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After breakfast, Jiang Lan carried snacks and water on his back, Jiao Tu hugged Suan Ni, and the three brothers went out together.

Their destination was Qingyang Lake Park not far away.

As its name suggested, Qingyang Lake Park naturally surrounded Qingyang Lake. With Qingyang Lake as the center, the park radiated to the surrounding areas, with large areas of flowers, plants and trees planted around it, along with many leisure and entertainment venues.

Every weekend, many residents from nearby communities took their children to the park to play. However, because the park was large enough, it did not seem crowded.

Jiang Lan had brought Suan Ni to the park before, so he was familiar with it this time.

Because Jiao Tu was afraid of strangers, he deliberately took his younger brother deeper into the park, avoiding crowded places and taking the path around the lake with fewer people.

The time of late spring and early summer was perfect for visiting the park. There were weeping willows on the shore and lotus leaves in the lake. The breeze blew gently, and you could still smell the fragrance of grass and trees.

This was a completely different view from the sea.

Jiao Tu had never seen such a scenery in detail before and felt dizzy for a moment. He was led by Jiang Lan, like a curious child. He looked at the lotus flowers in the lake for a while, and then at the koi carp gathering in the shallow water. Jiang Lan specially brought fish food, and when he saw this, he gave him a handful and asked him to try feeding the fish.

He threw a handful of fish food into the water and more koi carps gathered on the shore, swaying their heads and tails, begging for food.

Jiao Tu squatted down and slowly spread the fish food. Suan Ni squatted next to him, staring at the fat koi with bright eyes, trying to catch the fish with his claws.

Jiang Lan was lying on the railing and looking at them with a smile.

After Jiao Tu finished feeding the fish, he subconsciously looked back at Jiang Lan, his round black eyes full of smiles.

Jiang Lan said: “Look, human society is actually not bad.”

Jiao Tu hesitated for a moment and nodded. This place was not as scary as he imagined, and his smile was much brighter.

“Going further, there is an open space over there where we can have a picnic and fly kites.”

Jiang Lan took his younger brothers deeper into the park. After finding a suitable place, he took out the picnic cloth and laid it out. He took out the fruits, snacks and drinks and placed them on the picnic cloth in turn.

The weather today was sunny and breezy, which was suitable for kite flying. He even bought a butterfly kite over.

After finishing preparing the kite, the three brothers started flying the kite on the grass.

Jiang Lan was holding the kite from behind, Jiao Tu was running forward with the kite’s spindle, and Suan Ni was running with him on the side. Both brothers’ eyes were fixed on the kite as it flew up and down.

After the kite successfully flew into the sky, Suan Ni squatted on Jiao Tu’s shoulders and instructed him to loosen the line and let the kite fly higher.

Jiao Tu flew a kite for the first time and was very excited. Under Suan Ni’s command, he loosened and retracted the thread. The butterfly kite quickly flew high, until only a small red dot could be seen.

Jiang Lan was watching them playing not far away. When he saw this, he reminded: “Don’t let it go too high, be careful of the thread breaking.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jiao Tu heard an “ah” sound, then he looked up blankly, held up the empty spool and said: “The thread is broken.”

The kite, which was flying high, swayed downwards and fell toward the lake. Jiao Tu said anxiously: “I’ll pick it up.”

After saying that, he took Suan Ni and ran towards the lake. Jiang Lan looked at the two brothers’ backs running away and shouted helplessly: “Don’t run too far.”

By that time, Jiao Tu had already run far away with Suan Ni.

Fortunately, the kite did not fall too quickly and was not blown into the lake. Jiao Tu chased it to the lake, and the kite happened to be hanging on a willow tree beside the Nine-hole Bridge.

“I’ll get it.” Suan Ni used his shoulder as leverage to jump to the tree to pick the kite, while Jiao Tu waited under the tree.

The lake water behind him rippled gently, and waves of quiet fragrance were carried to his nose by the wind. Jiao Tu wrinkled his nose, not liking the smell.

At this time, the ripples in the lake behind him became larger, as if something was lapping at the water.

While Suan Ni was still untying the kite string on the tree, Jiao Tu curiously turned back to look at the lake, and saw long black hair like seaweed floating in the clear lake water. The place where he stood was just beside the nine-hole arch bridge. The long black hair floated out from under the arch bridge, and then there was a gorgeous and beautiful face.

The woman’s skin color was extremely white, which was three points paler than the nine-hole bridge painted with white paint. The long eyebrows were slanted, and the ends of her eyes were dyed red. But her pair of eyes were pure black, without any white at all.

She just floated in the water, her dark eyes looking at Jiao Tu standing on the bridge, her bright red lips forming a three-point smile.

The aroma at the tip of his nose became stronger. Jiao Tu looked at the woman in the lake with curiosity without blinking.

The woman in the lake looked at him for a moment, then suddenly stopped smiling, and the left half of her face gradually began to rot. At this time, half of her face was intact, but half of her face was left with only rotten flesh and bones. She looked at Jiao Tu intently, her pure black eyes showing a bit of viciousness, then turned around and dived to the bottom of the lake. Her long hair and skirt scattered into a gorgeous flower in the clear water.

