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It was said earlier that once the special weapons and equipment are removed, the human race’s physical weaknesses would immediately appear. At this time, humans were generally seen as very weak. This was almost the consensus of all races across the interstellar.

The cubs of most races in the interstellar were also quite dangerous to humans, so generally no humans would develop in the direction of interstellar caretakers.

So, Xie Luan now stood out from the crowd.

Despite the various curious and inquiring gazes cast on him, he maintained a normal and natural look. In fact, Xie Luan was still observing the surrounding environment leisurely at this time.

The assessment location of the Star Alliance’s childcare workers was different every year. The super-large building at the designated location was built two months before the assessment.

It was a recyclable building. After use, it could be recycled by pressing a button in the control room. After recycling, it could be taken to another location for reuse.

It was equivalent to a portable and mobile building. The building material was a special substance that could easily stretch and bend. Xie Luan had always been curious about this type of building that existed in the interstellar and had only seen it for the first time today.

The young person who were being stared by the group did not respond, but this still did not reduce the surprise and interest of other people present. Many people who came to participate in the assessment with partners began to whisper to their companion next to them.

“It’s a human…?” An examinee glanced at the black-haired young man who was standing not far away, raised his elbow and hit the waist of his companion, and asked in a hesitant and uncertain tone.

At this moment, the companion also glanced towards Xie Luan. After watching for a few seconds, he finally nodded, and replied in a similar tone: “Yes.” After the conversation, the two Semites from Fennec stared at each other for a while. Each saw the surprised expressions on each other’s faces.

The Yunbao branch was a dark horse in the last Star Craft assessment. Xie Luan, as the current president of the Yunbao branch, was of course someone who was widely known.

Then someone asked this question: “It is the president of that Yunbao Branch, but isn’t he only an investor… is he also a childcare worker?”

There were not many people who really understood the situation.

After the Yunbao branch became famous, many people were surprised to find  that the president of this cub nursing branch was a human, and he was also the main investor of this branch, but they did not understand what kind of role Xie Luan played in the Yunbao branch?

“It should be that when the president has nothing to do, he came here to take the test.”

More than one person had this idea. When someone said this to the person next to him, many nearby people easily agreed with this statement.

If he just came to take the test in order to pass the time, the other party should not even be able to pass the C-level evaluation…

They were not saying that the human race was underestimated, but it was well known that human beings were indeed not suitable for the career of interstellar caretaker.

Humans had a natural disadvantage when it came to the physical abilities test. It was impossible to get a high score in that segment. It was more likely that only ordinary scores could be achieved. This shortcoming alone was enough to make the assessment of interstellar nurses very harsh for humans.

There were more whispering voices, some still reached Xie Luan’s ears, but it did not affect him.

Not long after joining the Yunbao branch, Xie Luan knew that it is very rare for humans to be interplanetary caretakers, so before coming to participate in this assessment, he had already prepared himself that he might face the current situation.

“Um… don’t you care what they say?” A young man from the Sevilla race approached Xie Luan with a shy expression.

There were too many people around who showed dissatisfaction with the young person in front of them after their initial surprise and concern. Locke felt that the other person might be shocked by the performance of other people, so he walked over and wanted to say some words of encouragement.

Before coming to this planet, he also lived on Gaia. Locke had always heard about the Yunbao Club and how it developed on his own planet, and he also admired the youth who saved the cub nursing club that was once close to being shut down.

On the other person’s head, there was a vibrating antenna-like structure, which was the racial symbol of the Sevilla race. Xie Luan remembered that the shaking frequency of the Sevilla’s tentacles represented friendliness.

“Thank you.” Xie Luan nodded to the other party. Even though he didn’t care about it, he still thanked the young man who came to say this to him.

From this thank you, he could feel that the young man in front of him was a nice person. Locke reported his name and said: “Don’t be too nervous. This is the fourth time I am participating in the childcare assessment. The contents of the first three assessments were not too different. Great, this year should be the same.”

When he took the assessment for the first time, Locke’s rating score was only a little short of being able to reach the B grade. Because it was just a little short, he continued to register for the past three years.

The problem was that it seemed to be particularly difficult to break through this gap. There had been no progress after two consecutive years of assessment. In fact, Locke was also worried about this year’s assessment and had no confidence in it.

Ten minutes before the start of the assessment, all the candidates who were to participate in the assessment of childcare workers this year were all ascertained to be present, and then the venue entered the closed mode in the last five minutes.

Like most exams, the first part of the interstellar childcare level assessment was also a written exam. Everyone followed the serial number on their number plate to find a seat in the corresponding area.

Five minutes later, with a ding-dong sound, the childcare level assessment hosted by the Star Alliance officially began this year.

After the reminder bell, the super-large building suddenly became quiet, almost to the point where even a pin falling could also be heard.

It was similar to answering a test paper, except that this test paper was not made of paper but was directly projected on the desktop like a virtual screen.

