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There were rumours in the office about Gu Anxin before, saying that Gu Anxin was a woman who was good at teasing men. Some people even said that she would break up with her boyfriend soon after rejecting Du Ming.

Now, she actually said that she broke up.

Her love affair got over too fast. As far as they knew, it shouldn’t have taken more than a week from start to finish.

On that day, they couldn’t know that Gu Anxin’s love affair lasted less than a day from the beginning to the end! She wouldn’t say this.

The words “Break up” were repeated by Qin Ling and were heard by others in an instant, including those who were talking about Gu Anxin in the bathroom that day. In an instant, there was a whisper in the office.

The whispers were obvious, but it was hard to make out what they were talking about.

Qin Ling heard the sound and quickly covered her mouth, realizing that she was wrong and shouldn’t have shouted out, “I’m sorry Anxin, I didn’t mean it.” She covered her mouth and looked at Gu Anxin, but to her, things were really surprising and curious.

What kind of lovers ended up separating in such a short time…

Gu Anxin turned around and glanced at the person who seemed to be whispering. She just turned around and pretended that nothing happened. She said “It’s okay” to Qin Ling and then immersed herself in her work.

She knew someone was going to talk about this kind of thing, but she didn’t lie, and she wasn’t the kind of woman they said who liked to seduce men, so Gu Anxin sat upright and didn’t plan to say anything more to others.

Qin Ling returned to her seat and gestured to her colleagues who were whispering from a distance, indicating that they really couldn’t discuss it anymore.

The office finally became quiet, but in the minds of some gossips, Gu Anxin’s incident added a lot of spice to their boring lives.

During lunch, someone told Du Ming from the distribution department about this matter, and clearly told Du Ming that Gu Anxin had broken up, and if he was still interested, he could try it now.

Du Ming was shocked. Although he still liked Gu Anxin, he was afraid of being rejected by Gu Anxin like last time, so he didn’t dare to stick to her rashly this time.

“What are you afraid of? You are still not a man. Don’t you know? It’s best to chase women after they are broken up in love. At this time, they will feel lonely and will be lacking in love. Then only you will succeed in chasing, I’m warning you if you don’t take action, and wait for the other bachelors in the company to take action, don’t regret and cry when the time comes!”

Hearing what his colleague said, Du Ming suddenly felt a little moved.

He was excited about this proposal all afternoon. When he got off work, Du Ming found that he could no longer be described as “somewhat” excited. He was very excited. He really liked Gu Anxin and hoped that Gu Anxin could be his girlfriend.

Moreover, he also peeked at Gu Anxin outside her office in the afternoon. Du Ming found that Gu Anxin was indeed not in a good mood. The expression on her face could not deceive others. If he went to warm her up at this time, it might be true. There might really be some gains!

After Du Ming made up his mind, after work, when Gu Anxin was about to leave the office and go home, he went downstairs first, got to his car and waited.

Du Ming had bought a new car. Although he had to borrow some money, it was quite beautiful when he got it. He believed that he could take Gu Anxin home today and every day in the future.

When Gu Anxin came downstairs, she kept thinking about one thing. This matter was not directly related to the third brother, but it also had a lot to do with him, and that was the original comic she was creating.

She had finished drawing the first volume of the comic “A President Fell from the Sky”. When she submitted the manuscript to Xia Dachuan, she received high praise from Xia Dachuan and he said that it would be put on the shelves soon. No matter how the sales were, what Gu Anxin was worried about was, whether she could still draw this comic…

“A President Fell from the Sky” was based on the third brother, but now that the prototype was gone, the inspiration in her mind seemed to have disappeared, and the subsequent plot had become very weak without the support of the prototype. Her imagination alone didn’t seem to be enough.


Gu Anxin was thinking about this when a voice suddenly called her. Gu Anxin was so startled that she dropped the bag she was holding.

When she was still in shock, a big hand reached out to help her pick up the bag on the ground.

Gu Anxin looked up and saw Du Ming’s face appear in front of her, with a gentle smile on his face.

Since the last incident with Du Ming, the two of them had consciously walked around each other, so that everyone would not be too embarrassed. But now Du Ming suddenly appeared in front of her, and it was obvious that he had something to say. Gu Anxin was extremely not adaptable.

“Anxin, are you going home?” Du Ming spoke first.

Gu Anxin nodded, “Yeah.” She took her bag and left.

“Anxin, please wait a moment.” Du Ming caught up with her, “I heard that the road where you live is under construction recently. The bus has to make a long turn every time. It wastes too much time. Why don’t I take you back?”

When Du Ming invited her to go home, he didn’t forget to find a suitable reason.

Gu Anxin looked back at him, wondering why Du Ming suddenly became attentive again, but she was not the kind of woman who would be lonely after a breakup, and she didn’t want anyone to accompany her at this time.

Even yesterday, Tang Meng wanted to accompany her, but she refused. How could she accept Du Ming taking her home?

She shook her head, “No, I’ll just go back by myself. I can also see the scenery and think about something on the way.” Gu Anxin refused completely.

Du Ming’s face turned pale, but he still didn’t want to give up. He ran to Gu Anxin and said, “But I’m also on the way. I just bought a car. You see… I have no other intention. I just want to give you a lift out of our relationship as a colleague.”

Having said that, if she continued to refuse, the relationship between colleagues might become tense. Gu Anxin could also feel Du Ming’s sincerity.

This kind of sincerity was in sharp contrast to the ruthless disappearance of the third brother.

“Is it really on your way?” Gu Anxin raised her head and asked him.

Seeing that there was something going on, Du Ming hurriedly said: “By the way! My grandma lives next to your community. I just happened to go to see my grandma, which is over on Peach Blossom Road!”

Peach Blossom Road was indeed right next to the community where Gu Anxin lived. Gu Anxin gritted her teeth and finally nodded.

Du Ming hurriedly ran to open the door for her. He looked like an extremely attentive driver. While driving, his hand holding the steering wheel was a little nervous.

In order to avoid the awkward atmosphere in the car, Du Ming specially prepared romantic music in advance. Turning on the music, the car drove towards Gu Anxin’s home.

On the way, Du Ming occasionally raised topics, and Gu Anxin responded from time to time. He didn’t mention anything related to feelings, so they got along fairly harmoniously.

When getting out of the car, Gu Anxin solemnly thanked Du Ming, “I’m sorry to trouble you today.”

“It’s okay, I wish I could see you every day…” After blurting out, Du Ming realized that he had slipped up and quickly changed his words, “Oh no, I mean, my grandma’s cooking is delicious. I wish I could visit her every day.”

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