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Pressed against the car door by Xie Lin, bursts of coolness spread to Fu Yuanzhou’s body through the thin fabric of the summer school uniform, but it seemed that it was not as sharp as the slightly cool temperature on the back of his neck.

Xie Lin’s fingertips lingered slightly on the healed bite mark. He did not speak, and suddenly let him go after a while, pulling Fu Yuanzhou into the car, and until they got home, he kept on holding Fu Yuanzhou’s wrist and did not let go.

From the beginning to the end, Fu Yuanzhou was in a trance. The words Xie Lin said just now were so shocking that he could not believe it.

He did not notice the communication between Xie Lin and the driver, nor did he notice that the car did not stop in front of his house, but in the courtyard of Xie Lin’s house.

Xie Lin pulled him out of the car. He followed Xie Lin in a daze and entered the door of the house. It wasn’t until the cold spray fell on his face that he suddenly recovered and shouted, “It’s so cold! What… …”

He dodged subconsciously. Xie Lin held his shoulders to prevent him from hiding and sprayed him from head to toe with a spray and did not let him go until he was completely sprayed. Then he put the bottle aside and replied: “Pheromone Dispelling agent.”

The mint smell belonging to Yuan Ye quickly dissipated, but Xie Lin’s expression still did not perk up.

Fu Yuanzhou’s heart was overwhelmed. After his rebirth, he lacked sufficient knowledge of the ABO genders, but he also knew that the marking behavior represented Alpha’s possessiveness to his partner, so Xie Lin meant…

Xie Lin sat on the sofa, looking upright and graceful, and he kept looking at Fu Yuanzhou who was standing there, and said quietly: “Come here.”

If Xie Lin had called him like this in the past, Fu Yuanzhou would have ignored him right away, but at this moment he felt that Xie Lin was strange and dangerous, and he dared not ignore him. He stepped back a little bit and said, “Let’s talk about it later, my family is going to have dinner soon.”

After that, he ran away, but the room was too big, and he couldn’t outrun Xie Lin. He was overtaken before he reached the door. Then his whole person was hugged by Xie Lin from behind, and the charming red wine smell became prominent again.

When he perceived the smell, Fu Yuanzhou started feeling dizzy and weak, his voice trembling: “Xie Lin, don’t… say if you have something to say…”

“I just wanted to have a good talk with you.” Xie Lin said, “But are you going to listen?”

“I will listen, I will listen, you let me go first.”

Fu Yuanzhou begged him for mercy, but what he thought of doing after being let go was to run immediately, but Xie Lin knew him. Hearing what he said, instead of loosening his hands, he tightened his hands more and more while whispering in his ear.

“There are some things you want to be heard by your parents?”

Fu Yuanzhou immediately became honest.

He obediently followed Xie Lin back to the living room and sat on the sofa properly. Xie Lin sat face to face with him, and after looking at him for a moment, he said, “You should know what I’m going to say.”

Fu Yuanzhou’s scalp had gone numb, and he had already guessed in his heart when he thought of all the things that happened before. He was not ignorant of the matters of love.

If Xie Lin was a girl, he would have noticed it earlier, but Xie Lin was not, he was his friend, his brother, because of this, he did not think about other aspects, even if Xie Lin asked him if he wanted to date, he would only feel that Xie Lin was stunned by the heat of estrus, but both of them were very sober just now.

Xie Lin knew what he was talking about, and he heard everything too.

“I don’t like the smell of others on your body, and I don’t like you being close to others.”

Xie Lin’s voice was low and slow. His pupils were very dark, almost pure black, with a fair complexion, and he didn’t laugh often, which made his eyebrows look very cold, but at this moment it was tinged with light, like a fire, which made Fu Yuanzhou feel hot in his heart.

“No matter what gender, no matter who it is, as long as it can attract your attention, I don’t want them to have more contact with you.”

“What I want is the most important position in your heart.”

Fu Yuanzhou whispered: “You are almost…”

“Not enough.” Xie Lin stared at him, “I want you to value me more, and even love me, because I—”

The sound from a mobile phone suddenly interrupted Xie Lin’s voice. It was a request for a video call, which originated from his parents who were far away abroad.

After a short silence, Xie Lin stretched out his hand to the phone and was about to hang up the call, but Fu Yuanzhou grabbed the phone first, quickly connected to the video, raised his smiley face and greeted the couple over the camera.

“Good evening, uncle and aunt-oh, it’s daytime on your side, I should say it’s good noon.”

“Hello, Xiaozhou, you have become more handsome again after a few days of not seeing you.”

Xie Lin’s parents laughed as they liked him very much. So, seeing him they were even happier. Fu Yuanzhou held his mobile phone and included Xie Lin in the picture. Xie Lin glanced at him and nodded to his parents, “Dad, Mom.”

“Have you all had dinner? Today was the first day of school, wasn’t it? Was it a little uncomfortable?”

The two elders asked about the trivial matters of the children’s life and cared about them. Fu Yuanzhou answered all their questions one by one. It seemed that everything was normal, but his fingertips were still trembling a little.

At that moment, he was extremely nervous, for fear that Xie Lin would confess to him, but fortunately he was interrupted by Xie Lin’s parents.

Although the atmosphere at that time was almost the same as a confession, but the word “like” hadn’t been said yet, and the feeling was different. If Xie Lin really said it, he really wouldn’t know how to face him in the future.

In the end, he was still saved…

Fu Yuanzhou’s mind just flashed with this thought, but his body immediately froze, and he looked at Xie Lin in disbelief.

Xie Lin looked as usual, but he had stretched his hand behind his back and was stroking his waist.

That too in front of his parents.

Fu Yuanzhou’s hand shook for an instant, and the phone almost fell from his hands. Xie Lin grabbed his hand and held the phone steady for him. The red wine-flavored pheromone was quietly released.

Damn, beast!

Fu Yuanzhou lowered his head in grief and anger, not wanting his elders to see his face suddenly turning red. He underestimated Xie Lin, so he could still use this shameless way to retaliate against him for connecting the video call just now.

He quietly pinched Xie Lin’s thighs. Xie Lin didn’t move. His hands had been moved to his back. The pheromone belonging to an Alpha had become more and more obvious, maintaining a subtle concentration, which not only made Fu Yuanzhou’s forehead sweat and breathe faster, but also made him want to call out.

“Why did Xiao Zhou bow his head?”

Xie Lin’s parents could only see the back of Fu Yuanzhou’s head in the video and asked curiously. Xie Lin looked down at him and said calmly: “His shoelaces are open.”


Fu Yuanzhou bent down and was so angry that he pinched Xie Lin’s legs. Xie Lin held down the back of his hand, clasped his fingers, and gently rubbed the palm of his hand.

The two elders could not see their overlapping hands in the video, and they smiled and talked to their children: “We will come back the day after tomorrow, and your aunt and Yu Fei will also be back on the weekend. At that time, we can finally get together.”

Xiaofei was going to return home?

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