RCFS Ch. 264

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But Di Junxie was indifferent and calm, as if what he kicked out was not a person, but a stone on his path. Then he calmly said: “Stay away from me with that inferior perfume!”

The remaining goblins suddenly turned red with embarrassment, not even daring to sit down, and left in a hurry with the wine glass in hand.

At first glance, this handsome guy looked rich, but he was not looking for low-class ladies like them. What he wanted was definitely high-end goods!


They were really unwilling to accept it. They hadn’t encountered such a top-notch product in many years, and yet he was still such a picky master. But the more picky he was, the more people wanted him to choose them!

After all the goblins left, someone hurriedly walked in in the far corner and reported something in a low voice to the people inside.

The man who was completely shrouded in darkness nodded and glanced here through the darkness.

But that was it, it was just a night of nothing.

At four o’clock in the middle of the night, Young Master Di took Ye Yunxi back to the hotel. In the evening, he still showed up on time, but he changed to a different nightclub and still ordered the most expensive wine and fruit plate. Sure enough, the goblins smelled the smell of handsome men and money. One after another, the end was naturally the same as last time, they were all kicked out of the private room!

“Can you be a little more considerate?”

Ye Yunxi frowned. This was the sixth wave of women being kicked out. Look, the nose and chin were made so beautiful by the knife, but they were all kicked crooked by this person!

“Are you jealous?”

Di Junxie picked out a big pine nut, pushed it aside, and stuffed it into Ye Yunxi’s mouth: “Don’t worry, no one here can compare to you!”


She could bite this guy off directly.

For ten days in a row, he visited several of the most famous nightclubs in Yangcheng. Di Shao’s high-end leather shoes kicked several girls all the way, which immediately made the girls in Yangcheng nightclubs even more crazy about him.

However, the aloof Emperor Di Junxie dismissed them and just stood up indifferently, patted the non-existent dust off his body, and said calmly: “There are no good things in Yangcheng. I will help Jin personally to book a ticket and return to the imperial capital.”

Just as he was going out, someone came to him. They stopped him. He was obviously a local from Yangcheng. He was very tall, but his facial features were a little flatter.

“Young Master Di, of course you can’t find any good stuff here. Our boss asks you to show your favour by going upstairs to the Black Gold Nightclub. We have already prepared the best gift for Young Master Di.”

Di Junxie narrowed his eyes and stared at him with a sneer.

“You don’t want to ask who I am, are you blocking my way?”

A Tao smiled: “I have heard about the name of Young Master Di from Jitang for a long time, and our boss has long wanted to get acquainted with him. Young Master Di is not here just to find someone in the nightclub for fun, right? It would be easier to talk to our boss about some things.”

The atmosphere froze for a moment. The Emperor seemed a little unhappy that someone knew about his plan, and his dark eyes held a dangerous aura. Even A Tao couldn’t bear it and broke out in cold sweats!

He was worthy of being the boss of the Sacrifice hall, the master of both black and white!

This momentum was so powerful!

“I don’t like people trying to figure out my thoughts, but since it’s more interesting than here, I can reluctantly reward your boss. Please lead the way!”

The arrogant tone made A Tao very unhappy, but this person was the emperor’s young master of the Sacrifice hall, and he could only bow down and lead the way.

Ye Yunxi quickly glanced around and saw that the figures were moving slightly in the darkness, and there was indeed an ambush.

She was nervous?

That’s impossible. It’s not like she had never done the task of licking blood from the tip of a knife!

Ye Yunxi curled up her lips, feeling suddenly excited.

The long-lost excitement made her subconsciously speed up her pace.

She liked excitement, and it was best that Zhang Xiong could make this drama even more exciting!

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