LGHIHW Ch. 39: Arc 1.35

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169 was an extremely conceited nanobot. Before it was caught off guard and sucked into this machine, it had firmly believed that there would be no container that could imprison it in this lower plane. After all, its driving force was very strong and its force field was also very strong. It could even pass through the turbulence of time and space. What else was there to fear?

But it never expected that this human being could actually create a black hole!

What was a black hole?

Black holes were interstellar behemoths with extremely strong magnetic and gravitational fields and terrifyingly high mass and density. They were the ultimate ruler of the universe. They made space and time meaningless, and all dimensions could be crushed into pieces by them. Even if the Lord God fell into a black hole, it would be difficult for it to escape.

169 had experienced time and space travel again and again, but never once dared to approach these endless abysses hidden in the universe. However, at this moment, it was sliding uncontrollably into such an abyss, and would face destruction every second.

Fortunately, this black hole was only as big as the tip of a pin, and the diameter of the metal circle was six meters. If 169 burnt all its energy and drove at full speed, it could just escape the black hole’s horizon.

This result was obviously very lucky, but 169 was even more frightened because of it. It knew that this must be carefully calculated and deliberately arranged by that human being. When it lost all its energy, it would eventually just become a piece of meat on his chopping board.

But in order to save his life, 169 had to act according to the script written by the other party. So it quickly escaped from the black hole, but lost enough driving force to completely escape the magnetic field, and could only spin involuntarily along the inner wall of the metal circle. One lap, two laps, three laps…it couldn’t stop at all.

7480 closed his eyes, unable to bear to watch this scene.

Xuan Ming took out his mobile phone and took pictures of everything that happened on the LED screen. He also took a lot of photos of his little curly hair. With this, he would definitely have a good sleep tonight.

169 was still spinning, spinning, round after round…

Zhuang Li soon got tired of watching it and mocked: “The driving force of these intelligent robots does not seem to be as powerful as I imagined. They can’t even escape from a metal circle.”

7480 risked his life to remind: “But Master, this is not a metal circle, it is a black hole!”

Xuan Ming put his fist to his lips and smiled silently and contentedly. He felt very happy to see the systems of that self-proclaimed god being tortured to this extent.

As he spoke, 169 suddenly ran his drive wildly and rushed out of the metal circle. After several attempts, he escaped from the extreme magnetic field with a bang and stuck to the inner wall of the glass container like a dead dog, unable to move for a long time.

After the main energy bank was used up, it had to use the energy in the reserve bank. Lin Yayan would definitely cry to death if she found out, because all the hundreds of tasks she had done before were in vain.

But it wasn’t over yet. As soon as 169 took a breath, he discovered that there was a tube connected to the other end of the glass container, and it was frantically sucking in air. 169’s drive was no more than a decoration now, so unable to resist the cyclone, it only had time to scream before it was sucked away and fell into a dark metal can.

Liquid nitrogen as low as -269c immediately surrounded it. Its overheated motor was attacked by the supercooled airflow and soon lost its ability to start. It could only rely on the tentacles around it to grasp the inner wall of the metal can and slowly climb up. Now it didn’t have any dignity of a divine envoy, it was just like a paramecium.

Ten minutes later, it finally climbed out of the metal can, but was sucked into the air by an extremely strong magnetic field. It was a neodymium iron boron magnet hanging above the metal can. It was the most powerful magnet on the earth. Although the magnetic field it created was far less than the electrified metal ring just now, it was enough to make the weak 169 unable to escape.

The magnet began to tilt downward and connected with a circular track also composed of NdFeB magnets. There was a pipe installed underneath this track, which was gently blowing in air.

169, which was suspended in mid-air and unable to move, slid down the track composed of magnets along this airflow, as fast as a meteor falling from the sky. So the previous tragedy happened again. It circled along this circular track and couldn’t stop at all, just like a chipmunk locked in a wheel.

“Ahhhhhhh…” The endless miserable screams echoed in everyone’s minds again.

7480 was so scared that he almost exploded.

Zhuang Li smiled slightly but amusedly.

Xuan Ming stared at the LED screen intently and asked, “Why does it keep spinning around this track?”

Zhuang Li: “Do you know about the concept of the maglev train?”

Xuan Ming suddenly realized: “So it will be like a train, running on a track made of magnets? Without friction, it will never stop, right?”

“It will stop when its temperature returns to normal. This is a superconducting phenomenon. The ultra-low temperature will make this nanorobot completely diamagnetic. No magnetic field can penetrate it, so in the orbit created by a strong magnet, the force of the superconducting force will repel it, and then it will always be suspended, like being imprisoned in an invisible cage. So the superconducting phenomenon also has a name, called quantum locking.”

Zhuang Li shook his head and said with a scornful tone: “Look, if you want to imprison a nanoscale robot, a sealed container is not needed at all. Two magnetic fields are enough. It will cycle endlessly in this device.”

As he spoke, 169, which was rapidly rotating in the orbit, slowly recovered a little temperature, so the superconducting effect disappeared and the extreme sprint also stopped. Before it had time to breathe, another catheter sucked it into the previous glass container again, and the metal ring was restarted once and weakened the voltage, so the black hole disappeared, but the strong magnetic field remained.

169 was once again sucked into the magnetic field and tortured amidst the purple flames.

Rotating, colliding, and burning at high temperatures, every minute and every second it lived was worse than death.

As if on purpose, Zhuang Li would cut off the current in the metal circle every ten minutes, causing the magnetic field to disappear.

169 thought he was saved, and hurriedly flew out of the metal circle, but was sucked into liquid nitrogen again, turned into a superconductor, and entered the circular magnet orbit. It kept spinning in these two magnetic fields, sometimes enduring ultra-high temperatures, and sometimes encountering ultra-low temperatures. If it escaped from one, it was destined to be locked by the other, seemingly endlessly.

