IAPP Ch. 36

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The three community workers first walked through the house and found that there was no one else. Then, without disturbing Gu Anxin’s furniture, they searched the bedroom carefully, then the living room, and then went to the bathroom.

Gu Anxin stood at the door the whole time, looking at them, she expected that they would not find anything of value.

She didn’t have any men’s products in her home now.

“Sister Anxin!” Tang Meng came downstairs suddenly at this moment, and as soon as she saw Gu Anxin, she gave her a big hug.

Tang Meng went on a trip during this period, so she was not at home, and hadn’t seen Gu Anxin for a long time. After giving her a hug, she smiled and said, “Sister Anxin, I miss you so much. I went to the beach this time and brought you a few shells, I’ll give it to you later!”

Gu Anxin turned her head, looked at Tang Meng and smiled, “Thank you.”

Tang Meng found that something was wrong with Gu Anxin, and then saw that there seemed to be other people in Gu Anxin’s house, as if they were tinkering with something, and there was a sound.

She looked at the direction of the sound in a daze, and asked Gu Anxin: “Why are you standing outside the door? Is the third brother in there? Why is he making such a big noise?”

Gu Anxin hadn’t had time to tell her that her third brother had left, and the people here were community workers.

The community worker suddenly came out of the bathroom, heard Tang Meng’s words, thought for a while, and asked Gu Anxin: “Miss Gu, who is the third brother? This lady seemed to say that he was at your house just now?”

“Nothing, that was my ex-boyfriend, and we have broken up now.” Gu Anxin said to them.

Tang Meng, who was on the side, was shocked when she heard that Sister Anxin actually admitted that the third brother was her boyfriend! Forget it, she actually said they broke up?

Tang Meng felt that she had only been away for a few days, and she couldn’t understand the situation at Gu Anxin’s house?

However, since Gu Anxin said so, and she looked depressed, Tang Meng didn’t ask her any more questions in the presence of outsiders, but just looked at Gu Anxin sympathetically.

After listening to Gu Anxin’s explanation, the community members were a little frustrated because they didn’t find any information about him being in her home. “Then I’m really sorry to disturb Miss Gu.”

Gu Anxin didn’t speak, and watched them leave.

She heard the three community members still discussing when they left.

“Why is there no one? This is different from what the neighbours said. There is no trace of a man in her family.”

“Didn’t she just say that she had a boyfriend before? Maybe the neighbours saw her boyfriend coming over and mistakenly thought it was the third young master of the Ling family.”

“Hey, another trip in vain!”

Gu Anxin watched them leave coldly, and then heaved a long sigh.

Tang Meng didn’t go home first. Seeing Gu Anxin in such a state, she was worried. She followed her into the house, sat on the sofa, and turned her head to look. She really didn’t find anything about the third brother. She looked up at Gu Anxin, “Sister Anxin, what happened? Why are those people so annoying!”

Gu Anxin shook her head, “It’s no big deal, it’s just that a man passed by my life.”

At this time, Gu Anxin glanced at the time, it was almost dinner time, and when it got dark outside, the chance of the third brother coming over would be almost gone, so she let out a long breath, “That’s it.”

The hope in her heart was completely gone.

Tang Meng was on the side, even if she didn’t know the ins and outs of the matter, she almost understood it. Gu Anxin’s current state was obviously broken in love.

Pitying her short love, Tang Meng blinked and said: “Sister Anxin, if you are really sad, why don’t I go out with you for a drink tonight, a drink is fine, it’s no big deal, you still have a drink. You are young and good-looking, there will definitely be many men who will pursue you in the future, maybe in a few years, you will have to thank third brother for not marrying you.”

Gu Anxin shook her head, “No, I’ve already figured it out. I’m fine now. I’ll go to work tomorrow after a night of sleep. You should go back first.” Gu Anxin pulled Tang Meng up and sent her home.

“But…” Tang Meng was still a little worried.

“There’s nothing wrong with it.” Gu Anxin interrupted her, “Xiao Meng, don’t worry, I’m stronger than you think.”

Gu Anxin was indeed as she said, she could be strong. Once, she had encountered things that were more terrifying than breaking up a relationship, and she had survived. There was a strong villain in her heart. She could jump out, protect her and enlighten her, without alcohol or other things at all.

Except that she was still in a bad mood, but she would be fine.

Tang Meng dreamed that she said this, she was sceptical, but she still left after a few words, not disturbing her rest.

After sending Tang Meng away, Gu Anxin went to the bathroom to take a shower, then tidied up her drawings, then fell down on the bed with a bang, and fell asleep.

The next day, she woke up very early. When she opened her eyes, she saw that the sun had just dawned, and there was still some darkness outside, but there was no sign of Third Brother’s presence at home.

After tidying herself up, she changed into her tracksuit, went out for a run, and then had breakfast outside. After returning, she packed her things and went to the company.

The whole process was methodical for Gu Anxin, she was trying her best to force herself to adapt to the life without the third brother.

But when she arrived at the company, Qin Ling, who was good at observing, noticed something strange.

Qin Ling deliberately went to her desk to do it, carefully observed her for a long time, and then said: “Anxin, you have been very disturbed these few days. You asked for three days off. Before you asked for leave, I felt that something was wrong with you. Today is not right. Did something happen?”

Whenever someone cared about her, Gu Anxin would subconsciously have a sore nose, but she quickly returned to normal and smiled at Qin Ling, “It’s okay, what could be wrong, let’s work quickly.”

“You still said it’s okay, your smile just now is uglier than your crying.” Qin Ling didn’t believe her words, and patted her on the shoulder, “You can tell me if you have something to say, and don’t you have a boyfriend? It’s also okay to talk to friends, anyway, don’t hold it in your heart, once we women hold things in our hearts and feel unhappy, it will cause endocrine disorders and it will be bad.”

Hearing Qin Ling mentioning her boyfriend, Gu Anxin was taken aback, and the expression on her face became even worse.

Qin Ling was an expert in this field, and she could tell at a glance that her bad mood may have something to do with her boyfriend, so she had this reaction.

“What’s the matter? Was there a fight?”

Gu Anxin sat up straight, remembering the agreement she had made with her yesterday, wasn’t it just a broken relationship? It was no big deal, she needed to cheer up, so she collected herself and said two words “break up” to Qin Ling lightly.

“Break up?” Qin Ling was very shocked, and her voice became a little louder for a while, causing several people around the office to hear it.

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