TBLF Extra 18 (Ch. 118.2): Healing Angel × Apocalypse Boss

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Qi Ying heard the exclamation in the headset: “Oh my God, all the thunder and lightning has disappeared. Has this little girl succeeded?”

Qi Ying: Huh?

She obviously didn’t do anything.

She glanced at the man who seemed to have returned to normal in front of her, and asked in a low voice, “Are you okay?”

The man still looked at her. After a long time, he said something completely irrelevant: “Your voice is very good.”

For the first time Qi Ying was praised by a stranger, so she blushed: “…Thank you.”

He didn’t know what she was thinking, his eyes narrowed slightly, and after a long time, he said in a low voice: “Reminds me of the taste of strawberry candy.”

Qi Ying’s eyes widened: “Do you like strawberry candy too?”

The cold man curled his lower lips, and when he laughed, it seemed like sunlight melting the glacier, “Yeah.”

The military rushed up quickly, saw the normal thunder ability boss in the room, and watched inconceivably for a long time, before finally casting their eyes on Qi Ying.

“How did you do it?!”

Qi Ying was also at a loss: “I…I don’t know, I just said a few words to him…”

Even the water hadn’t been squeezed out yet.

The military people looked at each other a few times and brought Qi Ying to the ability testing center.

After a day of testing, they finally came to a conclusion. Qi Ying was not just a water element supernaturalist, her voice had also mutated. When an out-of-control person heard her voice, he will smell his favorite taste, which produced a healing effect.

It was just that she was squeezed out of the squad before, so she felt depressed and inferior. She seldom spoke, so her team didn’t even notice it.

All in all, her voice could heal an out-of-control boss.

Qi Ying was stunned by this surprise.

The Alliance immediately gave her a new identity card, and she became the only one in the Alliance who didn’t need to do anything, and only needed to speak to get everything.

The league arranged her residence next door to Ji Rang.

She would go wherever Ji Rang went. As long as she was there, Ji Rang would never lose control.

The alliance seemed to have picked up a baby.

The trash that was previously disgusted and despised by people suddenly became the second noble person in the league after Ji Rang. When the previous team heard the news, their eyes were about to fall out in shock.

Only the captain was worried that this was a trap. After thinking about it, he planned to see if Qi Ying’s life was as good as the rumors.

The team members knew that he was going to visit Qi Ying, and they also followed him curiously.

Qi Ying lived in the only green area in the base.

Only those who had contributed the most to mankind with the greatest powers were eligible to live there.

When the team came over with the application, Qi Ying was squatting on the green ground to plant a pot of flowers. It was difficult for flowers to survive in the climate of the apocalypse. This seed was given to her by Ji Rang, who asked her to try to water it with the water at her fingertips.

Seeing her former teammates, she still received them warmly.

Qi Ying, who was thin and hungry before, had now gained weight. She had a lot of food in her room and a video game console that they hadn’t seen for a long time.

She lived a life they couldn’t even think of.

Why? Just because of her voice?

Except for the captain who was happy for her, the other members were jealous.

One of the male players picked up a stand-alone game console and said with a smile: “Yingying, give this to me. You don’t lack these anyway.”

The other female team member took her mp3 player and smiled hypocritically: “Yingying, then give this to me.”

Before Qi Ying spoke, a cold voice suddenly came from the door: “Keep it down.”

Everyone looked back at the same time.

Ji Rang stood at the door, his eyebrows stern, and a ray of fire flashed occasionally in his pitch-black eyes, which looked terrifying.

The two teammates put things down subconsciously.

He walked in, walked to Qi Ying’s side, pulled the person behind him, and then raised his chin toward the door: “Get out.”

The thunder and lightning in his eyes was even more intense.

Everyone guessed his identity and hurriedly ran out. The captain looked at them with a complicated expression. At the end, Qi Ying whispered: “Captain.”

The captain turned around, Qi Ying ran over and stuffed the currency that she had saved to exchange resources into his hands: “This is for you.”