Suan Ni had already taken down the kite, and so he called out: “Jiujiu? What are you looking at? Come and pick me up.”

Jiao Tu said “Oh”, looked away, and reached out to meet him under the tree.

Suan Ni threw the kite down first, and then nimbly jumped onto his shoulder. Jiao Tu picked up the kite and returned with Suan Ni.

Jiang Lan saw the brothers coming back and handed them water: “There is a spare thread spool in the bag. Do you want to play some more?”

Suan Ni groaned and lay beside his legs, asking him to rub his belly: “I won’t play anymore.”

Seeing this, Jiao Tu also sat down next to Jiang Lan, still holding the water bottle in his hand and taking a sip: “I don’t want to play anymore.”

Then he said: “I just saw someone in the lake.”

“Huh? Who?” Jiang Lan frowned slightly and looked at him inquiringly.

Jiao Tu described the situation in the lake, sniffed again and said quickly, “That’s the smell! It smells so bad.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a “plop” sound not far ahead, like the sound of something heavy falling into the water.

Jiang Lan looked slightly stern, and immediately got up and walked towards the lake. After taking only two steps, he heard the noise over there, and someone shouted for help: “Someone has fallen into the water!”

Soon after, there were two more sounds of falling into the water, as if someone jumped into the water to save others.

Jiang Lan quickened his pace and rushed over. When he arrived, he saw that the young man who had fallen into the water had been rescued. His eyes were closed tightly, and the person who rescued him was giving him artificial respiration. ‘

The crowd who came after hearing the sound gathered around, dialing 120, calling people…it almost became a mess.

Fortunately, the emergency department arrived in less than ten minutes. The young man woke up from the coma after receiving first aid. His girlfriend was the first to call for help, and she accompanied him into the ambulance.

When the medical staff passed by Jiang Lan with a stretcher, Jiang Lan smelled the fragrance that Jiao Tu had mentioned.

This fragrance was not strong, it was a very quiet cold fragrance that seemed to float on the tip of the nose. It was very light at first. But if you smelled it frequently, the fragrance became stronger. Jiang Lan sniffed carefully for a while and smelled a rotten smell in the fragrance.

No wonder Jiao Tu said it smelled bad.

Jiang Lan walked to the lake and lowered his head to look at the water. Because someone fell into the water and was rescued, the lake water on the shore had become a little turbid.

He walked back and forth along the lake but did not find the woman Jiao Tu had mentioned.

The crowd gathered because of the farce of someone falling into the water had dispersed. Jiang Lan could not find any clues and could only regretfully go home.

The three brothers left along the way they came. As they walked along the lakeside path, there was a slight sound of water on the lake behind them. Jiang Lan looked back and saw a few strands of black hair floating in the center of the lake, followed by a sudden sound. And a white face rose from the water, with her black eyes without whites staring steadily at them.

Jiang Lan narrowed his eyes and was about to turn back to see what it was, but the woman in the lake instantly sank into the lake and disappeared.

The lake was calm without any ripples, and it was as if the woman had never appeared.

Today he had brought his younger brothers out to play. Jiang Lan didn’t want to cause more trouble, so he thought he would find time to visit later, therefore he took Jiao Tu and Suan Ni back home.

The three brothers had dinner outside in the afternoon.

Jiang Lan took Jiao Tu to eat hot pot.

Jiao Tu spent most of his time in the Dragon Palace and ate only all kinds of seafood, which tasted very light. Jiang Lan was afraid that he wouldn’t be used to spicy food, so he specially ordered a tomato pot for him. Who would have thought that Jiao Tu would fall in love with spicy hot pot after trying it once. While his eyes and nose had turned red from the spicy hot pot, he was still staring greedily at the fat beef rolls in the hot pot.

Jiang Lan poured him a glass of iced Coke and asked him to relieve the spicy taste before eating.

After Jiao Tu finished drinking, he started to stare at the meat in the pot again and said, “Drank.”

Jiang Lan couldn’t help but take out the blanched meat and put it in his bowl.

After eating hot pot, they went to the night market. The three of them played until about 11 o’clock in the evening before returning home.

Jiao Tu didn’t go to sleep in the aquarium that night. He changed back to his original form and squeezed into a pillow with Suan Ni. Suan Ni bent his body into a U shape to surround him. The two brothers occupied the inside of the bed, while Jiang Lan slept on the outside.

After playing outside all day, the three brothers almost fell asleep before lying on the bed.

In the middle of the night, the silver moonlight penetrated through the gaps in the untied curtains and fell on the off-white wooden floor. The sound of water sounded softly in the dark bedroom, one after another, like the sound of ripples.

And there was a seemingly non-existent cold fragrance floating on the tip of the nose.

Jiang Lan’s whole body seemed to be submerged under water, and his whole body was covered with cold dampness. Occasionally, hair strands scratched his skin, causing a slight itch…

He opened his eyes suddenly, but the bedroom was quiet, with no sound of water or lingering cold fragrance.


Only the silver moonlight sprinkled the ground.

The author has something to say:

Longlong: Let alone twenty years old, even if he is two hundred or two thousand years old, in my eyes, the little monster is just a cub.

Lanlan (surprised): Really? Actually….


Longlong shed tears when he learned the truth later.

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