IAPP Ch. 38

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Regarding what Du Ming blurted out, Gu Anxin just pretended not to understand, said goodbye and turned around to go upstairs.

But the next day after work, Du Ming was waiting downstairs again, and still wanted to take Anxin home with him on the pretext of going to his grandma’s house for dinner.

Gu Anxin was unwilling to take his car this time, so she found an excuse and turned around to leave.

Du Ming stood in front of her, “Anxin, what are you hiding from? I just sent you home by the way.”

For a moment, the two people stood in front of the office building, looking a little awkward.

Several colleagues passed by them and whispered a few words.

“Look, as expected, she is a master at resisting even when you welcome them. You all should learn from this!”

When they were talking, they thought no one else could hear them, but today Gu Anxin happened to be standing downwind of the wind, and all their words were heard clearly!

Gu Anxin knew that Du Ming was actually quite popular in the company. He looked good and had bought a new car. The reason why several girls were talking about her behind her back was because they were jealous when they saw Du Ming chasing her.

Well, since they all said she would welcome him even if after refusing, so she might as well accept it directly! Make them mad!

Gu Anxin suddenly turned around, made a 180-degree turn, and got directly into Du Ming’s car.

Du Ming thought she would reject him today, but he didn’t expect that she suddenly got on the car. He was stunned for a few seconds and didn’t react at all. After he reacted, he quickly closed the door for Gu Anxin and started driving happily.

On the way, Gu Anxin looked at Du Ming’s excited face and was thinking about when to talk to him clearly.

She was a very strange person emotionally. If she didn’t have special feelings for someone at first sight, then no matter what happened next, she would never have special feelings for that person.

As for the third brother, she felt that he was special at first sight, so she later started liking him, but not Du Ming. Gu Anxin felt that there must be no intersection with Du Ming in the future.

While she was thinking, a call came in on her cell phone.

Gu Anxin picked it up and saw that it was an unfamiliar number. She had not received a call from an unfamiliar number for a long time, and she was still a little stunned.

After ringing several times, she picked up the phone after Du Ming reminded her, “Hello?”

“Miss Gu.” The voice on the other end of the phone belonged to Xiao Yishan.

All the nerves in Gu Anxin’s body immediately tensed. She still remembered Xiao Yishan’s voice. But since the third brother didn’t fulfil the three-day appointment, Gu Anxin automatically classified Xiao Yishan and the third brother into the category of strangers. She didn’t expect to receive a call from Xiao Yishan now.

“Why are you looking for me?” When she said these words, even Gu Anxin was shocked. There was obvious anger hidden in her tone, and she could hear it herself.

In other words, she still hadn’t let go of her third brother!

Realizing this, Gu Anxin frowned slightly while listening to the phone call.

“Actually, it’s nothing. It’s just that I just passed by the entrance of Dachuan Comics and I seemed to see you getting into a man’s car?” Xiao Yishan said.

“Does this have anything to do with you?” Gu Anxin looked at Du Ming next to her, feeling a little funny.

Du Ming caught her gaze and was a little confused. He didn’t understand why she was looking at him when she answered the phone. Could the content of the phone call have anything to do with him?

“Of course it does matter. You are the third brother’s woman, and I am the third brother’s brother…oh no, I am the third brother’s boss! How can you just sit in another man’s car? A lonely man and a widowed woman, it’s not good to be in the same car together. Third brother will definitely be sad if he finds out.” Xiao Yishan said.

“Boss Xiao, not only do I want to ride in his car today, but I also want to ride in his car tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, every day!” Gu Anxin got angry and made angry remarks to Xiao Yishan on the other side of the phone.

Xiao Yishan actually spoke from the perspective of the third brother, who was his woman! Gu Anxin was angry. Not only was Xiao Yishan not qualified to say this, but even third brother himself was not qualified!

After Gu Anxin finished speaking, she hung up the phone. Xiao Yishan didn’t even have a chance to continue talking.

Then she hung up the phone angrily, and after a long time, Gu Anxin turned her head. Seeing Du Ming turning his head from time to time and smiling at her, she realized that he had heard what she just said to Xiao Yishan.

This was really terrible. She was just talking out of anger and didn’t mean it…

“Anxin, I’m very happy that you think so. From now on, I’ll take you home every day. I’m very happy, really.” Du Ming said.

God knew how happy he was when he just listened to Gu Anxin’s phone call.

Gu Anxin opened her mouth and didn’t know how to explain it for a moment. She really just wanted to anger Xiao Yishan, but she didn’t want to explain Xiao Yishan or the third brother’s matter to Du Ming.

Moreover, Gu Anxin had a subconscious idea that third brother might know what she did and where she was every day. He was observing her somewhere. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Xiao Yishan to see her just after she got into Du Ming’s car. Then call her immediately after.

She didn’t believe that Xiao Yishan was really just passing by Dachuan Comics.

If this was the case, she suddenly didn’t want to explain to Du Ming, so just let her be a bad woman who hung onto men. Now she really wanted to know if the third brother was really still paying attention to her.

So on the third day, Gu Anxin followed Du Ming directly into the car and allowed her to take him home by default.

But that day, when they arrived at the door of the house, neither Xiao Yishan nor the third brother called to express dissatisfaction.

Did Xiao Yishan really just happen to pass by Dachuan Comics yesterday? Did the third brother really stop paying attention to her secretly? Was everything just her fantasy? Gu Anxin was disappointed again.

While, in the old villa at this moment, the man sitting in the recliner had a sharp gaze, his legs were crossed, and his majestic aura made him look like a stranger.

Xiao Yishan was still saying: “Third brother, if you don’t go back, your woman will really be chased away by others. How can you sit still? If I were you, I would be anxious to death! She is already with him for the third time today. She even went home in her colleague’s car!”

At this time, Alice passed by Xiao Yishan with a cup of coffee and interjected, “Young Master Xiao, I didn’t know before what the emperor is not in a hurry but the eunuch is meant, but now I understand.”

Xiao Yishan was furious. He jumped up and pointed at Alice and complained to Ling Yue, “Third brother, do you still care about your subordinates? She called me a eunuch!”

There was no more deceptive curse in the world than being called a eunuch!

Ling Yue took a deep breath and said, “She did this on purpose.”

“Of course Alice did it on purpose. She just called me a eunuch on purpose, so hurry up and help me punish her!” Xiao Yishan shouted.

“No, I said Anxin did it on purpose.” Ling Yue picked up the coffee on the side, “You called her and made her think that I didn’t actually leave, but was somewhere beside her. She was deliberately irritating me, wanting me to come out.”

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