The captain shrugged off again and again, and she smiled nicely: “You have helped me so much, and now I can finally give back to you.”

After listening to her, the captain finally accepted it.

After everyone left, Qi Ying happily ran back to Ji Rang and asked him softly, “Why are you here?”

Ji Rang looked down at her, took something out of his pocket, and stretched it out in front of her, spreading his palm.

A strawberry candy.

Her eyes overflowed, and she looked at him in surprise: “Where did it come from?”

Taking advantage of the darkness, he secretly went to the shopping mall occupied by zombies and spent the whole night in the freezer in the warehouse to find this edible strawberry candy.

Ji Rang hooked his lips and smiled: “It was given before.” He took her hand and put it on her hand. This person who didn’t like to laugh was always gentle in front of her, “Eat.”

Strawberry Candy, which had been missing for many years, finally awakened her past that she almost forgot.

Such a beautiful and warm past.

The little girl was holding the candy, and tears fell as she ate.

Ji Rang seemed to know what she was thinking. He reached out, held her in his arms and touched her little head: “It will be better in the future, don’t be afraid, I am here.”

She dried her tears on his chest and nodded hard.

Ji Rang said again: “I want to drink your water.”

Qi Ying quickly got out of his arms: “I’m going to find a teacup, wait a minute.”

She was just turning around to leave, but Ji Rang grabbed her wrist and raised her finger in front of him. Qi Ying heard him say: “Don’t be so troublesome, I have a more convenient way.”

The next moment, he put her finger in his mouth.

Qi Ying flushed with shame and her eyes had nowhere to go.

But as if nothing had happened, he sucked her fingertips and asked in a vaguely low voice: “Where is the water?”

The little girl gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, she squeezed out water from her fingertips for him to drink.

Since then, Ji Rang had never used a teacup again.

There was no thunder-type boss who would not get out of control or had some side effects. Just like a walking harvester, the speed at which humans could regain lost ground had become faster and faster.

So, the military met to discuss and decided to speed up the battle plan.

Sitting in the corner of the room, Ji Rang, who had never participated in the discussion, suddenly said: “If you want to increase the frequency of using abilities, Qi Ying’s voice alone will probably not be able to suppress my loss of control.”

Everyone looked at him nervously: “What should we do? What else can we do?”

Ji Rang looked up and said lightly, “Marriage might solve it.”

Everyone: “???”

We suspect that you are pursuing public affairs for personal gain.

Later, a grand wedding was held in the alliance.

Until the evening lying on a bed with Ji Rang and being pressed under him, Qi Ying still felt that all this was like a dream.

Why did she suddenly ascend to the sky one step at a time, from the humblest little ant in the apocalypse to a big woman?

Hearing that the little girl under him was still distracted and asking this kind of question, Ji Rang patiently raised his head from her shoulder and asked in a low voice, “Do you like me?”

The little girl hummed embarrassedly, “…I like you.”

“Want to marry me?”

“…Thinking about it.”

Ji Rang bit her lip: “That’s not enough! What to do with so many irrelevant things, give me your concentration!”

When he got emotional, he easily lost control.

Qi Ying saw the thunder and lightning in his eyes again.

Ji Rang noticed it himself, and said in a dumb voice, “Talk to me.”

The little girl was almost crying, for fear that he would accidentally chop her to death: “What are you talking about?”

“…Call my name.”

Her voice trembled and she shouted intermittently: “…Ji…Ji Rang…”

She yelled, and his mood became more intense.

In the end, he couldn’t control it, and with a flick of a finger to the side, a thunderbolt opened the window.

In the end, the whole room was full of holes in all directions.

All night, everyone in the base shivered at the sound of the thunder and lightning explosion.

You said it was solvable by a good marriage!!!

Why was it getting more and more out of control?!!

T/N: I can’t think of an apt alternate title… Please help me out…. Also poor base people, marriage really didn’t help them…. And I despise the previous team members who initially looked down on her and then tried to rob her except for the Captain who seems to be the quintessential second male lead from K-dramas…. What do you think?

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