YXBG Ch. 20: The Return

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Yin Zhefei’s high school work was extremely heavy, even if he was a genius, he had to spend a lot of time to study. But Yin Xiaomei was different. She basically didn’t have any homework in elementary school, and the camera Lu Xianxian gave her was confiscated by Yin Zhefei, so she was stuck in a loop of infinite worry and boredom.

To be honest, she really liked taking pictures. Now she even knew how to pay attention to light, angles and poses of characters. Even the selection of reels could be done handily. Yin Zhefei’s very good looks could make her take a twelve-point shot. It felt that, coupled with her careful selection, each one was a classic among classics.

Although she thought that this man was undesirable, she just couldn’t click a distorted picture because of the angle problem. After all, she also had professional ethics. Why didn’t that sand pig understand it!

But Xiaomei began to work hard at home to behave like an obedient child, without mentioning the camera. Secretly, she yelled grievances to Lu Xianxian, so she soon received a more high-end camera!

The new camera had greatly exceeded the previous one in terms of performance and portability, but Xiaomei still found it not very handy to use. She was fiddling with the new camera in the room that day when she heard the phone ringing downstairs, Xiaomei rushed downstairs to grab the phone: “Mom!”

“Bonsoir, babe.” Chang Mei’s gentle voice came through the phone and caused the little guy on this end to burst into tears immediately.

“Mom, mom, when are you coming back? Xiaomei misses you… Brother will bully Xiaomei if Mom is not here… oooooo…” On the one hand, she was wronged by Yin Zhefei, and on the other hand, she hadn’t seen her mother from a long time. When she reached her mother, she cried very miserably.

“Oh, don’t cry, Xiaomei, why did your brother bully you? Tell your mother, mother will go back and talk to him!” Chang Mei’s heart softened as she heard her daughter’s cry.

But Xiaomei was at a loss again, eh, it seemed that everything she said was wrong and she had to avoid it: “Mum, come back anyway… Xiaomei wants her mother to come back and take Xiaomei to play.”

“Okay, mom’s contest is over! It’s a gold award. I will go back and show Xiaomei the trophy, it’s pretty!”

Yin Xiaomei agreed, but her heart was full of envy. Mom was really good; she could dance and perform. In comparison with her, she was really a bit inferior! Xiaomei suddenly felt that she should learn something too, so she could show off with her children in the future!

“Mom will give Xiaomei a gift. It’s time to go outside now, Xiaomei, why don’t you go and have a look?”

Gift? Xiaomei was taken aback, she was already holding the phone, so she dragged the long phone line behind her, and ran to open the door.

“Xiaomei!” The woman outside the door was wearing a honey-colored windbreaker, her hair in an elegant bun, and a delicate trophy in her hand, showing a loving smile at her. Even if the Virgin Mary in the church descended to earth, it would not be better than this!

“Mom!” Xiaomei was taken aback, lost the phone, hugged her mother’s slender legs and started crying: “Mom, when did mother come back…”

Chang Mei squatted down and embraced her with a smile: “Good girl, Mom, came back as soon as this is over?”

Yin Zhefei also heard the movement, and immediately ran down from upstairs. He saw Xiaomei crying in the arms of her mother and walked silently to help their mother carry her large and small bags of luggage and come into the house.

“Mom, why didn’t you say anything when you were coming back. I could have come pick you up.” He frowned, “Was the contest good?”

“Everything went well! We were the champions!” Chang Mei was holding her crying daughter and smiling very happily, “I came back in a hurry. Achun said that you and Xiaomei are fighting at home every day. If I don’t come back, you two will definitely lift the roof off.” She teased the little girl in her arms. “Xiaomei, come on, did you do something to make your brother angry?”

“Xiaomei didn’t!” She hurriedly denied with tears, and at the same time looked at Yin Zhefei with a guilty conscience.

Yin Zhefei was confused by her pitiful appearance and said calmly: “Xiaomei is pretty good.”

“Really? That’s fine. I just said that Xiaomei is a very well-behaved child.” She put Xiaomei on the sofa and dragged her suitcase over: “Mom brought a lot of gifts back for you.”

Xiaomei looked at her mother who like a fairy in a fairy tale, conjured up all kinds of toys and handkerchiefs, and screamed in surprise. Yin Zhefei’s gift was a pair of Dior shoes. Seeing that her presents surpassed Yin Zhefei in number, Xiaomei immediately became balanced.

“Thank you, mom,” he took the shoes, and wore them to show to his mother. In fact, he was not too much into European and American things, and it would be a bit weird to wear these shoes in school, and it was not convenient to play basketball or anything wearing them.

“It’s great!” Chang Mei was very happy.

“Zhefei looks good in this.”

Xiaomei pouted: “Mom, Xiaomei will also change clothes to show you!”

Yin Zhefei gave her a sideways glance, this guy would never forget to compete with him, her desire for monopoly was too strong.

The night when the mother came back, the atmosphere was undoubtedly very peaceful. Ah Chun made supper, and the two children stayed with their mother to chat until late.

However, the good times didn’t last long. Xiaomei had just slept with her mother for two nights when Yin Ruoji flew back as soon as he came to know the news of his wife’s return home. Yin Xiaomei was thrown out again because of the “mating” problem.

