YXBG Ch. 36: Audition

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Yin Ruoji appreciated Zhang Xiangyi’s proposal. He felt that it had been difficult for the company to promote their products in recent years. Even if this proposal was a risk, it was still a good way.

With Yin Ruoji’s approval, things were arranged immediately, and they began to advertise in various women’s magazines and websites. Everyone had the love of beauty, and soon a large number of girls came to sign up. Zhang Xiangyi’s face was full of flowers. In his opinion, these were undoubtedly potential consumers of the product!

For this reason, he admired Xiaomei more and more, and insisted that she also help in the selection. Xiaomei also liked this kind of activity very much, so the two people often got together, muttered and laughed.

Yin Zhefei’s heart was sinking deeper and deeper, and now the laboratory was always overwhelmed with melancholy and everyone had reached a consensus: It was best not to mess with Professor Yin recently, otherwise they would die miserably! However, there were still unfamiliar people. For example, Xiangyi, he saw that the relationship between him and Yin Xiaomei was getting more and more harmonious, and he always had to blow in Yin Zhefei’s ear: “Boss Yin must be optimistic about me and his sister, and the flower of your family is about to be inserted in the rough cow dung of this father!”

Yin Zhefei silently agreed with the last sentence in his heart.

He couldn’t find the reason for his panic, so he had to boil it down to fear that Yin Xiaomei would be disadvantageous to Zhang Xiangyi. But over time, this reason had become more and more precarious. It was ridiculous, Xiaomei was also past the age of mischief, where could it be disadvantageous to Zhang Xiangyi?

Here he frowned all day long, but over there, the audition was in full swing. Although it was said that a fat girl had to be selected, but the steps were far from easy-first of all, she must not have been born obese, and then they had to collect photos of the girls. Simulate what they would look like after losing weight and select girls with good photogenic effects. Then, gather the girls that meet the facial requirements, check their bone size, and how much room they had to lose weight, and then identify a few appropriate models. Later, they had to choose the most suitable one from the few girls who came out in the final decisive battle.

But Zhang Xiangyi felt that everything he had prepared now was just a form. After all, he had a “heavyweight” player in his hands!

Lu Xianxian had agreed to Zhang Xiangyi’s invitation, which made Zhang Xiangyi think she was really a very interesting guy! He quickly eagerly told Yin Zhefei the news: “Xianxian has promised to come over and give it a try, how about it, even you two can meet again!”

“…” Yin Zhefei stared at him for a long time and said nothing.

“Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous, I am not just teasing you, I can really provide that dominatrix! Don’t worry, brother-in-law will help you carry this kind of thing in the future.” He smiled and patted Yin Zhefei on the shoulder, indicating that everyone will be a family in the future.

Yin Zhefei was not touched by his loyalty at all. He threw this noisy guy out under the pretext of doing experiments.

At the airport, Zhang Xiangyi and A Xiang were waiting for Lu Xianxian’s arrival. A Xiang couldn’t help but gossip: “Daddy, tell me what that woman looks like!”

Zhang Xiangyi glared at him, then looked away after a while. The tone of the ghost story came out with a low voice: “After a while you will feel a big earthquake tremor, and your heart will tremble with it, and then you will find a Godzilla in the crowd wearing a pink suit! Of course, this Godzilla would even talk in a Sailor Moon accent!”

A Xiang’s back chilled when he heard it: “I’m afraid, Daddy…”

“Of course, I’m afraid of nothing!” There seemed to be tears flashing across the corner of Zhang Xiangyi’s eyes. “But I’m also afraid.”

“Then…you still came to pick her up in person?” A Xiang asked cowardly.

“Otherwise, let Yin Zhefei come? I’m afraid that he will be on the spot when that guy appears. Now I am his brother-in-law, of course, I have to think about my brother-in-law!” He couldn’t help smiling triumphantly when he thought of sweet Xiaomei.

“Ah, how far have you and Fiona developed?!”

“Idiot! Of course, this kind of thing has to be done gradually, but I think it should be inevitable, you just wait to drink at my wedding!”

“But Boss Yin Zhefei doesn’t seem to be too happy.” Thinking of Yin Zhefei’s gloomy face, A Xiang told the truth.

“He has always been like a dead fish, he must be happy in his heart!” Zhang Xiangyi grinned. His beard was cleanly shaved, and his top was green. He was so dazzled by love that he didn’t have any extra brains to think about Yin Zhefei.

Lu Xianxian’s plane was late, but it didn’t affect the two people who were chatting hotly here. On the contrary, it created an infinite horror prelude for them.

The plane finally arrived late, Zhang Xiangyi and A Xiang were like two ducks with their necks stretched long, looking for the traces of a female Godzilla.

“Daddy I can’t see anybody like you said!” A Xiang drooled, as most of the women that came out from inside, were dressed in fashionable clothes and were very good-looking, and the earth did not tremble as they walked towards him. He held a big sign and kept waving it. Zhang Xiangyi couldn’t find anyone, but her phone was turned off when he called her.

This woman didn’t turn on her cell phone even after getting off the plane!

“Damn! This woman won’t be caught by aliens back to Mars on the plane, right!” Zhang Xiangyi muttered.

