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Yu Mo woke up from sleep, before opening his eyes, he felt the weight in his arms. He was not surprised, and familiarly hugged Chi Fang in his arms again. However, when he reached out, he felt that something was wrong. The touch on his hand was still human body temperature, but the feeling in his arms seemed to be…

He silently opened his eyes, lowered his head, and said hello to a pair of green cat eyes.

Xiaoyu shrank himself into a ball, and squeezed in between Chi Fang and Yu Mo. As soon as Yu Mo lowered his head, he flicked his tail.

Different from the skinny and small appearance when he was picked up, Xiaoyu had been raised by Chi Fang in the past few years, and had become more and more arrogant and arrogant, he even had a spoiled temper. Except for Chi Fang, even if Yu Mo wanted to touch it, it depended on its mood. In a bad mood, it would claw you—the kind where it didn’t extend its claws and only hit with the meat pad.

He didn’t know if it was because it was picked up by Chi Fang, but Xiaoyu stuck to Chi Fang to death. At the beginning, the two of them didn’t pay attention. As a result, Yu Mo just kissed Chi Fang several times and saw a pair of eyes staring at him when he turned his head. The sleek cat’s eyes were on the side, and it was hard to say whether it was curious or angry when it was staring at the two people.

Chi Fang had a thin face, and later he had to lock the door to let Yu Mo touch him. As a result, the little ancestor began to become a demon again. As soon as he locked the door, he screamed miserably at the door, until someone opened the door, and Yu Mo was annoyed that he would not give him canned food for several days.

In the end, Chi Fang coaxed three days before coaxing one person and one cat.

Yu Mo glanced at Chi Fang who was still sleeping and warned Xiaoyu not to disturb Chi Fang while he was sleeping before he got up from the bed cautiously. Both of them were now in their junior year. In the first two years of the beginning, because Yu Mo needed to study a double degree, he didn’t have much time to spend with Chi Fang. Now there were fewer courses, but… he thought of the information he received it a few days ago. Yu Mo stood in the kitchen looking at the pot with the information sent by his teacher, staring blankly.

“What do you think?” Chi Fang’s voice came from behind.

Yu Mo returned to his senses, turned his head and saw Chi Fang wearing pajamas, walking behind him in a daze, and then lying on his shoulders from behind. His sleepy hair swept across his neck, making him feel itchy. The porridge was being cooked in the pot, and although Yu Mo didn’t have the skill of Chi Fang, he still knew how to cook a porridge.

After eating, they fed Xiaoyu, and the two went to school. On the way, Chi Fang remembered that Yu Mo said that he had something to say a few days ago, but he was too busy these days, and he almost forgot about it, and now he remembered to ask Yu Mo. Chi Fang originally thought it was something trivial, but after he asked, Yu Mo hesitated and didn’t speak for a long time.

“What’s the matter?” Chi Fang was puzzled.

Yu Mo paused, and as soon as he was about to say something, Chi Fang was patted on the shoulder from behind. Chi Fang turned his head and happened to see the two classmates who were in the same dorm with them. Although he and Yu Mo didn’t usually live in the dormitory, they often stayed together in class and played ball, so they were familiar with each other.

“Hurry up or you’ll be late.”

Chi Fang smiled and nodded.

Yu Mo silently swallowed what he wanted to say. Seeing that Chi Fang still wanted to ask, he just rubbed Chi Fang’s hair and said, “I’ll talk about it after school.”

Chi Fang stared at Yu Mo with a hesitant expression.

As a result, after school, Yu Mo couldn’t speak either. Half an hour before school was going to end, Chi Fang received a text message from Pang Zifei. Pang Zifei was now the deputy captain of his team. He was very busy with training every day. He occasionally also participated in live broadcasts. The last time he made an appointment with Chi Fang was two months ago. However, Chi Fang had to accompany Yu Mo on that day, and he could not see him. If Chi Fang refused this time, it was estimated that Pang Zifei would come directly to Beijing University to fight solo with Yu Mo.

Yu Mo sent Chi Fang to the car and stood at the school gate for a while before returning to the apartment alone.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Xiaoyu sitting in the doorway. Seeing that only Yu Mo came in, Xiaoyu walked around, standing at the door and looking out. Yu Mo curled his mouth, squatted down, and rubbed Xiaoyu’s head, “Okay, he didn’t come back, it’s just me.”

Xiaoyu seemed to understand, so he meowed and avoided Yu Mo’s hand. He turned around and ran back to his bed, lying still on his stomach.

Yu Mo sighed, glanced at the cat food, and was not in the mood to make some food for himself, so he went back to the bedroom and laid down. It was just that although he laid down, his head was still in a mess, and he couldn’t fall asleep and kept tossing around. Finally, he took out his phone and pressed the message.

“The school has decided to choose you as an exchange student to study in country M for two years. The deadline is next Friday. If you have any questions, report it before that.”

Yu Mo looked at the words for two years before closing his eyes. The schools that exchanged students with Beijing University were ranked internationally. It was also a rare opportunity for Yu Mo to go to that school for further studies. But… two years.

Two years’ time meant that he couldn’t see Chi Fang every day, and there was no way to know who was around Chi Fang. Yu Mo tried to suppress the possessiveness in his heart, but as long as he thought of other people around Chi Fang, even if Chi Fang didn’t have any other feelings for that person, Yu Mo still couldn’t bear it.

When Chi Fang went home, he found that the lights at home were not turned on.

Could it be that Yu Mo didn’t come back?

Chi Fang took a look in the shoe cabinet and found the pair of shoes that Yu Mo wore in the morning. Xiaoyu kept rubbing against his feet. Chi Fang looked over and found that nothing was left in the cat food bowl. Chi Fang frowned and his eyes fell on the bedroom with the door closed.

