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Naturally, Yin Xiaomei couldn’t admit to this kind of thing, and the so-called “goddess rainy night cheating in the car” was also ignored because of Sean’s super-powerful tackling. Most people suspected that this was just a two-stone strategy by Sky Group to promote their new products, and they were all cheated.

However, even though they were fooled, they felt that it didn’t matter. After all, the show business had always been fictitious, who could say something was real clearly! On the day of the new product launch, it was overcrowded, and a series of cameras were aimed at the beautiful and pure little woman on the stage, wishing to seize all her beautiful moments. Zhang Xiangyi looked at Yin Xiaomei on the stage, his eyes full of infatuation. Oops, Xiaomei is like an angel descending to the world, how could there be such a beautiful woman in the world? He didn’t live in vain if he could see her.

For a person like Zhang Xiangyi who had a strong bent in terms of feelings, Yin Xiaomei’s pure and innocent appearance could completely make him forget what a bad child she was. Even though the saying went that three year old fixes eighty[1], the bad child Yin Xiaomei in Yin Zhefei’s eyes had undoubtedly become the incarnation of love and beauty, wisdom and morality in Zhang Xiangyi’s eyes.

Assistant A Xiang came up and said, “Daddy, Mr. Yin just called to ask us how we are preparing for the promotion of the slimming series!”

Zhang Xiangyi was dazed and said slowly: “What slimming series?”

A Xiang sucked in a breath. Then he breathed a sigh of relief: “Did you forget?!” God, it turned out that he had forgotten. He thought that Daddy had already made a comprehensive plan, and he was confident!

Zhang Xiangyi’s mind, which was completely occupied by beauty, finally showed a trace of clarity, his face immediately became a little white, and his hands began to tremble-he really forgot! But facing A Xiang’s hopeful expression, he had to bite the bullet and say: “I have already thought of an idea, you…you can rest assured…”

“Really? Great!” A Xiang breathed a sigh of relief. “I think you will never forget your dedication. Then, should I call for a meeting tomorrow.”

“No…no,” Zhang Xiangyi had sweat on his forehead. “I’m still thinking about its feasibility.”

“Okay,” A Xiang said with a smile, “but you have to hurry up, Daddy, Mr. Yin is already urging us!”

Zhang Xiangyi was almost falling into the abyss; how could he forget this! Because of the appearance of Yin Xiaomei, he was full of thoughts about how to please her, and completely forgot about the promotion of that set of slimming products. There were seven or eight bottles of that product in a set. Who would buy so many at once? This kind of strange product, only Yin Zhefei would think it had market value. Zhang Xiangyi’s heart was in a mess, all kinds of things got together, and he couldn’t figure it out for a long time.

He was scratching his head here. The press conference was nearing its end. A group of people left surrounded by Yin Xiaomei. He stood there a little lost. It was really unlucky. Looking at the posture, how could he ask her about it? The bear-like man fell into infinite sadness, and immediately left the thing about slimming products behind him.

“Bandit,” Yin Zhefei walked over and patted him on the shoulder, with a rare smile on his always stern face. He was in a very good mood, and he was very satisfied with the effect of tonight’s publicity.

“What are you doing.” Zhang Xiangyi didn’t look at him, a little awkwardly.

“There is a celebration party in the evening, won’t you go? My sister will also go.” He especially emphasized the word “sister”.

“I have something else.” He answered bluntly.

Yin Zhefei sighed: “Xiangyi, are you still unwilling to believe me? I specially arranged for the two of you to sit together tonight! Don’t let me work in vain.”

Zhang Xiangyi’s face became dark and red again: “He …Sit with her?!”

“Yeah, if you have anything you want to tell her or ask her, you can do it tonight. Xiangyi, we are brothers, and your business is mine.” He said very sincerely, “I hope you can stop doubting me.”

Zhang Xiangyi hesitated for a moment before nodding.

