TBLF Extra 18 (Ch. 118.1): Healing Angel × Apocalypse Boss

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It had been more than 30 years since the virus leaked on Earth, which caused a zombie outbreak.

Over the past 30 years, the earth, once highly developed in science, technology, economy and civilization, had become a playground for zombies. Death and fear had enveloped this land, and human beings had become the weakest existence.

Humans once thought that they would become extinct.

However, principles of natural selection and survival of the fittest saved them again. At the same time that the virus leaked and caused global changes, part of humanity also changed. These were the guardians of the earth, who could contend with the zombies-the supernaturalists.

The supernaturalists or ability users had awakened the five elemental abilities, not only did they have abilities relating to the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, but also their life span had been doubled. Whether they used to be students or office workers, cleaners or white-collar elites, as long as they had awakened an ability, they would automatically become a member of the Guardian Alliance and fight to protect the earth.

Qi Ying was among the first group of supernaturalists to awaken when the apocalypse came.

She had a water type superpower.

At that time, she was still in high school. At the beginning, her abilities made her family members respected and protected. She quickly became a member of the alliance and was divided into a group with other schoolmates with awakening abilities and started the road to survival in the last days.

However, as time passed, everyone discovered that Qi Ying’s abilities did not get upgraded. She was able to squeeze a tea pot of water from her fingertips at the beginning, but after so many years, she still could only squeeze out a tea pot of water.

After the squeeze was finished, it was gone, and her ability could not be used for the whole day. She could only continue to squeeze the water the next day after recovery.

In the apocalypse, resources were scarce, food and water sources were contaminated, and water could only be provided by the water element ability users. As a result, the water Qi Ying could provide was not enough for her to drink alone.

After so many years, other ability users around her were constantly upgrading and becoming stronger. The school girl who had awakened her abilities a few years later than her was now even able to use her ability to drain the moisture in the air to encircle her enemies. Only her, from the beginning until now, could only squeeze out a little water, which was useless.

The other supernaturalists in the team looked down on her and called her a useless trash. If the captain had not been the senior who had a crush on her in high school, and suppressed the dissatisfaction in the team, Qi Ying would have been expelled long ago.

It was another action to encircle and suppress zombies.

Because of the team members’ mistakes, they alarmed nearby zombies when they evacuated. Qi Ying, who stayed at the exit to meet her teammates, watched as the zombies chased the injured teammates, but there was no way to stop them. She tried her best to use her ability to stop them, but she could only squeeze out a little bit of water.

Seeing that one of her teammates was about to be captured by the zombies, Qi Ying didn’t even hesitate to jump on them. She planned to be a physical shield for her teammate. Fortunately, the captain arrived in time and saved both of them.

The teammate’s leg was bitten in half and was taken away for emergency treatment. Once she returned to the team, it was indeed the whole team’s mockery and complaint that greeted Qi Ying.

Qi Ying did not give an excuse. She was used to such difficult and hard days.

But in the apocalypse, who didn’t work hard?

In the apocalypse, materials were scarce, and everyone was rewarded according to how much they had contributed. She was the weakest, so she was paid the least, and got the least food.

She had never eaten enough.

She had long forgotten the taste of strawberry candy that she liked to eat back then.

The captain sent his teammate to the medical station. When he came back, he saw that the team members were bullying Qi Ying again. He immediately said angrily: “Shut up! If Xiao Shui’s actions had not mistakenly alarmed the enemy, how could she be injured! If you want to blame, blame her. Be careful, that I don’t throw you out!”

The team members gave Qi Ying who was standing in the corner a fierce look, and reluctantly left.

When everyone was gone, the captain walked over and said to the little girl who had hung her head and curled up into a ball and said, “Xiao Shui is okay. She just needs to have a rest for a while. You were also frightened this time. You won’t be on a mission anymore.”

Qi Ying slowly raised her head, her eyes were a little red, but she didn’t cry, she pursed her lips and smiled at the captain: “Okay.”

The captain took out a compressed biscuit from his pocket and handed it to her: “Don’t worry about the food, I will give you my share.”

Qi Ying watched the biscuit, and after a long time, she whispered: “Captain, I have decided to quit the league.” She smiled, her voice soft, with the sweetness of strawberry candy, “I can do anything. Staying would only drag you down. I want to go home.”

The captain frowned and said: “If you are an ordinary human, it would be more difficult to obtain resources, you…”

Qi Ying shook his head: “It doesn’t matter, there will always be a way.”

She did not take the compressed biscuit, and after bowing farewell to the captain, she walked out without hesitation.

In the alliance base, people came and went, and everyone continued on living stubbornly and firmly. First, she took her identity card to the center to log out her files as a supernaturalist. When she walked halfway, the secret weapon store not far away suddenly exploded, like being struck by thunder and lightning, causing sparks to splash and black smoke to come out.

