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Following Su Yemu’s order, the crowd dispersed, those who took care of the vegetable garden went back to take care of the vegetable garden, and those who took care of the poultry went back to take care of the poultry.

The menu for the opening of Yushan Lou today was fixed. Since it was called Yushan Lou, it must be worthy of the name. The dishes selected today were all famous dishes.

Su Yemu was busy in the kitchen, so Xiaonan took No. 2, Da Zhuang, and Da Yu to open the doors.

At this time, many people were already standing outside the farm, and the wasteland outside the farm had become a place where private spaceships were temporarily parked, and two starships were mixed in. There were even mines. As for the big troops, that was, those who came on the Neptune passenger ship, they were still waiting at the ship station, and when they saw private spaceships flying over their heads one by one, they argued with the staff at the station why they did not start until eleven, believe it or not, they would bite them.

Those who didn’t get a ticket secretly gritted their teeth, too late? Pass me the ticket! It was all the fault of the Ministry of Communications, who refused to add one more spaceship or one more flight.

“This, this stone sculpture, what kind of animal is this?” An old man was shocked by the two stone statues at the gate. The left and right stone statues were huge, turning their heads to look at each other, with a faint smile on their open mouths, the sculptures were simple and full of aura. If you looked closely, you could see that their copper bell-like eyes are piercing, and the chin was slightly lifted, with a domineering look, as if telling others that although he looked simple and cute, he was not easy to mess with.

“This building is so beautiful, I’ve never seen something like this before, what kind of pattern is engraved on it?”

“Oh my god, it’s a miracle, how can there be such a beautiful pattern, it’s more touching than when I saw it in the live broadcast room.”

“I am a fan of the right person, Bobo is so talented.”

A group of people wearing high-end brand names, private custom clothes, and precious accessories stood in front of the gate, whispering, they looked up at the brightly coloured, complicated and gorgeous patterns on the archway and were constantly amazed.

There was also a plaque hanging under the archway, which read in gold: Yushan Lou.

The problem was, they didn’t know traditional Chinese characters!

Behind the archway was the gate, which looked like it was made of wood, thick and atmospheric.


The door opened, and a little girl in a panda apron came out with a white rabbit and two tall men.

“Welcoming everyone to Yushan Luo, please come in.”

Everyone was a little disappointed to see that it wasn’t Su Yemu who came out.


“Brother didn’t know there were already people here, and he is still in the kitchen!”

There were dozens of people who came, dragging their families along. When they walked in, they were once again shocked by the grandeur of the pavilions, hills and flowing water by the bridge, the lotuses were blooming, it was all beautiful, but the problem was that they didn’t understand a lot! So there was the following dialogue: “What is that?”


“What is that?”

“Water wheel!”

“What is that!”

“Bamboo raft!”

“What is that?”

She felt that they were country bumpkins.

Su Yemu didn’t expect people to come this early, so he had to let Jiang Xiaoyu make some snacks first, let them have breakfast first, since the lunch won’t start until noon, there were two hours left, and another robot was sent to take everyone around the garden, tour the small farm, and tour around the small ranch to pass the time.

“Wow, this is a chicken! It’s a real chicken!”

“Ah, this is a duck, so the duck looks like this!”

The exclamation continued, and some people kept taking pictures, and some simply broadcasted live on the platform. It was the first time for Yushan Lou to broadcast live to relatives and friends in this way, causing a small-scale outbreak in front of people.

The people behind came one after another until half past eleven, ushering in the peak.

Everyone slowly returned to the lobby, but there were too many people at this time, if the acquaintances sat at the same table, they would not be able to sit down at all, there was no way to join the table, anyway, today’s dishes could not be ordered, it was all fixed dishes.

The Four Gentlemen’s Pavilion had already been set, Grandpa Zong and Boss Hei were sitting in the Mei Pavilion, Mr. Chen and the president were sitting in the Lanting Pavilion with a few people they didn’t know, General Gu had taken General Gavin to sit in the Bamboo Pavilion, and Marshal He had taken a few subordinates to sit in the Chrysanthemum Pavilion.

These people all received Su Yemu’s post. When Ryan brought Mr. Daim, there were no seats left.

They finally squeezed in with a young man covering his face.

