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Yang Bixian’s decision proved that he was actually caring.

Si Huang has changed into a set of British college style clothing. The light brown knitted sweater with white lining was simple and elegant. The layered diagonal diamond pattern on the knitted sweater added a bit of fashionable personality. It made her look more like a British gentleman, but the casual style was very suitable for a student in school.

Her hair was also easily managed, and the hair on the front of her forehead were set back with styling water to make a not exaggerated hairstyle, and the whole person looked more refined.

The door to the classroom opened, and Si Huang was greeted with warm gazes as soon as he walked in.

“Ah ah ah!”

“Quiet!” The teacher on the podium slapped the lectern angrily.

Originally, this time was the time when Huaxing Art School was supposed to have classes. However, when Si Huang appeared, one by one, the girls all skipped class, which led to the collapse of today’s class schedule.

At this time, the lecturer looked at Si Huang, as if he was looking at the scourge of the world.

Si Huang saw a few familiar faces in the classroom. Apart from Huo Yuzhi’s group of four, there was also Director Liu’s daughter Liu Yan. Sitting next to him was the girl who lent him the script and he noticed the expectant gaze of the girl. Si Huang smiled and nodded at her, indicating that he still remembered her.

Lu Ningning smiled in surprise.

“Are you all ready?” Yang Bixian asked.

Si Huang walked to the vacant seat by the window and sat down, nodding.

Yang Bixian first explained to the others, “You just need to be a quiet background.”

The girls nodded obediently, and the few poor boys had different expressions.

Although it was said that they would be the quiet background walls, everyone’s eyes were turned towards Si Huang.

Yang Bixian was worried that Si Huang would be under pressure with so much attention and it would affect his performance. But Si Huang’s next performance proved to him that all his worries were unnecessary.

Open windows, fluttering curtains, bright sunshine, and Si Huang shrouded in said sunshine. Half of his face was dimmed by the sunlight, his eyes were on the playground outside the window, one of his hands turned the pen unconsciously, and his shallow smile showed love and doting.

After a few seconds, the handsome young man suddenly frowned, his eyes flashed with anger, his lips pursed tightly, and his tense expression instantly dispelled the previous softness, and he became a stranger.


Everyone was startled.

Si Huang kicked down his desk.

“What are you doing!?” The teacher in front instinctively said.

Si Huang didn’t answer the teacher’s words and tore open the button on the collar of the shirt he was wearing inside the knitted sweater, revealing a beautiful neck and fair skin, and even a faint hint of his collarbone could be seen. She stepped on the desk that was kicked over in front of her with one foot bent, one foot straight, her arms crossed her chest, her chin raised, and she stared at the teacher coldly, exuding an unpleasant, restless and cold aura.

This attitude was really arrogant and presumptuous, but it was so handsome!

“You…you go out for me!” The teacher’s face was slowly reddened, and he pointed to the classroom door.

“Why are you sending His Majesty out!” Huo Yuzhi suddenly stood up and shouted.

“That’s right, if you want someone to go out, you go out!” Bi Xiaotuo also shouted.

After they took the lead, the other girls also started to resist.

“I’m sorry.” Si Huang’s voice sounded before the unnecessary confusion occurred, “I was overreacting.”

Everyone looked at her.

The person who was upset just now had a smile on his face. “There is an element of love in the promotional film. I am playing it with my own imagination and caused you trouble.”

“No! You did a good job.” Yang Bixian came forward and said, “I can understand the picture you just wanted to express. The girl you like is on the playground and got too close with other boys in the middle, right? That’s why you were so angry.” After saying that, Yang Bixian laughed, “Si Huang, have you really never been in love?” How did you bring it all to life?

The last gossip grabbed everyone’s attention.

Si Huang said indifferently, “No.”

The girls who heard the answer didn’t know whether to be happy or disappointed.

Except for some small problems in the middle, this shoot ended successfully. The teacher was a little embarrassed, but Si Huang said that this was the teacher’s true performance, and he was not wrong. The teacher went down the steps, and his attitude towards Si Huang had also changed, at least she was no longer regarded as a scourge.

Time passed unwittingly, the sun was already half down, and Si Huang’s work was progressing to the final stage.

Originally, according to Si Huang’s work efficiency, the last scene did not need to be delayed until now, but it was precisely because of Si Huang’s efficiency and perfection that Yang Bixian couldn’t help but strive for perfection.

It took an afternoon just to prepare the set, and this was under the condition that the students of Huaxing Art School volunteered to help.

As a reward for the students who volunteered to help, with the consent of Si Huang, she would play a complete piano piece in the last scene.

On the performance stage, the bright and real roses were set, the lights were projected, and the students were standing below full of anticipation. It was obviously time for school, but no students left. One by one, they flocked to the temporarily arranged stage, which had become very lively.

After Yang Bixian watched it first, he felt that Si Huang’s influence was beyond his imagination. Just when everything was ready, his assistant suddenly rushed over, “Mr. Yang, it is not good, there are a lot of reporters coming from outside, and they are coming here!”

Yang Bixian: “What’s going on? A brand endorsement needs to be done in isolation. Are they so impatient?”

“No.” The assistant said anxiously, “It’s something else. You’ve been busy with the promotional video today, so you don’t know. Now the second-generation 3P video has gone viral on the Internet!”

Yang Bixian looked up and saw the figures of the reporters in the distance, “Let’s talk about this later, stop them first! Tell them, if there is anything, they need to wait until after this filming is over!” Seeing the number of reporters, he said again: “Go to the administration of Huaxing Art School and let them send some more security over here.”