The gift her father gave her was a thick book of “Philosophy and Cultivation.” Xiaomei only felt that such a big brick was very suitable for plotting against Yin Zhefei.

However, after Yin Zhefei got the book, he couldn’t wait to get into the room to read it.

At this time, in the room, Chang Mei snuggled in Yin Ruoji’s arms and said happily: “It’s great, my husband actually came back to accompany me.” She kissed Yin Ruoji’s chest and smiled sweetly. However, Yin Ruoji was in a constant trance, as if he was deeply troubled by something.

“Husband?” No response from him, Chang Mei stood up, “What’s the matter?”

Yin Ruoji reacted, and he gently hugged his wife: “It’s okay, thinking about business.”

“You, you are too busy. You have to rest now. You can worry about these things tomorrow!” She massaged his temples distressedly, her long hair scratching on his chest.

“Amei…” He held her hand and looked at her seriously: “Never leave me, OK, let me take care of you for the rest of my life.”

“Okay,” Chang Mei smiled and poked his head, “Why are you suddenly saying such a strange thing, I must depend on you for the rest of my life, if you just push me away, I will also haunt you!”


The vacation was always short, not to mention there was such a huge “surprise” awaiting them. Yin Zhefei felt as if he had just slept, and the new semester had already arrived. Xiaomei played till dark every day, and naturally felt that time flies quickly. Although her school started much later than Yin Zhefei, she only wished that every day was a holiday.

At the beginning of the new semester, there was a “heavyweight” student who transferred to their school.

She was really a heavyweight. Every step she took caused the earth to tremble. Everyone thought it was a Godzilla covered in pink clothes and had come over from the United States. Lu Xianxian’s eyes were squeezed into two slits by the flesh on her face, and she looked at the frightened classmates coldly.

Zhang Xiangyi had already begun to tremble, and he grabbed his teammate next to him: “No… don’t let her see me…”

Oh my God, their fearless captain would have such a weak moment! The people on the basketball team looked at each other in awe of this woman-let’s be a woman-for the time being.

“Zhang~Xiang~Yi~!” The voice echoed on the basketball court like the opening remark of Brother Yixiu, making everyone who heard it feel like an instant petrification. Lu Xianxian smiled and yelled: “I see you!”

The teammates dispersed silently, revealing Zhang Xiangyi, who had nowhere to hide. He cursed his friend’s treachery while shrinking. He stood up, and no one would believe that this was the “bandit Zhang” who had frightened all the bad boys around him.

The teammate couldn’t help but ask, “Boss, who is this woman!”

Before Zhang Xiangyi had time to say anything, Lu Xianxian had already announced her identity loudly-“I am Yin Zhefei’s girlfriend!”

Wow! Everyone’s mouth dropped open! No wonder Yin Zhefei had been reluctant to find a girlfriend. It turned out that his taste was so unique! Such a woman was really not something ordinary people could control!

At the same time, Xiaomei’s class also ushered in a new head teacher, and everyone’s morale was high. Unfortunately, Mao Ruiying was still their Chinese teacher, and Lin Diyi’s Chinese score could barely be maintained at around 95 points.

She didn’t care: “It doesn’t matter, I know that I answered well. Isn’t this something expected?”

Yin Xiaomei felt that this was really unfair to Lin Diyi, and she should tell the Owl so. The big-character poster that she posted was just fine. After all, her grades were not good at first, and no matter how bad it was, Gao Yu was worse.

However, speaking of Gao Yu, at the beginning of this semester, Ms. Laura announced a big event-a pair of Gao Yu’s “Quail” won the gold medal in the National Painting and Calligraphy Competition. The main judge of the organizing committee also specifically called the school. It was said that his paintings at a young age had the forbearance of adults and the ability to criticize of the world, which was quite a legacy, and he was a rare good seedling.

The principal hurriedly opened the grade meeting and praised Gao Yu.

This was the first time that Gao Yu had stood on the podium representing honor and spoke as an example. However, his gaze seemed to have brushed over everyone, without any waves: “I don’t feel so excited for the painting to be awarded.” He paused, “Because I deserve it.”

This arrogant remark came out. Everyone immediately whispered timidly.

“But I want to thank someone.” His gaze crossed Yin Xiaomei but fell in the front row. “It is my head teacher, Teacher Shen Huijun, who provided me with this opportunity so that my ability can be seen by everyone.”

“Ms. Laura, it’s Ms. Laura!” Everyone looked at the beautiful figure in the front row with excitement.

Yin Xiaomei recovered from her surprise. At that moment, she thought he was going to mention herself! Shocked her!

Gao Yu became a man of the school for a while, and his handsome and pale appearance began to attract girls. Xiaomei felt that she had finally done a good thing, after all, Gao Yu no longer had to endure the endless bullying, and the boys were also willing to contact him.

“God takes away from you on the one hand, and he will definitely compensate on the other, so never complain, but persevere.”

This was a sentence on the front page of the book that Dad gave her, and Xiaomei thought it was appropriate to be used here.

In fact, she only read the title page.

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