At the celebration banquet, Zhang Xiangyi sat next to Yin Xiaomei, as cautiously as a lady of the boudoir, he just needed two braids for him to twist between his fingers. Yin Xiaomei didn’t notice anything, she smiled and said, “Brother Xiangyi, what do you want to eat, I rarely eat Chinese food, so I don’t know much.”

Zhang Xiangyi didn’t even dare to look at her at all, blushing, and said: “Whatever.”

“Then, just bullwhip soup[2]!” She looked at the menu hesitantly!

“No way, no way,” everyone was so scared that they waved their hands and explained, “That’s stinky, it doesn’t taste good!”

In case the media caught the goddess drinking bullwhip soup, Sean would definitely be angry again.

“Ah, it’s troublesome, please order!” Yin Xiaomei was frustrated in the first battle and simply pushed the menu to others. Zhang Xiangyi hung his head in embarrassment, looking as if he planned to maintain this position until the end of the banquet.

“Brother Xiangyi? What’s the matter with you?” Xiaomei couldn’t help but ask him after seeing his weird behaviour.

“It’s okay…” Damn, he couldn’t speak sitting so close to her. He looked at Yin Zhefei as if for help, who was chatting happily with A Zhong on the side. He secretly scolded himself twice, A Fei provided him with such a good opportunity, how could he be so spineless. He turned to Yin Xiaomei, only to glance at her white and clean face and his heart beat wildly. He opened his eyes and stammered: “Xiaomei…I want to… ask you something…”

“Huh?” Seeing her looking at him with wide-opened eyes, Zhang Xiangyi felt for a moment that he had become a piece of cork in the one-hundred-thousand-volt voltage system.

“That… is the scandal in the previous days, you and A Fei…”

Yin Xiaomei blushed instantly, how could it be possible to admit that Yin Zhefei ate her tofu for some reason! She flushed immediately and roared: “Of course it is a rumor!”

Yin Zhefei, who seemed to be chatting with A Zhong happily on the other side, suddenly loosened the nervous expression on his face, but soon became gloomy again.

“Ho ho… I knew it must be a misunderstanding.” Zhang Xiangyi also breathed a sigh of relief, feeling like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders, and smiled very happily, “Then… do you think I have changed?

“Haha, you shaved your beard, I saw it a long time ago, it’s still more handsome like this!” Xiaomei’s serious words caused Zhang Xiangyi to swell up with happiness in an instant. Naturally, he didn’t know that this little woman was good at coaxing when she was in a good mood which made people happy.

The banquet went on in this cordial and friendly atmosphere.

Zhang Xiangyi was feeling both moved and guilty when he thought of Yin Zhefei. They were really buddies. He didn’t mind the misunderstanding at all and provided him with such an unselfish opportunity. He became more courageous, and talked to Xiaomei about the past, making her laugh so hard that the feeling between the two of them heated up instantly.

A Zhong also noticed the situation there and couldn’t help but smile at Yin Zhefei with a smirk: “Daddy has attacked! It looks good! Professor Yin is going to have a younger brother-in-law soon!”

Yin Zhefei heard the words and looked in their direction. He saw that Zhang Xiangyi was saying something in Yin Xiaomei’s ear, leaning very close, and something immediately pulled in his heart. Suddenly, there was an urge to smash the body of his old friend of many years. He hurriedly closed his eyes, only to think that the scene before him was dazzling.

“Professor, what’s the matter, your face is so bad?” A Zhong couldn’t help shivering when he saw his fierce look.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Yin Zhefei attributed his feelings to his unwillingness to marry off his sister, although he himself felt that such an explanation was far-fetched.


Zhang Xiangyi easily weathered the scandal, and immediately started beckoning to prepare for the marketing of slimming products. But no matter how the design was, if a beauty in the advertisement held a lot of products in her arms, it looked a bit nondescript after all!

It’s not like she was going to the vegetable market to buy groceries!

“Can’t you develop a all-in-one product?!” He cried at Yin Zhefei.

