JHTW Ch. 53

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“Team Captain!” A soldier in charge of the rear defense had just uttered these two words when he found a gun pressed against his forehead.

Shen Chengfeng pointed the weapon on his body and motioned for him to put it down, “This is just a drill. I don’t want any casualties in the end.”

The little soldier obediently placed his gun on the ground and sat down to hide his body in line with Shen Chengfeng’s actions.

“Someone is making a surprise attack.” The vigilant SSS308 instantly separated and dispersed.

Shen Chengfeng picked up the assault rifle on the ground and looked at the bullets inside. They were all high-precision imitation bullets. When the bullet entered the body, there would be a brief period of paralysis and also severe pain. It was just like being shot by a real gun, but it did not injure the body.

When Mo Luo heard the sound of gunshots in the air, he looked stern. He did not expect that the enemy would be behind him. He urgently ordered, “Everyone hide.”

Jiang Feng frowned and said, “I don’t know how many people there are on the other side now, captain. Do you want to continue attacking?”

Mo Luo raised his lips slightly, “Is it possible that our elites of the War Wings still can’t defeat their Iron Eagle recruits?”

Jiang Feng hesitated, he wanted to say what if the other party’s recruits were not new recruits, could they still manage?

Although the level of their War Wings team was higher than that of Tie Ying, if there was a real competition, they were afraid that the opponent would catch them off guard. After all, Shen Chengfeng was famous as the living king of hell. It was not unprecedented for one person to destroy an entire group.

“Captain, one team has been wiped out.” Someone said anxiously in the communicator.

Hearing this, the smile on Mo Luo’s face froze and he asked repeatedly: “The team was wiped out?”

Jiang Feng silently calculated the time it took for them to dispatch a team. In just five minutes, no one in the five-man team survived.

Mo Luo picked up the sniper rifle and climbed directly up to the ten-meter-high towering tree. He looked around the entire forest. The early morning sunlight penetrated through the gaps between the trees, scattering freely like starlight.

“Bang.” Deep in the jungle, a shot rang out, and birds flew around in the entire forest.

Xiao Jing hid behind the tree and took a breath. She looked at the tree trunk on her right side that had been peeled off by bullets and held the AK assault rifle harder and harder with both hands.

“I missed one cat. It seems to be a little wild cat.” The man’s voice was a little proud, as if he saw the shortcomings of his opponent.

Xiao Jing held her breath. She heard the footsteps approaching her gradually, and hesitantly used her body as bait.

“Bang!” After exposing herself, she pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Qi Sheng lay on his side and used the big tree as a cover to block the bullet attack, and then he also fired a shot.

Xiao Jing held the rifle as if she was waiting for the opponent’s shot. She paid full attention to the direction of the bullet and clicked with her index finger.

She fired two shots in a row, “Bang, bang!”

Qi Sheng couldn’t retract his hand in time, the bullet grazed his wrist, and the pistol fell to the ground, and his body subconsciously wanted to pick it up.

“Bang.” Xiao Jing dropped the dagger, and the sharp blade was so bright, such a bright stab hit the front inch of the pistol, and missed Qi Sheng’s hand within a second.

Qi Sheng quickly retracted his hand and gave up the pistol. He hid behind the tree trunk and put one hand on his knife sheath.

Xiao Jing did not take advantage of the situation to pursue, but once again fired two shots at the big tree, then turned around and ran away.

Qi Sheng silently waited for the opponent to approach. In this case, the enemy would definitely chase him and give him a fatal blow.

He clasped the knife sheath tightly, calculating how long it would take to get closer to him.

One second, ten seconds, sixty seconds, two minutes, three minutes…

A drop of sweat dripped down Qi Sheng’s neck. There was no movement behind him. He wondered whether he should go out and see what was going on.

“Cuckoo.” The bird took off.

Qi Sheng couldn’t wait any longer, so he picked up the knife and ran out from behind the tree trunk viciously.

He thought that his movements were smart and capable, and his momentum was magnificent and powerful, but then… there was no one in front of him!

It felt like he had shot him vigorously, but the other person ran away irresponsibly early in the morning.


The prey he obtained just ran away in front of him.

Just now, he had the ambition to kill these incompetent guys with one blow.

But the other party just shot him twice, turned around and ran away?

According to the habits of their special forces, shouldn’t they annihilate the enemy and kill him at this time?

Sure enough, this person was not a novice, he must have seen through him and was hiding behind his back to attack.

Turned out to be a master.

Xiao Jing panted and hid in the grass, patting her chest lightly. Fortunately, she ran fast.

She looked at her magazine dumbfounded and saw that it was empty, including the two shots just now.

“Who is it? Come out!”

Xiao Jing froze and glanced behind her. There was a man holding an assault rifle expressionlessly at her small body.

“I’ll count to three, you better come out on your own.” The other party aimed at the grass with some movement, making sure to prepare to shoot immediately if there was any situation.

Xiao Jing walked out of the grass with her hands raised and said: “I surrender.”

The man squinted his eyes, pointed to the position two meters in front of him, and said: “Hold your head and squat down.”

Xiao Jing squatted on the ground as if obeying orders. He looked at the shadow that was getting closer to him without any movement.

The man looked at the military emblem on Xiao Jing’s shoulder and asked warily: “Are you from the Tie Ying Team?”

Xiao Jing nodded, “We train separately, and we don’t interfere with each other.”

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