Usually, although Yu Mo didn’t seem to have a good face for Xiaoyu, but he actually pampered Xiaoyu more than Chi Fang, not to mention, just the boxes of canned cats that Xiaoyu had and various cat snacks. Yu Mo was responsible for at least 80% of Xiaoyu’s weight.

Why today…

Chi Fang put the cat food away, and when he saw Xiaoyu lying on the side of the bowl eating cat food, he got up and went to the bedroom.

There was no light on in the bedroom, and it was dim. Chi Fang could barely see that Yu Mo was lying on the bed, motionless and didn’t know if he was asleep. Chi Fang frowned, reaching out to turn on the light.

“Don’t open it.” Yu Mo said suddenly.

Chi Fang’s movement paused, although he asked, “What’s wrong?” His hand was already released from the switch.

Yu Mo didn’t speak; Chi Fang squinted his eyes and slowly approached the bedside. As soon as he walked to the bed, the person on the bed suddenly stretched out his hand, pulled Chi Fang onto the bed, and turned himself on top of Chi Fang.

The bed was very soft, and Chi Fang didn’t hurt from falling, but his expression became more and more puzzled. If he could not feel the familiar breath of Yu Mo, Chi Fang would have thought that there was a thief at home.

“What the hell is going on with you?”

Yu Mo didn’t know what to say, he closed his eyes slightly, slowly released his strength, and gently pressed himself against Chi Fang’s body.

Or… let’s not go.

After making this decision, Yu Mo could feel the regret in his heart, but compared with the satisfaction that Chi Fang was still in his arms, it was nothing. Now that it was so decided, Yu Mo didn’t want Chi Fang to know about it. Otherwise, Chi Fang would definitely think that he was dragging his feet, maybe he would still be angry with him.

No, he would definitely be angry with him.

This decision of his own…was it really correct?

Chi Fang stretched out his hand and patted his body, “What’s the matter? Who is bullying you at the university, tell me I will help you beat him!”

Yu Mo shook his head and got up from Chi Fang, “No…”

He didn’t finish his words, when the mobile phone rang on the side, and the name of the laboratory teacher was displayed on the screen.

“Huh?” Chi Fang took a look and handed the phone to Yu Mo, “Teacher Sun’s phone.”

Yu Mo pursed his lips and answered the phone.

“Hello? Yu Mo, right? What are you thinking about being the exchange student? The name will be reported the day after tomorrow. If there is no problem, you can submit the list directly.”

Yu Mo lowered his eyes as he listened to Teacher Sun’s voice. Then he looked at Chi Fang. He paused, then realized something and said to the phone, “Sorry, I…”

Chi Fang’s eyes widened, and he pulled Yu Mo back, “What are you talking nonsense?! Hurry up and agree to it!”

Yu Mo was startled for a moment, then he realized that Chi Fang actually knew about the exchange student matter. But… Chi Fang hadn’t been unusual at all lately, as if he had agreed to exchange students for one or two days instead of two years.

“What’s wrong with you?” Teacher Sun was still asking over there.

Chi Fang gave him a bite, took over the phone, stared at Yu Mo then politely replied: “Teacher Hello, I am Chi Fang, Yu Mo accidentally fell down.”

“Well, he’s okay, the exchange student’s business is okay, sorry for troubling the teacher.”

“Okay, goodbye, teacher.”

Yu Mo quietly watched Chi Fang hang up the phone but said nothing.

Chi Fang took a deep breath and threw the phone aside, “Did you just want to refuse to become the exchange student?!”

Yu Mo nodded, but then he met the eyes of Chi Fang which showed that if he dared to admit it, Chi Fang could throw him from the window. The strong desire to survive made Yu Mo stop, but he still had some discomfort in his heart.

“Two years.” Yu Mo said suddenly.

Chi Fang was at a loss before reacting, “It’s two years, what’s the matter?”

Yu Mo looked at Chi Fang’s indifferent expression, and couldn’t help feeling low, “You…”

Wouldn’t you be sad? Won’t you miss me? Would you let me go?

There were too many words to ask, Yu Mo didn’t even know where to start.

Chi Fang stared at Yu Mo’s lost expression, hesitated for a while, and then asked, “Have you…never paid attention to the exchange student list?”

Yu Mo shook his head. Although the exchange student list had not yet been announced, you could go to the teacher and ask, and you would know the names of all the people on the list. Yu Mo didn’t care about other people, so he didn’t even ask about it.

Chi Fang curled his lips and stretched out his hand to comfort the wronged wolf dog. “This time there are seven exchange students, including Zhao Zhengguang from the School of Physics, Wu Ke from the School of Geology, Fan Ling from the School of Medicine, Wang Zijian from the School of Law, and Li Shangwen from the School of Letters. School of Computer Yu Mo, and School of Finance.” Seeing that Yu Mo finally looked up at him, Chi Fang bent his eyes, “Chi Fang.”

“So, don’t you want to go to study with me so much?” Chi Fang looked at Yu Mo deliberately aggrieved.

Yu Mo was stunned by the news. Surprise flashed in his eyes for a long while. He eagerly threw Chi Fang onto the bed and asked, “Really?”

“Well, really.” Chi Fang smiled back.

Yu Mo took a deep breath, he was unable to restrain the excitement in his heart, lowered his head to kiss Chi Fang, but Chi Fang suddenly covered his mouth. After his movements, he thought that Chi Fang was angry, but after closer inspection, Chi Fang’s eyes kept looking to the side.

Yu Mo turned his head silently and saw that Xiaoyu had slipped into the bedroom without knowing when, he squatted beside the two people, licking his paws, and looked at Yu Mo and Chi Fang with interest.

Yu Mo: … just throw this broken cat away!

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