Qi Ying glanced there a few times, and heard the crowds around her discussing:

——Is the boss out of control again?

——It must be! Fuck this time, this reaction is bigger than last time. If this continues, will the boss blow up the entire base someday.

——Hey, if you want to wear the crown, you must bear its weight. With a lightning power that is more powerful than everyone, you have to endure the side effects of upgrading too quickly.

——This is really a fixed time bombing, the military just lets him lose control?

——I heard that the military has recently ordered to recruit people from all over the world who can suppress the side effects of the big boss. Whether it is an ordinary doctor, a scientist, or a supernaturalist who can heal by their water power, as long as they can cure the boss, they can live without worrying about food and clothing for the rest of their life, without having to do anything, the military would be their biggest protective umbrella!

——Wow, the welfare is so good? Then I have to give it a try.

——Go, let’s go, let’s go together, you can try it anyway, if it’s done, then it would be great!

The group of people walked towards the military base as they talked. Qi Ying had just listened to their few words casually. Hearing the words “they could live their life without worrying about food and clothing”, she touched her groaning belly and thought for a moment. Anyway, it didn’t take long to give it a try, so she walked behind that group of people.

In addition to the five elements abilities of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, there were two other variant super abilities, the thunder type and the wind type.

The Thunder Element was the most powerful existence among all supernaturalists, and it was not an exaggeration to say that this ability was the destroyer of the world. Qi Ying had heard of the big man in their mouth. He was the only lightning-type superpower in the alliance and the highest-level and most powerful lightning-type superpower within the scope of mankind’s knowledge.

Powerful was powerful, but because the ability was upgraded too quickly and the side effects were too large, there was a 50% chance of him getting out of control every time he used the ability. He was respected and feared, every time others saw him, they were frightened.

When she walked into the base, the water element supernaturalists were putting out the fire.

However, there was visible thunder and lightning attached to a building outside, flickering and bursting with a crackle, and the whole building was surrounded by thunder and lightning.

The military stood around, with solemn expressions, and no one dared to step forward.

A man in a white coat was scorched and carried out on a stretcher. Qi Ying heard the military say: “This is also a failure. Don’t send someone in. If he loses control and takes his life, it is difficult to explain.”

The people around who were eager to try heard what the military said. They all dispelled the idea and didn’t dare to step forward. Qi Ying pursed her lips and took a step forward. She said, “I’ll try.”

The military men turned their heads and saw that it was a little girl, so they frowned.

Qi Ying plucked up the courage and said: “I am a water ability user, I want to try it.”

The person in the military uniform replied: “He has been out of control for half an hour, and we don’t know what’s going on inside now. If you go in, your life may be in danger.”

Qi Ying nodded: “I know, I still want to give it a try.”

The people around looked at each other, and finally the person said: “Be careful. If it doesn’t work, then quickly withdraw.”

Qi Ying put on the equipment and under everyone’s gaze, she step by step approached the building surrounded by thunder and lightning.

That crackling and flashing thunder and lightning looked terrifying, but as she walked in, they did not fall on her. Probably the boss was trying hard to control himself. She listened to the instructions in the headset and walked to the room at the end of the second floor.

Before she got closer, she heard a cold and fierce voice inside: “Get out of here!”

The thunder and lightning at the door was especially severe, almost intertwined to form a power grid, showing a dangerous light.

Qi Ying clenched her small fist, moved closer, and then closer, until she reached the door and looked at the man sitting on the floor in the room through the flashing power grid.

He spoke again: “Get out! Don’t you understand!”

When he got angry, the lightning grew stronger and almost splashed on her. Qi Ying smelled the scorching smell of her hair and was very scared, but she still mustered the courage and said, “Hello, I am a water ability user, and I have no other intentions.”

She didn’t know if it was her illusion, she felt that the lightning around her seemed to weaken a little.

She sat down at the door from a safe distance and continued: “Although I am useless, after so many years, I have only one power. I can’t even kill a zombie. I would only hinder my teammates, but the water I squeeze out is very good. It is very sweet on drinking, would you like to taste it?”

She finished speaking in one breath, waiting nervously for the boss’s response.

After a few seconds, the grid at the door suddenly disappeared.

At the same time, all the surrounding lightning disappeared, and the man in the house stood up from the ground, turned around and looked at her: “Yes.”

Qi Ying breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly walked in and saw a teapot placed on the table in front of the window. She took it as a container and started running her ability to squeeze water from his fingertips.

But she forgot that she had already used the ability when she had gone out with her teammates today.

Now she tried her best and couldn’t squeeze a drop of water out.

After busying for a long time, Qi Ying looked up at the grim-faced man awkwardly: “I’m sorry…I can’t squeeze it out today, will it work tomorrow?”

The man stared at her for a while, then nodded: “Okay.”

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