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Yu Mo frowned and expressed dissatisfaction with his subconscious attention to Chi Fang. On the day of the first year of high school, he noticed Chi Fang. Although it was a long time two years ago, Yu Mo’s memory was very good, so he recognized Chi Fang at a glance.

It was just that Chi Fang was no different from that time. He still followed that Pang Zifei and never communicated with the people in the class.

Yu Mo gave Pang Zifei a cold glance.

Rude, loud, and ignorant… Yu Mo was able to point out a bunch of shortcomings in Pang Zifei in an instant, but what about it, Yu Mo lowered his eyes slightly, and sneered at himself in his heart.

Chi Fang only believed in Pang Zifei.

For a whole year, Yu Mo watched the two people cuddling in front of him with cold eyes. He didn’t understand the reason for the depression and dissatisfaction in his heart, so he moved away from Chi Fang more and more.

Until the second grade of high school, when he chose science, and Chi Fang followed Pang Zifei to choose liberal arts.

Maybe it would be better to leave?

Yu Mo accepted the family’s arrangement, dropped out of No. 1 middle school and went to study in M country.

He saw Chi Fang again, at a banquet a few years later. At this time, Yu Mo had already been recognized by the Yu family. The position of Yuchi Group in the business world was unshakable, and even Father Yu was showing faint signs of retiring and handing over the business to Yu Mo.

But Yu Mo refused.

He didn’t like business, and a Yuchi Group was enough for him.

In fact, according to Yu Mo’s original plan, he should have continued to develop in country M, but he chose to return to China.

The banquet was boring, and Yu Mo stood indifferently in the corner, trying to find a trace of peace. But as the person in charge of the Yuchi Group, there were always countless people around him who wanted to please him. Even though he had tried his best to hide himself, he was still found by several ladies.

The perfume on the girls was very strong, and Yu Mo hid from them for a while. His obsession with cleanliness made him quite resistant to other people’s contact. Yu Mo’s complexion became very bad, and it frightened those who wanted to get close to him.

The corner was quiet again, and Yu Mo had just eased his expression before he heard footsteps again. Yu Mo turned his head and saw a figure walking towards the corner, probably because of the quietness of this corner.

Unfortunately, there was already a master here.

Yu Mo coldly watched the person approaching, but the moment he wanted to open his mouth to drive this person away, he saw the person’s face.

It was Chi Fang.

Although several years had passed since the last meeting, Yu Mo still recognized the person in front of him.

There was a big difference between the grown-up Chi Fang from when he was a child. Those eyes that kept smiling, although they were still smiling, Yu Mo didn’t feel any happiness from Chi Fang, as if he was just smiling for smiling’s sake.

While he was in a daze, Chi Fang had already approached him.

With the same palpitations as when he was a child, Yu Mo lowered his eyes slightly and leaned in the corner. He was no longer the kid who knew nothing, and naturally understood his current mood was because of him.

He originally thought that Chi Fang would always be carefree under the protection of Chi’s family and Pang Zifei, but… the corner of Yu Mo’s eyes lightly swept to the black gloves on Chi Fang’s hand. It was obviously indoors, but Chi Fang didn’t mean to take off his gloves at all. There were also some burn scars on Chi Fang’s neck, although they were hidden by the collar.

That bastard Pang Zifei… Yu Mo’s eyes sank slightly.

He wanted to know what happened to Chi Fang, but he didn’t know how to ask. Looking at Chi Fang’s appearance, he was afraid he had forgotten him a long time ago.

After returning from the banquet, Yu Mo sent someone to find out about the Chi family. He was seriously injured in a car accident, both his parents died, his brother died tragically, and the company was almost bankrupt… Yu Mo read the information found under his hand, and the number of words were not many, but Yu Mo repeated it many times before finally letting go of the paper in his hand.

After a while, the secretary working outside the office heard a loud noise in the office.

From that day on, Yu Mo began to collect all the information of Chi Fang quietly.

He knew that Chi Fang was still living in the Chi family’s villa, although he was the only one left in the Chi family, so Yu Mo moved back to his own villa near his.

However, they had never met.

Knowing that the Chi family’s company was about to go bankrupt, he deliberately selected a few cooperation projects and went to talk with Chi Fang in person. On the way to the conference room, Yu Mo thought of several things that he would say if Chi Fang recognized him.

However, Chi Fang did not remember him.

Although Yu Mo was disappointed in his heart, he had already expected it. When Chi Fang was about to celebrate his birthday, Yu Mo personally made a gift and gave it to Chi Fang.

A secret base for the two of them.

But he did not sign the gift, nor did he tell Chi Fang his identity.

Life passed quickly, because of the birthday gift he gave, he and Chi Fang gradually became familiar with each other-but it was only limited to the Internet.

After leaving the network, Chi Fang didn’t know who he was.

Chi’s enterprise was rescued by Chi Fang. Businesses were discussing this genius who had been forbearing. Some even said that Chi Fang originally had a very high business talent, but the Chi family was not good to him, and he was not allowed to enter the company. So, he used depravity to disguise himself.

Yu Mo sneered in his heart.

That family was all about spoiling Chi Fang, and it was almost a matter of picking a star for Chi Fang.

But apart from these rumors, faint rumors about him and Chi Fang also began to appear. After all, a company that was about to go bankrupt was not worthy of Yuchi Group to bow down and cooperate with them. For Yu Mo, these rumors did not even need him to act, as long as he showed a trace of dissatisfaction, someone would deal with it.

But Yu Mo fell silent, pretending not to know.

However, during the second cooperation, Chi Fang looked at him with only gratitude.

