RCFS Ch. 263

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The plane landed, and a group of people dressed in uniform black clothes walked out of the VIP channel and came over in a hurry.

There were bodyguards at the front and back to clear the way. The man in the middle, wearing a high-end suit, had a face that was prettier than a woman’s. With domineering sword-shaped eyebrows, he looked so handsome.

The woman behind him was wearing a long windbreaker, her long hair was tied up high and spread out like satin, a belt was tied on her slender waist, she was wearing black professional high heels, and black stockings that were seductively tight.

“Young Emperor!”

Wu Renyao rushed over to take advantage of the opportunity, with a group of capable men behind him.

Di Junxie glanced at him indifferently, threw his luggage to Wu Renyao, and hurriedly got in the car and left.

Yangcheng had the common characteristics of southern cities.

Luxurious, modern and colourful while being a water city.

Wu Renyao turned his head and looked at Ye Yunxi, with a bit of inquiry in his eyes, as if he was a little confused.

“Young Master Di?”


Di Junxie quickly looked through the target person’s information.

“Isn’t it, it’s a little too small?”

“Fresh, tender enough.”

Emperor Di Junxie didn’t even raise his head, but Wu Renyao couldn’t keep his face from turning red.

Mr. Di, Mr. Di, Grandpa Di, your tastes are really different from those of ordinary people.

“When will we meet?”

He clicked on the person on the file.

“In the past few days, this Zhang Xiong also knows a little bit about us, and he is holding it in since he doesn’t dare to move. However, he will definitely go to Black Gold Nightclub every few days.”

“I know.” The emperor pushed the thing away and smiled.

“Get ready, tell Quan Yangcheng that the boss of the Sacrifice hall is here.”

Ye Yunxi raised her eyebrows calmly when she heard this.

The Sacrifice Hall was a popular organization among certain people. It accepted everything and did everything. It didn’t care about black and white. She always thought it was a private organization. After working on it for a long time, it ended up being from the Di Family?

“Yes, Young Master Di.”

The car stopped at the most luxurious hotel in Yangcheng. The room was still the same. Yunxi didn’t even bother to roll her eyes.

When doing tasks, you have to do it to the extreme. The instructor said so, and it was also written in the textbook.

She personally took off his suit and put on casual clothes for Di Junxie, and the two of them went to the Black Gold Nightclub with their bodyguards.

Although this was not the largest nightclub in Yangcheng, it was the most fun and mixed place here.

Di Junxie asked for a small private room, which had no door and was only separated from the corridor by a half-length crystal curtain.

After ordering a table of fruit plates and drinks, Di Junxie loosened his collar, and his dark eyes lazily scanned the surroundings.

He didn’t like this place.

But that didn’t stop the girls from falling in love with him.

The dim lights hid most of the evil, and Ye Yunxi even saw underage children going in and out.

Drugs and crime were frequent visitors here, and she couldn’t help but frown as she watched the young people move mechanically like corpses whose souls had been removed.

These blooming children were high on drugs!

Damn, she hated it!

“Hey, handsome guy, how boring, why are you drinking alone?”

A little fairy seemed to appear out of thin air, wearing a dress that was even more revealing than what was under Ye Yunxi’s windbreaker. She went to sit next to Di Junxie, but before she could sit firmly, Mr. Di kicked her out of the private room.

The crystal door curtain was banged and rattled, frightening the little goblin behind, and the one who was kicked out was even worse. Her pretty face was smashed to the ground, and the surgery pad of her plastic chin was crooked!

Several girls stared at Di Junxie in horror. How could this man be so handsome? How could he be so cruel?

Didn’t he even know about tenderness towards the fairer sex?

Just kicked her out?


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