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Ling Yue clearly guessed what Gu Anxin was thinking.

Xiao Yishan thought about it, and it did make sense, “Then she must be doing this in the hope that you can appear in front of her, so can you go back?”

Ling Yue lowered his head and stirred the coffee in his hand. A coffee-coloured vortex immediately appeared on it, making it easy for people to lose their eyes.

He finally said: “I won’t reply.”

Xiao Yishan bared his teeth, “You will lose Miss Gu if you do this!”

Ling Yue didn’t answer any more, and Xiao Yishan felt deeply chilled for Gu Anxin.

At this moment, Gu Anxin herself was also heartbroken.

She originally thought that the third brother might be somewhere near her and could see her, so she deliberately took Du Ming’s car to annoy him. However, after her being this polite, the third brother still didn’t show up.

Gu Anxin was really heartbroken. It seemed that this man really didn’t plan to come back.

It would be unfair to Du Ming if things continued like this, so she planned to treat Du Ming to a meal one day in a week and make her words clear.

The location was decided at Louis Cafe, which was close to the company. After she made it clear, she could go home and there would be no need to mess around.

When Du Ming heard that Gu Anxin wanted to treat him to dinner, and because Gu Anxin had been riding in his car home for the past few days, Du Ming thought that Gu Anxin’s heart had finally been touched, and he almost jumped up with excitement.

However, in front of Gu Anxin, he still did not jump up directly and maintained the calmness and demeanour he should have.

Because the time was set at six o’clock in the evening at Louis Cafe, Du Ming took advantage of his lunch break to go to Louis Cafe to say hello and order a very romantic candlelight dinner with flowers.

If Gu Anxin didn’t clearly reject him tonight, then he decided to confess to Gu Anxin for the second time!

After ordering dinner and flowers, Du Ming was in a state of disbelief for the whole afternoon. He was in a daze for a while, then suddenly smiled. People around him felt that he was possessed by a ghost. Du Ming was excited, but he still held back and said that last time the entire company knew about his failed confession, and he didn’t plan to tell anyone else lest he failed this time as well.

Compared to Du Ming’s excitement, Gu Anxin seemed too calm.

The more she thought of her third brother’s indifference, the more she used composure to protect herself.

After getting off work, Gu Anxin waited for a while. The company finished work at 5:30, so she and Du Ming deliberately made an appointment at 6 o’clock to avoid public pressure from colleagues in the company.

In fact, if she had to explain it clearly to Du Ming, she would undoubtedly have to reject him again. Gu Anxin felt quite heavy in her heart, but she couldn’t skip this step. Du Ming was a good man and he shouldn’t be delayed by her no matter what.

At 5:45, Gu Anxin came out of the office. When she walked to the elevator, Du Ming was already waiting there, looking very happy. When he saw her, he was nervous and didn’t know where to put his hands.

Gu Anxin said hello to him, and the two of them entered the elevator together. She said, “Brother Du, I have something to tell you today.”

“Okay, let’s talk while eating later.” Du Ming smiled.

Gu Anxin nodded and said nothing for the time being.

After taking the elevator downstairs, Du Ming noticed that Gu Anxin seemed to be looking for something, looking left and right, as if she didn’t know the place.

“Anxin, what are you looking at? You work here every day, what is there to see around here?” Du Ming asked her.

Only then did Gu Anxin freeze. There was really nothing to see here. She looked left and right just to see if the third brother was watching her nearby.

In fact, she knew that this was impossible. The third brother, who looked busy all day long and didn’t care about anything, couldn’t be here just to stare at her.

Thinking of this, Gu Anxin took a long breath, felt relieved, and reminded herself secretly in her heart: “Gu Anxin, you really need to wake up, he will not come back, he will never come back!”

When Gu Anxin came to the cafe with Du Ming, Gu Anxin’s original intention was to find a table, treat Du Ming to a meal, thank him for driving her home for so many days, and then talk things over after the meal.

However, after entering the door, a waiter greeted him warmly, as if he knew Du Ming, “Sir, Miss, this way please.”

He actually led them into a small box.

“Why do they have a private room today?” Gu Anxin was surprised. The private rooms in Louis Cafe were always popular. It was impossible to have any private rooms for them at such a late hour.

Du Ming did not speak, but nodded meaningfully, “Maybe we are lucky, there are few people today.”

But Gu Anxin turned around and glanced at the people in the public hall outside. There were obviously quite a few…

However, the restaurant didn’t give her too much energy to worry about how few people there were today. After they sat down, before the food was served, a candle row was served, with several very beautiful white candles lit on it.

“The two guests are very lucky today. Today, our restaurant will provide free candlelight to the guests in the private room.” The waiter said to them while lighting the candle.

Du Ming smiled at Gu Anxin, “Anxin, look, we are really lucky today to have a candlelight dinner.”

Gu Anxin forced a smile, but looking at the candles, she always felt that something was wrong.

But she still had to wait until Du Ming finished the meal, because if she said it now, Du Ming might not be in the mood to eat later.

She must treat him to this meal, which represented her guilt and apology.

The steak dinner was served quickly. Du Ming was in a good mood and enjoyed the meal. From time to time, the two of them talked about interesting things about comics or the company. Although Gu Anxin was not in the mood to eat steak, she also followed suit.

After more than twenty minutes, Du Ming finished the steak slowly and held up the quilt to clink glasses with Gu Anxin, “Anxin, thank you for inviting me to dinner. I enjoyed this meal very much.”

Gu Anxin took a sip of red wine and said, “Brother Du, have you finished eating?”

Du Ming nodded, “I’ve finished eating.” Not only did he finish eating, he was also thinking that it was time to get flowers, because Gu Anxin didn’t express her rejection of him during the whole meal, and he felt that this confession was completely acceptable.

Seeing that he had finished eating, Gu Anxin put down the cup, “Then I have a few words to tell you.”

“Let’s talk later.” Du Ming stopped her, “Let me show you something first!” After saying that, he ran to the door of the box, took the rose from the waiter who had been waiting there, and then walked in. Standing in front of Gu Anxin in the private room, he looked at her solemnly and said, “Anxin, I want to try to win over you again. Can you accept my wish?”

Gu Anxin looked at the bouquet of flowers and was stunned. Then she realized that today’s inexplicable candlelight dinner was not an accidental gift at all, but was prepared deliberately by Du Ming.

“I…” Gu Anxin was speechless.

Before he could refuse, a hand suddenly reached out to Du Ming and took away the bouquet of roses.

Gu Anxin followed the hand blankly and looked at the person…then her nose suddenly felt sore.

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