To be honest, this test question type was really familiar to Xie Luan. The paper had multiple-choice questions, true or false questions, short answer questions, and case study questions. Obviously, this wouldn’t stop Xie Luan who had rich experience in taking tests.

In the case of multiple-choice questions, some things could be selected right with only a vague memory. Pointing at the table with a finger, Xie Luan quickly answered the multiple-choice questions.

The questions in the multiple-choice part of the test were not obscure questions, on the contrary, they were all common-sense related content.

The most common question in multiple-choice questions was to ask about the preferences of the cubs of various races, like the last multiple-choice question Xie Luan just answered.

[What is the favorite color of Kesu cubs?]

[A. White B. Gold C. Rainbow D. Orange]

It was similar to this kind of content. Although it was just common sense, it was also the most important thing for a childcare worker to master.

Recalling the true or false questions a little, Xie Luan could almost be sure of being right, mainly because the short answer and the case study part took some time for him to answer.

The case study questions basically asked what should be done as a childcare worker when encountering any given situation. There was no standard answer to this kind of question.

Xie Luan picked up the electronic pen and wrote the answer in the blank box according to his own ideas. After completing all the questions, he habitually looked back and confirmed that there were no missing questions and pressed the submit button in the upper right corner.

The written test lasted for one hour. When Xie Luan finished handing in the paper, the barrier that blocked his vision near his seat was lifted, and he could see other candidates in the same examination room.

Seeing that everyone else was still answering the questions, Xie Luan was a little surprised. He found that he seemed to be the first to hand in the paper.

After the written test was over, it was the physical ability test. In this part of the assessment, Xie Luan had no suspense.

This part of the assessment of physical ability scored people in real time. The score would be announced on the virtual screen suspended in mid-air in order of top to bottom, and Xie Luan’s name appeared in the last place.

In the written test, they didn’t know the score of the other party, but at this time, seeing the physical ability test score published on the screen, many people who looked up and saw the last name showed a just as expected expression.

It was not unreasonable to say that the human race was not suitable for being interstellar childcare workers. You could see the difference from his score in this physical ability assessment which was even a bit short of the ordinary passing line.

Locke also saw his bottom score. His character of being a good guy made him walk next to Xie Luan involuntarily, but looking at the other party, he stopped talking, but after a while, he finally comforted him: “It’s okay, there are still a few tests left. As long as your other tests have higher scores, you will be able to pull up your overall score.”

Although he said that, in fact, Locke knew in his heart how unrealistic his comforting words were.

To use the scores of other tests to pull up a low score at the bottom of the list, he was afraid that at least two tests must be close to the full score in order to get back the advantage. It was too difficult even to think about it.

Xie Luan wanted to thank the other party for his concern, but he had just opened his mouth slightly and before he had time to speak, the next part of the assessment began.

The third test was the mental ability test. Every candidate had to go into a small room for testing.

There were a hundred rooms in total. The chief examiner only stayed in the middle room, and several other examiners were scattered in other rooms. In fact, they were also monitored by monitors.

“Next one.”

Without waiting for the green horizontal line for admission to light up at the door of the room, the examiner who stayed in this room first opened his mouth to inform, and after the Voma examinee in the room went out, the examiner quickly saw a dark-haired young man walk into the room.

It was the first time he saw a human participate in the assessment of childcare workers. Although Xie Luan’s actions were unavoidably a bit rusty, but he had learned about the situation on Starnet, so he first confirmed where he should go after entering the room.

But this year’s chief examiner was of the goblin race, and he was very impatient at this time. By the time Xie Luan had confirmed everything, he had already knocked on the table with the presbyopic glasses he took off the bridge of his nose, pointed to the transparent crystal ball in front of him, and said: “Put your hands here and enter your mental power.”

Xie Luan walked over and did the same, putting his hands on the floating transparent crystal ball in front of him, but Xie Luan hesitated at the step of inputting spiritual power.

How much mental power needed to be inputted?

He originally wanted to ask the examiner but seeing that the examiner in the front seat was wiping his round glasses, it seemed that he didn’t want to take the time to answer his questions. Xie Luan swallowed the question that was about to come to his lips back.

The examiner lowered his head and wiped his round glasses with a gold chain. After experiencing many procrastinating candidates, this green-skinned goblin examiner was not in a good mood.

This year’s candidates were really worse than the previous year’s. Everyone was procrastinating and procrastinating. Didn’t they know that time is money!

Still lowering his head, at this moment, the examiner seemed to hear a very light and crisp sound in his ear, but he continued to wipe his glasses with a cloth without paying much attention.

After waiting, he realized that the clicking sound was repeated twice. The examiner realized that it was not an illusion, and the next second–

“Bang–!” It was like the sound made by a small explosion. The examiner shook his reading glasses.

He hurriedly put his glasses on the bridge of his nose and raised his head. Seeing that the crystal ball was lying on the ground torn apart, such that the original shape of the transparent crystal ball could not be seen at all, the examiner was stunned.

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