RCFS Ch. 155: Surprise 1

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Ye Yunxi: “…”

Hehe, what the hell?

Why were the system settings getting weirder and weirder?

“Young Master Di! You, why are you calling me in such a hurry?”

Mo Yuxiang rushed in out of breath, the atmosphere in the room was very strange, the old man’s face was pale, and the little princess was in tears, the motherland seemed to be in bleak condition.

Mo Yuxiang: …

Damn, who the hell was so fierce that they even rushed into the Emperor’s Mansion?

System with a proud face: My host is big! This is called going straight to the skies!

“Carry the luggage for your sister-in-law.”

Mo Yuxiang: “…”

After a long time he reacted, he asked him to come here in a hurry, just to carry the luggage?

Gazing fiercely at Ye Yunxi, Mo Yuxiang could only accept his fate as a small worker, as he carried her luggage up to the second floor.

Hey, he even brought her home!!

What was so good about this woman?

She looked pretty. What happened during the military exercise?

But as Young Master Di, even if something happened, he shouldn’t have to bring her home, right?

And no matter how he looked at this woman, she did not seem worthy of his young master.

Mo Yuxiang went upstairs while complaining.

Even if it was her first time here, Ye Yunxi seemed very calm and not at all restrained. Di Junxie hooked the corners of his lips, and led her to the door of her room, and gently pushed the door open.

The room was beautifully decorated, very spiritual, it could be seen that it had been carefully arranged, and it was very heart-warming, but Ye Yunxi didn’t care about these things, she just asked: “Where is the surprise?”

The man raised his eyes, at a beautiful and delicate cage that hung down from the roof, inside was a nest of messy grass, and something was arching around inside, after a long while, a pair of fierce eyes poked out.

Ye Yunxi’s eyes lit up, and she walked forward quickly.

In the cage was a young eagle!

No, to be exact, it was an eagle, a golden eagle!

The golden eagle belonged to the eagle family. The average wingspan of an adult bird exceeded 2 meters, and its body length could reach 1 meter. It was a famous bird of prey in the sky!

There was once such a rumour that the golden eagles hunted and killed 14 wolves one after another. Although it was not known whether it was true or not, there were indeed nomadic peoples in the north who domesticated golden eagles to protect their flock of sheep from wolves.

And the advantage of taming the eagle was that within a hundred miles, there would be no more worries about wolves, tigers or leopards!

This was indeed a big surprise!

It’s just that this golden eagle was still young, and its feathers were obviously just coming in. It may have been brought here not long after it left its nest.

But even so, it still couldn’t hide the unruly wildness in its carved pupils.

The king of the sky in the cage seemed to still be in his lair on the high cliff, overlooking the humble world and the ant-like human beings!

“It’s indeed a surprise!”

Ye Yunxi couldn’t help but praise, to see if an eagle was good, it depended on whether it was fierce enough, and this eagle had just started to fly, but its eyes were full of murderous aura, it could be called extremely ferocious.

Although a vulture was also a bird of prey, it had to be a bird with its tail between its legs in front of an eagle with a wingspan of two meters!

The more she looked at it, the more Ye Yunxi liked it.

In the secret army, there were also many people who liked to domesticate pets, and eagles were very common. Some people even domesticated lions, tigers, and leopards.

“I’ll see you off, but…”

Di Junxie walked to the side of the cage, and before he could do anything, the young eagle rushed towards him. If the cage hadn’t blocked its sharp claws, Di Junxie’s unparalleled handsome face might have turned into a sieve.

How fierce!

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