But the next scene made Yang Bixian stunned and he found that his insurance operation was not needed at all.

A group of girls lined up in an organized line, blocking the approaching reporters.

“Stop! Don’t come any closer! Otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude!” Huo Yuzhi said in the lead.

“Little friend, we are here to do an interview, you let us go first.” A reporter said with a smile.

“Who is your little friend, don’t think I don’t know what you are here for! You want to bully His Majesty, have you asked us?” Huo Yuzhi not only refused but took a step forward with her head held high.

“Haha, with your personality and attitude, don’t even think about hanging out in the entertainment industry in the future.”

Huo Yuzhi immediately glared at the person who was speaking, “Who do I think it is, it turns out to be the truth that dogs can’t spit ivory out of their mouths. Real Entertainment Voice ah! Others are afraid of you going crazy, but I’m not afraid. Anyway, I don’t plan to be a star, I just need to be His Majesty’s Knight! If you have the ability, come and bite me!”

As soon as they heard Huo Yuzhi say that this person was a reporter from ‘Real Entertainment Voice’, the other girls also showed disgust and rejection.

“Hehe, look, what kind of fan is this person, the upper beam is not right so the lower beam will obviously be crooked!” The reporter from Real Entertainment turned his head and said with a smile to his assistant, who was carrying the camera.

Huo Yuzhi became angry when she heard it, but was held back by a hand, “Calm down, you will cause trouble for His Majesty.” Lu Ningning looked at her seriously.

Huo Yuzhi saw the three girls from Lu Ningning’s group in front of her, so she snorted and stopped talking. In the past, the two groups had no grievances or overlaps with each other, but they didn’t like each other a bit – one was a female gangster group, and the other was a female academic group. However, not long ago, after learning that each of them was a loyal fan of Si Huang, the topic and feeling came, and the relationship between the two sides became closer.

Lu Ningning looked at Liu Yan.

The latter walked up to the reporters with a blank expression, “This is Huaxing Art School, which is a quiet place for us students to receive education. It is rude and disrespectful for you to break in in groups without the consent of the school. Don’t think that as a reporter, you can use language to insult and suppress others at will. Don’t forget that we are in front of the camera, and so are you. The audience is not a fool, so you won’t be able to distinguish your real ugly faces, so don’t forget. It affects the appearance and atmosphere of the society too much, so be a good example for adults.”

The group of reporters had different expressions.

Liu Yan’s words sounded again, “Why you are here, we all know. If you want to interview, please wait quietly for the work of His Majesty to end. This is the courtesy of a person.”

“I won’t be polite! Do you think I don’t know that you are sneering at us! Can you talk nonsense just because you are young? Your behavior now is a disrespect to us!” The reporter from Real Entertainment Voice retorted.

“Our courtesy is to people.” Zhou Xiaowen smiled cutely, but her eyes were full of disgust.

The reporter from Real Entertainment Voice was about to speak when Liu Yan took the lead, “Now stay here, don’t disturb us to watch His Majesty’s performance for us! Otherwise, you can try whether you are more united or we are!”

The girls all raised their chests in response to Liu Yan’s words, and stared at them fiercely, like knights who were not afraid of fighting.

The group of entertainment gossip reporters were stunned. It was the first time they met such fans.

“You are all ruined by Si Huang! You are just crazy! This is the bad influence brought by Si Huang, look at what you teenagers have become now? Chunnibyu! Rebellious! Fighting!” The reporter from Real Entertainment Voice said fiercely: “How can such a bad influence continue to stay in the entertainment industry and appear on the screen? This is definitely a bad trend! Ah!” A piece of instant noodles thrown out of somewhere hit him on the head.

“You can’t keep your dog mouth shut!”

“Fuck off! The one who should be kicked out of the entertainment circle the most should be the Real Entertainment Voice, shameless, full of shit!”

“Get out! You are not welcome here!”

The scene became chaotic, and the group of reporters was even more surprised. Weren’t most of the students in art schools wishing to develop in the entertainment industry? Their behavior would definitely have a bad impact on their future careers, but they did it without hesitation, and their emotions were getting more and more intense.

Fortunately, the scene did not develop to the point of being out of control and was controlled by the school security who arrived in time.

Under the adjustment of the school, the girls led by Huo Yuzhi, Lu Ningning and others no longer stopped the reporters from entering the arena, but the reporters were not allowed to disturb Si Huang’s work. If they wanted to interview someone, it must be after Si Huang finished the performance.

The group of reporters who came here were deliberately isolated in an open space by the students. Many of them had live broadcasts, and the scene they just experienced has been seen by some audiences.

When Si Huang learned about this, the scene was already under control.

She said to Yu Xi, “I see.”

Yu Xi added, “I just went to find out. It turns out that the origin of the Knights came from Huaxing Art School.”

Si Huang heard the words and lowered his head and smiled.

Her previous life in Huaxing Art School was her darkest time, where she was always gloomy and silent, unnoticed. After her rebirth, this place had become her shining starting point.

Yu Xi caught her indescribable smile and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Fate…it’s really amazing.”


“Let’s go.”


The sunset red clouds in the sky gradually dissipated, and the sky darkened very quickly after a certain time.

Bang – the lights on the stage suddenly came on.

The hearts of the waiting students jumped and they became active.

An elegant piano stood quietly in the middle of the stage, the lacquer surface reflected the halo under the spotlight, and the smooth lines were beautiful and elegant.

Da da da.

The footsteps of the person who came was slow and rhythmic.

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