

“If anyone of you wants to play a game with me, I will welcome you here at any time. The conditions are the same as Zhao Gang’s. I hope you will be brave enough to challenge and won’t miss the opportunity.” Jing Yang put on his coat and went to his car without looking back. The car was then driven away.

After seeing how powerful and ruthless Jing Yang was, how could there be anyone who was not afraid of death willing to challenge him.

Since the end of the world, they had gone through such hardships to survive, and then accepted the reality and faced this world full of horrors and disasters, they did not even know whether their families were alive or not, and there was no way to contact them. Now a person who had been with them all the time was suddenly beaten to death, and then was sent to an environment full of zombies. Their mood was very complicated.

They didn’t know whether to continue to be hostile to Jing Yang, or try to please him, hoping that he would look at the past and let them live a better life with him.

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