When Yu Mo was disappointed, he was also relieved in his heart. Except for the relationship on the Internet, he and Chi Fang were just strangers. If Chi Fang hated the rumors, he would be angry with him… forget it.

Yu Mo had always had the things he wanted since he was a child, but he was restrained by Chi Fang. If he grabbed him too tightly, he was afraid of his dissatisfaction, and if he held it too loosely, he was afraid he would run away with others.

Yu Mo suppressed the desire in his heart and bound his mind to the Internet.

However, he once again heard rumors that Chi Fang was about to marry the daughter of a certain group.

In fact, to Chi Fang, these various rumors were quite normal. Chi’s corporate capital chain had been re-connected, and Chi Fang himself was young and promising, gentle and handsome, and had a good personality. For females, he was an ideal marriage candidate.

Such a person: how could no one have any ideas about him?

It was just that Chi Fang himself didn’t care about these, and the media had never found out about him having contact with any woman in private, so they could only use their own brain to make up for it. And this time, Chi and Liu families were collaborating on a project. The Liu family had no sons. Fortunately, the eldest daughter was good enough. In this project, nobody knew whether the Liu patriarch believed in the eldest daughter’s ability or had other plans. But his daughter came to talk to Chi Fang about the project.

The man was handsome, and the woman was glamorous, how could the media miss such rare material. Yu Mo’s face was slightly dark when he looked at the headlines in the news, even he felt that the pair of golden boy and girl would go to get the certificate tomorrow.

Marriage! Certificate!

Yu Mo suppressed the thought in his heart that he wanted to capture Chi Fang, and lay down on the chair, closing his eyes to ease the impulse in his heart. After a long time, Yu Mo opened his eyes, turned on his phone and opened the software he gave to Chi Fang, just in time to see the mood that Chi Fang had posted the day before.

No fish in the small pond: so noisy, wronged QAQ.

Yu Mo froze for a moment.

Speaking of it, he seemed to have indeed heard that Miss Liu was a very good person, with a good talent for studying poetry, but she was a bit too enthusiastic…

Chi Fang seemed to be quite overwhelmed with the enthusiasm of the other party.

It would be great if he was there.

Yu Mo had this thought suddenly, although it was only an instant thought, but it couldn’t be erased from his mind. If he were there, he could completely protect Chi Fang under his wings, and Yuchi Group could give him whatever cooperation Chi Fang wanted, and even if Chi Fang wanted Yuchi Group, Yu Mo didn’t care at all.

But… he might not want it at all.

Although Chi Fang in the software had become familiar with the other user, Chi Fang and Yu Mo had never spoken in reality. For Chi Fang, Yu Mo was a very good collaborator. Apart from that, Yu Mo was a stranger to him, and he had never had a conversation with him without any business interest. Under this circumstance, if Yu Mo said that he would give the Yuchi Group to Chi Fang, he would only be treated as a joke by Chi Fang, or he would be considered sick and unclear.

What if Chi Fang knew he was the one who gave the gift?

Yu Mo couldn’t help but guess whether Chi Fang would become familiar with him because of this, or would he feel that he was deceived and stay away completely?

After struggling for a few days, Yu Mo saw the message that Chi Fang had left him to read.

Chi Fang wanted to meet him.

This thought suppressed all other worries. Yu Mo allowed himself to prepare clothes, roses, and small gifts just like a young boy on his first date. He even started searching the Internet for tips on what to say when meeting with his crush.

Later, Yu Mo would also think about whether the next thing would have happened if he categorically refused at that time.

But everything still happened.

He went to the agreed place, Chi Fang’s expression was very surprised, but he quickly adjusted. For the first time, Yu Mo felt that eating was a joyful thing. The joyful mood lasted from saying goodbye to Chi Fang until… He heard the news of Chi Fang’s death.

At that moment he was at a loss, even subconsciously twitching the corners of his mouth. He wanted to tell the person who told him that this joke was not funny, but when his gaze fell on that person’s eyes, Yu Mo couldn’t say anything. The office was silent for five minutes, and the atmosphere was extremely suppressed. The back of the reporter was almost soaked with cold sweat, and he did not dare to look up at all.

“Get out.” Yu Mo squeezed two words from his throat.

The man turned his head and left without hesitation. As soon as he closed the office door, he heard a loud noise coming from inside.

Yu Mo was not invited to Chi Fang’s funeral, after all, he was not familiar with Yu Mo in the eyes of the people around him. The funeral was handled by the Chi family’s collaterals. For them, the Chi family’s sky fell once again. Yu Mo rushed to Chi Fang’s funeral, took away Chi Fang’s body in the coffin, and placed it on the ice bed that had been prepared in just a day.

Since then, the relationship between the Chi family and Yu Mo had been completely frozen, but the Yuchi Group guarded the Chi family, and no one dared to fight against the Chi Family.

It took Yu Mo a whole year to find the person who killed Chi Fang, remove all his rights and status bit by bit, and finally imprison him. He clearly knew that his emotional illness was not right, but he had no idea of seeing a doctor.

The only person he cared about was no longer there, so what could he do?

Yu Mo stood in the ice cellar in the basement, bent down slightly, and wiped away the ice mist covering the freezer little by little, not caring about his frozen purple fingers. He stared at Chi Fang seriously, his body began to become tired because he was in extremely cold temperature, his eyes became more and more unable to open, and his body, which should have been cold, began to heat up inexplicably.

If… if he could come back again… then darkness appeared in front of him, Yu Mo fell on top of the ice coffin.

When people discovered that the president of Yuchi Group was missing, and then found the villa, they only found a corpse who was starved to death, and Yu Mo, who had been frozen with the ice coffin.

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