“Who did you say was abducted back to Mars.” The cold female voice was close to his ears.

Zhang Xiangyi and A Xiang were taken aback. When they turned their heads, they saw a tall woman wearing sunglasses. She looked at least 178 cm in height. She took off her sunglasses, her face had exquisite makeup, bright eyes and moist lips. It looked a bit fierce but standing like this she gave people the feeling of a queen.

“Boss… so good-looking…” A Xiang hung his head and poked Zhang Xiangyi. This beauty was so tall. And with the pair of high heels over ten centimeters on her feet, she looked almost as tall as Zhang Xiangyi.

“…Who are you? Do you know me?” He glared at her. Although this woman was very beautiful, why did she feel so ominous to him!

The glamorous woman smiled, a trace of evil flashed in her eyes, she suddenly pinched his throat and screamed: “Zhang Xiangyi, you forgot about me!”

Zhang Xiangyi’s cold sweat flowed down suddenly: “Lu Xianxian!”

A Xiang quickly said, “Boss, she’s not like Godzilla at all!”

Zhang Xiangyi immediately poked A Xiang with an elbow, and the pain caused A Xiang to lay on the ground holding his stomach.

He smiled dryly: “You…have changed a lot…”

Lu Xianxian shrugged in agreement: “Yes, you have changed a lot too.” She gestured with her hand on her chin. “I didn’t know if it was you at first glance.”

“Ha…just kidding,” he explained, staring at her slender body, “Didn’t you see the sign we were holding up?”

Lu Xianxian gave a faint glance at A Xiang: “He is too short to see.” She raised her eyebrows in disregard of A Xiang’s stunned expression, “Can we go?!”

“Go,” Although Zhang Xiangyi was taller than her, but he didn’t know if it was because of psychological fear, but he always felt that he was shorter in front of her.

Lu Xianxian walked out of the airport and went to lunch with Zhang Xiangyi and A Xiang. Her beautiful face and overly eye-catching height caused almost 100% people to look back along the way! Zhang Xiangyi stared at her slender legs for a long time, unable to relax.

“Daddy is absolutely amazing! Why did you lie to me!” A Xiang said bitterly, and he was so innocent. It was obvious that Daddy said she was like Godzilla, and he said it aloud, that is why he was so unlucky!

“How do I know that she will really transform!” Zhang Xiangyi’s expression was embarrassed, and his head was sweaty. What should he do now, his No. 1 candidate had lost weight before using the product only? Where was he going to find another suitable candidate!

He was in a trance, but Lu Xianxian stopped abruptly, and Zhang Xiangyi was not careful and almost hit her.

She turned her head and slowly said, “Is he… okay now?”


Zhang Xiangyi started to pay more attention to the audition. After all, the best candidate could no longer use this set of products. He felt like he was deceived. He couldn’t help complaining to Lu Xianxian: “By the way, you promised well on the phone!”

“Yeah! But I didn’t know what you wanted was a fat person! You only said to endorse a weight loss product, which is a commonplace meal for me, okay?” She gathered her fluffy hair; she was now a well-known weight loss expert in Taiwan. As long as she was not busy at work, she would go to some weight-loss salons or entertainment programs to earn some extra money, and her life was very happy and fulfilling.

At this time, she was sitting in the living room of Zhang Xiangyi’s family home, accepting Yao Fei’s sigh. Yao Fei had already cooked a large table of dishes, and she must eat more to make up for it.

Zhang Xiangyi saw Lu Xianxian eating delicately, and he couldn’t help but think of the past. At that time, Lu Xianxian’s education was very good, and she had never been like a few of them-including Yin Xiaomei- who as soon as they saw delicious food, they rushed to it. That incident must have hit her a lot! Zhang Xiangyi thought of her crying and running out for no reason. However, looking at her now, he was also a little relieved. Now she must have no shortage of men pursuing her.

On the day of the audition interview, the company set aside a floor downstairs to prepare. Contestants would be invited into rooms with very good sound insulation to accept questions from interviewers. At the same time, their videos would be transmitted to the publicity department upstairs to give decision makers a more intuitive experience.

Zhang Xiangyi took a serious look, and Yin Xiaomei also leaned against him. She suddenly asked: “Sister-in-law Xianxian is back?!”

“How did you know?!” He was surprised at how well-informed she was.

“Aunt Yao told me to go to dinner at night! How could I not know, why didn’t you take her to see Yin Zhefei!” Her eyes were full of spoiled brilliance.

“Ho ho, you are still so bad.” He laughed.

The conversation between the two immediately caused the people around them to get goose bumps. A Xiang couldn’t help thinking, it seems that Daddy’s success is just around the corner!

“Okay, I’ll go down and have a look, I’m suffocated here.” Yin Xiaomei took the sunglasses on the side and planned to get in touch with the girls up close. She just got out of the elevator, when she saw a petite girl dragging another meatball-like girl behind her as she shouted: “I’ve said it! Don’t you run away like this!” A smile appeared on Xiaomei’s face. The girl must still be a little shy after all! She looked around, all the girls were frowning, as if very reluctant, but everyone was looking at the flow sheet in their hands seriously.

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