“Kevin! Don’t think that if you cover your face, I won’t know you as your cousin,” Ryan said, “What, I chased you cousin Kevin to this place.”

Kevin patted Ryan’s hand away, who was it that the idiot came: “Are you kidding, I’m here for Bobo.”

Ryan laughed twice, took a sip of the grapefruit tea on the table, andthen his eyes lit up, it was delicious. There were still a few empty plates on the table, presumably some snacks had already been served, and they had been eaten up, these foodies.

At this time, five robots came out pushing the dining cart. They collected the empty plates on the table. When they wanted to get Ryan’s cup, Ryan hugged it: “I haven’t had enough.” The robot blinked and left.

Ryan: Why did I see contempt?

At the same time, the robot also placed the dishes, bowls, and chopsticks that were not on the table. The lobby was a picture of spring, and the Four Gentlemen’s Pavilion was divided into four types, and the patterns echoed the names of the pavilions.

In the kitchen, Jiang Xiaoyu was in charge of preparing dimsum, Mai Tian was in charge of cold dishes, Erha had a second-level chef certificate, and the study time was longer than Mai Tian, so Su Yemu asked him to be in charge of hot dishes, and Ace was in charge of carving flowers.

The soup was to be served first. The earthen pot that had been simmering for ten hours was unsealed, and the rich aroma started overflowing. It was not a lie for it to be known as the altar of fragrance. The mellow, fresh and sweet fragrance of seafood floated from the kitchen to the lobby, and then to the four Gentlemen’s Pavilion, and almost everyone stood up and inhaled with their noses up.

“It smells so good, what does it smell like?”

“Is it “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall[1]“?”

Someone said, it was the audience who watched the live broadcast last night.

“It’s “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. I was too busy at work last night, so I didn’t watch the live broadcast. I rushed over early this morning.” A middle-aged woman stood up, very anxious.

The person who was asked was stunned for a moment before saying: “It is made of many, many expensive seafood and meat, etc., dozens of materials!”

Those who were brought here by their family members and had never watched Su Yemu’s live broadcast were even more looking forward to it. They had to see what kind of goblin was able to fascinate him (her) like this, keeping watch in the live broadcast room on time every day, which was more exciting than watching the Imperial Central News on time.

The “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” was divided into exquisite small soup cups, and the food was also divided into pieces. There was no way, the abalone, sea cucumber and other seafood was bigger than you expected.

“Master, can I have a bite?” Erha was about to cry and kept licking his mouth.

The others were not much better, and their faces had turned red.

Su Yemu had no choice but to pick out a few pieces of food from the noodles, feed one piece to each person, and it was gone.

Erha: “I want to eat it even more, I really want to drive the mecha and blow up everyone outside, so that “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” is all mine.”

When the robot came out pushing the dining car, everyone was rushing to the kitchen door, but fortunately Da Zhuang stopped them.

The mouth-watering “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” appeared, and when they were assigned to each person one by one, they couldn’t wait to open the cup.

The most original umami taste of dozens of ingredients was forced out and fused into a small cup of soup. When you drank the rich and mellow soup, you could feel its tenderness and deliciousness. The degree of delicacy was unimaginable.

“I actually want to cry because of a bowl of soup. I think I, Esme, have eaten all over the planets, and even went to alien civilizations, but I have never eaten such a delicacy. This time, I have to do a special feature on him.”

It’s like dust on a pearl, it was so delicious, that if she didn’t promote it, it must be against the law, and it was a waste of her name as as gourmet.

When “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” was served to the Four Gentlemen’s Pavilion, the queen was relieved, she could hardly hold the emperor down. Grandpa Zong had eaten a lot of food brought to him by Su Yemu. He knew that he was good at cooking, but he didn’t expect him to be so superb.

A few words.

Grandpa Zong was stunned, shook his head and sighed: “I didn’t expect him to attract these people, and I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse.”

Boss Hei didn’t care: “Don’t worry! He is smarter than we imagined, and his luck is also good.”

In this world, people were most afraid of lucky people.

He Yunting also showed surprise when he heard the adjutant’s report, tsk, this little guy attracted no ordinary people, but there was nothing to be afraid of, he was here.

After the hot soup vetted their appetite, everyone was even hungrier and stretched their necks waiting for the next dish.

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