“Of course not,” said the man in a white coat, pushing the silver-framed glasses on his nose calmly. “All-in-one products have many disadvantages, just like the combination of scrub effect and facial cleanser, as a daily care for the skin. It hurts a lot.”

“But women don’t care about this, you just need to tell them that they will be beautiful after using this.” He raised his hand in frustration and surrendered.

“I won’t do things that break my own credibility.” Yin Zhefei responded coldly. He didn’t want to admit that he was unhappy when he saw Zhang Xiangyi now, “Moreover, the effect of this product is indeed 20%-50% better than the general weight-loss products on the market. I have confidence in it.”

The distressed Zhang Xiangyi was scratching his head and thinking about it, when Yin Xiaomei walked in: “Brother Xiangyi? What’s the matter with you?! You look so depressed!”

“Xiaomei, why are you here.” He stood up quickly and raked his hair awkwardly, hoping to look neater.

“Dad is back, I had to discuss school matters with him,” she looked at her watch, “he should be coming soon.”

Zhang Xiangyi ‘s heart seemed to have stopped beating. Yin Ruoji was back?! But he hadn’t come up with a feasible plan at all! He had bragged a lot in front of A Xiang before, so now he had no face to ask the people in the department for advice!

“What’s the matter with you, are you uncomfortable?” He looked like he was about to vomit.

“It’s okay,” he sat down slowly, and suddenly looked as if he saw a savior, “Xiaomei, can you help me figure out a solution, look at this slimming product, how can you make everyone feel that it is effective and buy it willingly? “

Yin Xiaomei took the product and saw that there were about seven or eight weight-loss matching items on it, frowning: “This! I can’t think of anyone willing to spend so much money on such a large number of things if they had any brains! The products should have been combined into one.” He finally found a soul mate, so he began to complain.

“However, it is not impossible. I think you can engage in an audition or something, find a fat girl, and let her use this product to lose weight successfully, and arrange the process into a continuous advertisement. The effect should be good.” She said her thoughts, but this method was undoubtedly very risky. After all, the continuous broadcast of advertisements needed to be supported by money.

However, Zhang Xiangyi’s eyes were already bright, and he exclaimed in surprise: “Great, this is really a wonderful idea!” He reaped unexpected advantage. He couldn’t hold it back for a while, and he took Xiaomei and turned her around in a circle: “You are so amazing! Thank you!” He knew that his eyes could not be wrong.

Xiaomei screamed, giggling, “Brother Xiangyi, let me down quickly, I am no longer a kid!” Except for Yin Zhefei, she was still not used to other men being so close, but because it was Zhang Xiangyi, she allowed it. After all, she had known him since childhood, so she was not very angry.

Zhang Xiangyi quickly let go of her, and smiled: “I’m sorry, I got so excited.” His face flushed, “If this time things succeed, I must treat you to dinner.”

In Zhang Xiangyi’s view, the audition was just a formality. He already had an excellent candidate in his heart. After all, he had one of the fat girls. Although the weird girl King Kong rarely harassed him now, he had done so many things for her. He should also let her come over and contribute.

He also begged Yin Xiaomei to talk about details and the creative process, and the two people talked very harmoniously.

At this time, Yin Zhefei, who was hiding outside the door, was panting nervously and inexplicably because he saw the scene of the two embracing and reacted as if seeing something very indecent.

How could they develop so quickly! Could it be that Xiaomei had accepted him?! Impossible, she never said that she was interested in Zhang Xiangyi! Yin Zhefei’s head seemed to be hollowed out. He suddenly realized that he seemed to have done something very stupid.

And Zhang Xiangyi got such a good idea and was already excited to contact the “monster” he hadn’t seen for many years.

He believed that with Yin Zhefei flying around, the “monster” would never reject him.

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[1] From the character and personality traits revealed by a three year old, one can infer that he will have similar traits as an eighty year old.


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