RCFS Ch. 154: Entering the House 3

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At this moment, the Di family.

Butler Zheng silently counted for the old man, this was already the seventeenth lap.

The old man had already circled the living room seventeen times!!

“Master, are you nervous?”

“Nervous, why would I be nervous!”

Di Wei looked around, saw Di Weiqian, and hurried up to catch the little princess.

“Xiao Qian!”

“What’s the matter, grandfather?”

Di Weiqian opened her eyes wide, and did not know how cute she looked.

“A bad woman is coming to the house in a while!”

“Bad woman?”

Another one? Inexplicably, Di Weiqian thought of the handsome big sister in the video game city.

“Yes! She wants your brother to work for her!”

“That’s a big bad woman!!”

Di Weiqian clenched her fists, this person was definitely not that big sister, that big sister was not so bad!

Seeing that the little girl was filled with righteous indignation, Di Wei was happy: “Yes, so, let’s punish her later!”

Seeing her swearing, Di Wei was overjoyed, and stopped going around in circles. He sat on the sofa contentedly, and winked at Di Weiqian: “I’ll leave it to you!”


Di Wei hurriedly prepared, as Di Weiqian decided to entertain this new “bad woman!”

At this time, the car had already parked at the door, and Di Junxie got out of the car and opened the door for Ye Yunxi himself.

This stunned the security guard at the door. Young Master Di never opened the door for others. It seemed that Young Master Di really liked this fiancée.

After getting out of the car, the two held hands and walked slowly towards the house. The moment the door opened, something came towards Ye Yunxi. She didn’t even think about it, her body moved subconsciously, and a beautiful spin, that thing flew towards the petite figure with a puff!

Afraid of hitting the child, Ye Yunxi rushed over to pick her up in an instant, and the black shadow brushed against the two of them and hit the face of the person behind.


Di Wei was hit straight by the flour bag, and his old face turned snow-white.

Everyone: “…”

Something went wrong!

Di Junxie: “Grandfather, what are you doing?”

Di Wei was so aggrieved that he was about to die. This was originally prepared for Ye Yunxi, but why did it come towards him instead!!!

System: Cough, you did it yourself!

“Weiqian, this is the girl your grandfather told…”

At first, he was going to sue, but then he saw that Di Weiqian’s eyes seemed to be stuck Ye Yunxi’s body, her whole face was flushed, and her eyes were full of little stars.

“Sister Yunxi!”

Di Weiqian threw herself into Ye Yunxi’s arms!

“It’s you?”

Ye Yunxi was pleasantly surprised, wasn’t this the little sister from the video game city?

“Why are you here?”

“This is my home!” Di Weiqian grabbed Ye Yunxi’s shoulders and said excitedly, “If my brother’s fiancée is sister Yunxi, I agree with both of them being together! Sister, if one day my brother doesn’t want you, don’t be sad, when I grow up, I will marry you, let my brother regret it!”

Di Junxie: “…”

Di Wei: “…”

Butler Zheng: ‘Can he laugh?’

His rival in love turned out to be his own sister!

Di Junxie wanted to laugh very much, but the first thing he did before laughing was to tear Di Weiqian away from Ye Yunxi’s arms and throw her to Butler Zheng: “Isn’t Weiqian going to live on campus from this year?”

Butler Zheng was at a loss, when was it decided?

Di Weiqian was even more at a loss, living on campus?

Why didn’t she know it herself?

Moreover, did primary schools have a boarding system?

Didn’t all go to school from home?

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