HWBGC Ch. 14: What is this?

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Meng Han froze on the spot, Yan Leyang walked around him and entered the door.

After Yan Leyang left, Meng Han reached out and grabbed Lang Shiyi who was following him: “What is going on?”

Lang Shiyi turned his black wolf head and looked at Meng Han, who was also in half-animal form: “What do you mean?”

“Damn it, you can talk?!” Meng Han was shocked again, “How do you speak human words with such a long mouth?”

Lang Shiyi shut up. He stretched out his leg and kicked Meng Han. Meng Han staggered, and he changed from half-animal form to his animal form, and entered the door.

Meng Han was rough-skinned and fleshy, and he shouted at the top of his lungs: “Hey! Brother! What race is he!”

Yan Leyang in the room was still a little irritable, covering his mouth and nose and sitting on the ground.

“What’s going on?” Dai Zu was a little confused, “Are you in trouble again?”

“No, he should be scared.” Lang Shiyi, who came in behind, explained.

Dai Zu bent down and met Yan Leyang’s eyes. After looking at each other, Dai Zu stood up quickly, “Are you sure he was scared? Why do I think Brother Yan wants to eat me?”

Was he scared? Dai Zu recalled Yan Leyang’s eyes at that time and had reservations about Lang Shiyi’s judgment.

“He must have been frightened by the corpse, and the Komodo dragon that suddenly appeared.” Lang Shiyi was a little suspicious of Yan Leyang’s race. After all, ordinary cats should not have such rough calls.

Dai Zu waited for a while before carefully patting Yan Leyang’s back: “Brother Yan, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, just a little nauseous.” Yan Leyang waved his hand, “Just leave me alone for a while.”

Lang Shiyi glanced at Yan Leyang again but said nothing.

When Dai Zu and Lang Shiyi finished eating, Yan Leyang was still squatting there to calm down.

Yan Leyang collapsed a little. He was frightened, as the smell of blood aroused his wild nature. According to this setting, he may have to struggle between his human and animal nature.

If he accidentally failed to control it, the plot from now on might have to run down a dark road.

He himself wrote novels and knew these routines very well.

He was struggling between “being a human” and “being an animal”, and then he would push himself completely towards the animal side. His temperament would change drastically and he would become an out-and-out “hunting machine”.

Even if he could maintain his true nature after becoming a “beast”, he would not end well in the end. Batman could maintain his true nature, right? But the Dark Knight was still attacked from both sides by the Joker and the people who could not accept him.

His story was almost over.

Yan Leyang was just a little tiger who aspired to become a famous screenwriter, how could he stand up to this.

“Yan Leyang?” Lang Shiyi came over again and found that Yan Leyang not only failed to calm down, but the whole cat had turned gray, and the round black ears on his head were stuck on his forehead, turning into airplane ears.

“It’s meaningless.” Yan Leyang sighed, “My cat life is a joke.”

Looking back on his life, he didn’t count the glory days when he was in the second grade of high school. After working, he was not satisfied with his work. Every director he met had his own ideas. As a result, what he wrote was changed beyond recognition. In the end, he was criticized as a grandson by the audience.

After working as a social beast for so many years, once he transmigrated, he didn’t go to another world, there was no harem, and there was no love. Instead he almost lost control in a daze. And he might even have to go dark and start killing people here.

What a failure.

This time Lang Shiyi failed to keep up with Yan Leyang’s thinking.

“Brother Yan, it’s not that serious. We have all entered a place like this. There is no hope.” Dai Zuna was not very good at comforting people.

Dai Zu squatted next to Yan Leyang: “Think on the bright side, we are already in the worst situation now, and it won’t get any worse.”

Yan Leyang glanced at Dai Zu, and the bloody scene just now suddenly appeared in his mind.

The body was torn in half, with the minced meat and internal organs scattered on the ground, and the smell was disgusting and tempting.

Yan Leyang shook his head.

Seeing Yan Leyang’s state, Lang Shiyi subconsciously felt something was wrong. Yan Leyang shouldn’t be affected for so long by that thing.

Yan Leyang felt dazed for a while. At a certain moment, he seemed to have turned into his animal form, and he had a goat in his mouth, and he was biting the goat’s neck.

In the blink of an eye, the goat in his mouth turned into a human form, shouting for help. Because the trachea was bitten, blood came out, and the beastman who was bitten by him made a whooshing sound when he spoke.

It happened that at this time, Yan Leyang was in an excited mood.

He was a beast, he was an apex predator, it was his nature.

“I am a beast.” Yan Leyang stared into Lang Shiyi’s eyes, and Lang Shiyi was right opposite him at the moment. For a moment, Lang Shiyi felt a compelling momentum.

However, after Yan Leyang blinked twice, his aura dissipated. Yan Leyang actually cried, which even Yan Leyang himself did not expect.

It was a very strange feeling. Yan Leyang felt as if a wave of emotion suddenly came up. It was very strong, and it was so strong that it was not normal.

The crying was not beautiful, it was quite devastating and heartbreaking. It felt like a good woman suddenly realized that she was actually a courtesan, and her worldview was about to collapse.

