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Xu Mingzhen just wanted to remind him, but seeing that Wei Zhiqian didn’t seem surprised or objected, she swallowed her words back.

She also didn’t want to embarrass her daughter in front of outsiders.

“Can I open it now?” Tan Mo asked with her head raised.

“Of course.”

Tan Mo put the box on the coffee table, and carefully unwrapped the bow on the box.

When she opened the box, there was a Q-version Sleeping Beauty princess that she could hug fully inside.

The princess had a round face, which was very cute.

Her long hair could also be combed, braided and styled.

“Thank you, uncle!” Tan Mo was very happy, “I like it so much!”

Wei Zhiqian smiled, and took out two more invitation cards.

One was given to Li Xiangrong, and the other was given to Xu Mingzhen.

“I came here today to invite my eldest brother and sister-in-law to grandma’s birthday party.”

Wei Zhiqian said to Xu Mingzhen again, “Mrs. Tan, you also come with Mr. Tan and also bring Tan Mo and her brothers.”

Today, he just came to send invitations, but he didn’t expect Xu Mingzhen and Tan Mo to be there.

He didn’t intend to invite them.

But Wei Keli did something stupid, so he, as Wei Keli’s uncle had to make up for it.

As for Yuan Keqing, forget it.

Wei Zhiqian just pointed out the Tan family members on purpose, skipping over Yuan Keqing.

Xu Mingzhen received the invitation from Wei Zhiqian’s hands in a flattered manner, and hurriedly said, “We will definitely be there.”

She did not expect her family to receive this invitation.

After all, it was Old Mrs. Wei’s birthday party!

Apart from the Wei family themselves, the invited families were only those at the level of the Eight Great Families.

There may be people who had a better relationship with the Wei family, but it was never their turn to talk about attending such an event.

Wei Zhiqian left after completing the task.

He really liked Tan Mo, the little girl, so he pinched her face and said, “See you next time.”

After Wei Zhiqian left, Xu Mingzhen patted her chest and whispered to Li Xiangrong, “I never thought that I would be so nervous when facing a teenager.”

“Don’t talk about yourself, I am also nervous.” Li Xiangrong said in a low voice.

Her husband was just Wei Zhiqian’s cousin, separated by another family.

Because of Yuan Keqing’s matter, Tan Mo was not in the mood to play with Wei Keli anymore.

Unexpectedly, at such a young age, Wei Keli couldn’t resist Yuan Keqing’s tricks.

Could he still resist these tricks after growing up?

It seemed that no matter what life it was, Wei Keli would still not change.

It was just that in this life, the two of them met in advance, and Tan Mo knew early on that Wei Keli was confused and hopeless.

Xu Mingzhen left with Tan Mo and Yuan Keqing.

Only then did Li Xiangrong say to Wei Keli: “You grew up watching Tan Mo, don’t you understand her temperament? You still doubt her. You really let me down.”

“I will apologize to her.” Only then did Wei Keli realize that he hadn’t apologized to Tan Mo yet.

“Everyone is gone, how are you going to apologize? What have you been doing? You still have to apologize. It happens to be your great grandma’s birthday party soon, and you should apologize to Tan Mo face to face then. However, instead of apologizing afterwards, you should think about it carefully and don’t make this mistake again in the future.”

Xu Mingzhen brought Tan Mo and Yuan Keqing home.

Tan Mo and Yuan Keqing sat in the back, while Yuan Keqing was still crying silently.

Xu Mingzhen rarely did not coax her.

Yuan Keqing knew that she had made Xu Mingzhen angry.

No matter how much Xu Mingzhen loved her as a niece, when it came to Tan Mo, Xu Mingzhen would always stand by Tan Mo’s side and could give her up without hesitation.

Yuan Keqing lowered her head, her eyes full of jealousy.

“Sister, don’t cry.” Tan Mo’s soft voice sounded beside her ear.

Xu Mingzhen accidentally looked at Tan Mo through the rear-view mirror.

Obviously Tan Mo was the one who was wronged today, but she wanted to comfort Yuan Keqing instead.

No wonder her three sons were so worried about their little sister, Momo was so kind and simple, it was really easy for her to suffer.

Then she saw Yuan Keqing turn her head to look at Tan Mo, as she asked whimperingly, “Cousin, are you not angry with me?”

“You didn’t mean it, we are a family, what’s there to be angry about?” Tan Mo smiled said.

Yuan Keqing asked in surprise, “Are you still willing to play with me?”

“Of course.”

Tan Mo thought while smiling.

“I didn’t bring a handkerchief, sister, did you bring it? Wipe away your tears, don’t cry.” Tan Mo touched her small bag, which contained her beloved handkerchief, but she didn’t want to use it to wipe Yuan Keqing’s tears.

Yuan Keqing didn’t bring it with her, so she wiped away her tears with the back of her hand.

Seeing that Tan Mo was still holding the doll that Wei Zhiqian gave her in her arms, she asked, “Cousin, do you like this doll very much?”

“Of course.” Tan Mo looked at the doll and narrowed her eyes with a smile.

Don’t think about how Tan Mo was the little princess of the family in this life, but in her previous life she was a little snow lotus spirit who had always been rooted in the ground.

She was a little snow lotus who had never seen the world.

She really liked the doll Wei Zhiqian gave her.

Yuan Keqing bowed her head and curled her lips, thinking that Tan Mo had been doted on since she was a child, so it was really embarrassing how she still looked so poor, like someone who had never seen the world.

“Cousin, what are we going to wear on Old Mrs. Wei’s birthday?” Yuan Keqing tilted her head innocently.

When Xu Mingzhen heard Yuan Keqing’s words, she felt that something was wrong, so she turned her head and said to Yuan Keqing, “Excuse me, you won’t be able to go that day.”

Yuan Keqing stared at Xu Mingzhen in surprise and hurt in her eyes

Slowly tears welled up in her eyes: “Why? Didn’t uncle Wei invite us before? Auntie, did I upset you, so you don’t want to take me there?”

Xu Mingzhen frowned. When did Yuan Keqing became like this?

Crying all the time.

Xu Mingzhen felt that what Yuan Keqing said seemed fine, but hearing it in her ears made her feel so uncomfortable.

“Originally for Old Mrs. Wei’s birthday party, our family was not qualified to attend. Wei Shao invited us, and he specifically pointed out who he had invited. Since you were not included, it would be impolite for me to take you with us. The master will also be unhappy.”

Xu Mingzhen explained, “If it is possible, I will definitely take you next time, but not this time.”

Yuan Keqing bowed her head in disappointment, but she thought in her heart that it must be because her aunt felt that Tan Mo was wronged, so she didn’t want to bring her along, it was a kind of punishment.

Otherwise, what was wrong with bringing her, an extra one for a birthday party?

“Also.” Xu Mingzhen said again, “Why did you call Wei Shao uncle just now? Don’t call him that in the future. It’s not good for people to hear. It’s inevitable that they would think we have a thick skin. He is uncle, but only for Momo. It’s not something that you can call him casually. Although I am older than him, I still have to call him Wei Shao. There are some connections, so I can’t get on with it.”

Yuan Keqing was extremely dissatisfied, and said aggrievedly: “But my cousin also calls him that.”

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