Its pitiful screams had never stopped since entering this circular device.

7480 watched all this helplessly, and its core program was so scared that it almost fell apart.

Zhuang Li, on the other hand, squinted his eyes and quietly admired the beautiful scenery on the screen, then walked aside and turned on the gramophone.

The rotating needle rubbed against the disc, producing an ethereal sound. This was a “Waltz”. The brisk piano sound was accompanied by the jumping drums and the melodious saxophone, whirling and whirling repeatedly in the same section… like a pure white feather melodiously dancing in the golden sunshine. Floating; like a lady’s skirt blooming gently and slowly in the gorgeous dance steps.

Zhuang Li was fascinated by what he heard, and suddenly took one of Xuan Ming’s hands and circled him.

Xuan Ming immediately held Xiao Curly’s hand and stared at his intoxicated expression, the agitation and regret in his heart rising and falling like waves. If his legs hadn’t been broken, he might have been able to experience what it felt like to hug this person.

Zhuang Li only turned around for a moment before stopping, lying on Xuan Ming’s back, holding both sides of the wheelchair with his hands, his red lips close to the other person’s ears, half hugging him, as he whispered: “Do you know the name of this device I invented?”

When Xuan Ming opened his mouth, he realized that his voice was extremely hoarse: “What’s the name?” If he didn’t try his best to restrain himself, he would not be able to help but hug the person behind him and imprison him on his lap.

“It’s called endless reincarnation.” Zhuang Li stared at the endless rotation of 169 in the two magnetic fields, smiling happily and briskly.

7480 silently hugged himself who was about to fall apart, and cursed unbearably: “Host, you are not a devil, you are the devil! The biggest devil with no humanity!”

Zhuang Li seemed not to have heard the system’s angry words. He paused for a moment and then said to Xuan Ming: “It also has another name, called the eternal poem of love.”

In the embrace of Little Curly Hair with the fragrance of fresh wood coming from his body, Xuan Ming had completely lost the ability to think and could only repeat: “The eternal poem of love? Why is it called this name?”

Zhuang Li smiled and did not answer, but said in his mind: “System, have you seen it? This is the Lord God’s love for you. The so-called eternal life is just reincarnation that can never be escaped.”

This time, 7480 was completely shocked. Weren’t the tortures 169 suffered a metaphor for those systems and missionaries who disappeared inexplicably?

However, it soon woke up and looked at its host with a more wary expression. The Lord God was certainly terrifying, but all of his calculations were hidden under beautiful visions and loving blessings, which made people bend down in front of him wholeheartedly. But this human being was different! He was cruel, cold, cunning, and had a terrifyingly intelligent mind. Cooperating with him was like seeking skin from a tiger!

Thinking like this, 7480 stabilized his loyalty to the Lord God.

Not only was Zhuang Li not annoyed when he noticed the psychological fluctuations in the system, he even smiled with interest.

Xuan Ming loved his cunning expression so much that he couldn’t help but laugh.

7480 hugged himself tightly and shook silently for a while. It seemed to have post-traumatic stress disorder in response to the host’s smile. It always felt that he could kill people with just a tick of the corner of his mouth, and in fact, this was indeed the case.

The screams of 169 were still echoing in the laboratory. The two magnetic fields were disappearing and rising, and they were rising and disappearing, seamlessly connecting this hell of endless reincarnation.

Zhuang Li listened for a while and then lost interest. He turned up the needle of the gramophone, put away the vinyl records, took off his white coat, and was ready to go home.

Xuan Ming followed him step by step and reminded: “Qiao Yanan is with them, right? Will the super hacker behind her hack into our laboratory, cut off the power supply, and rescue this robot?”

Zhuang Li arranged the curly hair on his forehead as he walked and said in a lazy voice: “I can deal with the hacker behind her. If she could hack in this laboratory, my experimental results would have been leaked long ago, and they wouldn’t have waited until now. As for cutting off the power, that’s even more impossible. The power supply here is managed in different levels, and each level has a corresponding quantum password. Even if the most sophisticated hacker of the spy organization comes, it will take more than ten minutes to solve them one by one.”

Zhuang Li suddenly took hold of the handle of Xuan Ming’s wheelchair, turned him around, faced him towards the dual magnetic field device behind him, smiled and whispered: “Do you see the tube at the top of the glass container? It is connected with the vacuum exhaust pipe of the tokamak. They are connected together. The power protection level here is lower than that of the tokamak, so if a hacker comes, he would cut off the power supply here first, and the power supply on the tokamak side will start immediately.”

“Once the tokamak is turned on, it will expel the air in the cavity, and the tube connected to the cavity will suck the nanorobot over there. If the hacker continues to attack the power supply device at the upper level, the tokamak will start accumulating strength, and then the high temperature of hundreds of million centigrade would suddenly explode in one second——”

“Bang~” Zhuang Li gently imitated the sound effect of an explosion in Xuan Ming’s ear, but the air flow burned the other person’s ears.

He chuckled, and Xuan Ming’s eardrums were burned again: “In the end, everything will come to nothing, and the spy nanorobot numbered 169 will never exist again.”

He straightened up, turned around and left, waving his arm lazily at Xuan Ming who was lagging behind, “How are you? Are you relieved now?”

Xuan Ming was silent for a long time before whispering hoarsely to the person at the end of the corridor: “Not worried.” He raised his hand and touched his ears which felt numb and hot, as if he had been kissed by a devil. It was shuddering, but also intoxicating.

7480 was shaking like chaff, thinking with hatred and fear in his heart: Damn the devil, you will surely be punished!

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