Yan Leyang now felt that he was the only one who seemed to have failed the nine-year compulsory education. He seemed to be turning perverted and couldn’t stand up to his parents anymore.

The psychological pressure was extremely high.

“You’ve been tricked.” Lang Shiyi was hugged by Yan Leyang. Yan Leyang cried and screamed with snot and tears. To be honest, it was not like him at all, “There must be something wrong with that monitor lizard.”

It must be that some medicine or something affected Yan Leyang’s mood and amplified it. At this moment, Yan Leyang could be fierce and sad alternatively, which was obviously not normal.

As for why the giant lizard did what it did, Lang Shiyi thought of a guy – Seb.

Seb usually looked like he had a brain problem, but this guy was very smart. If this guy wasn’t careful enough and vigilant enough, he would have died in the hands of Lang Shiyi.

Seb was an out-and-out pervert, but sometimes he was extremely vigilant. Lang Shiyi had long suspected that Seb’s identity was not simple, and the most important thing was that there was the aura of Seb on the Komodo dragon’s body.

But how could this kind of medicine get into Dawn prison? I’m afraid the snake’s background is not simple either.

“I will become an emotionless killer!” Yan Leyang hugged him tighter, his tone almost breaking.

An emotionless killer? Lang Shiyi looked at Yan Leyang’s emotional complaints and felt terribly uncomfortable, and he still said: “I will become a killing machine that kills people without blood and indifference to life.” Such words.

…No, Lang Shiyi thought it was quite difficult for Yan Leyang to be stripped off his emotions.

“You can go find Seb.” Lang Shiyi suggested, “Maybe you can solve the current situation by beating him up.”

“Brother Yan, please be normal.” Dai Zu pushed Yan Leyang’s back, “I’m scared of you being like this.”

Yan Leyang was crying, and a frightening low roar came from his throat, he looked weak and scary at the same time.

He looked weak because of his appearance, but scary because of the weird aura that Yan Leyang occasionally exuded.

“What’s wrong with him?” Dai Zu asked Lang Shiyi. Lang Shiyi frowned: “It should be the problem with the giant lizard. I don’t know the details.”

Yan Leyang was still crying wildly, and the ears on his head were twitching. Lang Shiyi stared at him for a while, then he couldn’t hold it back and reached out to poke him.

This shape of the ear looked a bit like a bear’s ear, not like a cat’s.

By the way, he remembered that the cats with folded ears were said to have congenital genetic diseases. Did Yan Leyang also have folded ears? No, probably not.

But Lang Shiyi secretly tested Yan Leyang and found that he was indeed a cat.

“Why don’t you, Brother Yan, change back to your original form and take a rest?” Dai Zu sincerely suggested. The most comfortable thing for beastmen was still in their animal form.

Yan Leyang was still sobbing miserably: “No, my animal form will scare people.”

“No, no matter how big a cat is, it can only be so big. Brother Yan, it’s okay even if the cat shape and coat color are not good-looking, we don’t mind it.” Dai Zu continued to comfort him.

Yan Leyang shook his head and said nothing more.

“Did you just say that I was tricked?” Yan Leyang let go of Lang Shiyi, with tears in his eyes, sounding soft and weak, “That Komodo dragon? And Seb?”

“Well, I can help you solve this problem.” Yan Leyang only needed to take him with him when he left, but he must not say the next words under surveillance.

Yan Leyang stood up: “What kind of yin method was used?” The tip of his nose was still smelling of blood, and the ends of his eyes were red. He looked so pitiful.

“It affects your emotions and amplifies them.” Lang Shiyi tilted his head, “You feel fragile and sad right now, including the death of the beastman in front of you, which may have triggered your emotional ups and downs. This might be the effect of potions.”

“And that giant lizard had Seb’s aura on him.”

His strongest emotion now was not vulnerability. Yan Leyang took a deep breath and rolled up his sleeves: “I’m going to beat someone up.” His tone sounded a little aggrieved.

“You’d better be careful. If the potion is matching, you may become attached to him unconsciously.” Lang Shiyi felt that it was not appropriate to let Yan Leyang go alone.

Wait, was there such a potion? Dai Zu blinked twice but said nothing. After all, he was not a potion maker himself.

“It’s not attachment.” Yan Leyang was sure of this. What he felt after smelling the bloody smell was not love, but the urge to hunt.

Lang Shiyi was noncommittal.

“I’ve never felt attached to anyone.” Yan Leyang ran his hand through his hair in a somewhat irritable manner, “Is he going to attack me? I’ll beat the shit out of him today.”

His tone was still so weak, but….

The dangerous aura came again, and Lang Shiyi took a step back subconsciously. He looked at Dai Zu, and sure enough, Dai Zu’s expression wasn’t very good either.

This was a sense of oppression. Where did this sense of oppression come from?

What exactly was Yan Leyang?

For a moment, Lang Shiyi even wanted to turn around and run away. This fear engraved in his genes was something Lang Shiyi couldn’t understand.

Lang Shiyi stared at Yan Leyang’s profile. Yan Leyang still looked so…well, helpless.

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