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“Si Huang, your phone is ringing.”

Yu Ling placed the milk tea on the table in front of Si Huang and looked at the vibrating phone beside her.

“Eat first.” Si Huang smiled and picked up the milk tea.

At noon, she had eaten sandwiches and fruit salads produced in the cafeteria of Huaxing Art School, as well as some small cakes and biscuits provided by the cafeteria auntie.

Si Huang was eating when Yu Xi walked in from outside, and when he opened the door, he could hear cluttered screams, which disappeared when the door was closed.

Yu Xi put the several bags in his hands on the sofa, while he was sweating a little on his forehead, “Don’t they say that the girls in art school are more gentle?” They had already said that they would not accept gifts, but they still put them in one by one, no if you refuse, they threatened to take off their clothes. What about the reserved girls? How were they cute?

“Brother, drink something.” Yu Ling smiled and handed him a cup of milk tea.

Yu Xi shook his head, “Give me mineral water.” Then he looked at Si Huang before he spoke.

Yu Ling handed him a glass of water, noticed his expression, and asked with her eyes: What happened?

Yu Xi didn’t speak.

Si Huang had just finished eating, so Yu Xi and Yu Ling also put down their chopsticks.

“Si Huang, do you have access to the Internet?” Yu Xi asked.

“Huh? Yes.”

As soon as Yu Xi saw her calm expression, he knew that he must already know, without any confusion, “Now there is a turmoil in Huaxing Art School.”

“What does this have to do with us.” Si Huang wiped the corner of her mouth, then picked up the phone that was ringing again, cast a glance at the Yu brother and sister, and answered the phone.

After the phone was connected, there was no immediate greeting, only heavy breathing, like a crater about to erupt.

“Is something wrong?” Si Huang asked proactively.

“Were you behind what happened to Si Hua?” The words were so sharp that there was no room for relaxation.

With a “ha”, Si Huang laughed happily, “I saw it, he had a good time yesterday.”

“I asked if you did it!”

“No.” Si Huang leaned on the back of the sofa lazily. In fact, even his eyes were stained with a smile.

“Don’t try to lie to me! If you did it, I’ll know as soon as I ask Si Hua!”

“Why do you ask me if you believed him.” Si Huang was not angry, “This photo today if it was not of Si Hua, it would have been me.”

“Si Huang, I have already said that no matter what grievances you have in your heart, I am your father, you must listen to me! Come back obediently today, and I will forgive you this time! If you still continue being so stubborn, I’ll let you know that you can’t do anything by yourself! No child can ignore their father! Do you understand?”

“I understand.” The smile on the corner of Si Huang’s mouth became brighter, “It’s just Si Zhihan, don’t underestimate me, I also have your blood.”

The painful call was then hung up.

On Fenghua Entertainment’s side, Si Zhihan frowned and looked at the recording on the phone. Useless! Si Huang denied it, without revealing anything at all!

In Huaxing Art School, Si Huang stood up and asked Yu Xi, “What’s the work in the afternoon?”

Yu Xi replied, “Take a photo of your home life.”

“Let’s go.” Si Huang walked halfway then he stopped to face the two and said, “When someone asks about Si Hua, you should keep silent.”

The two brother and sister nodded.

“Brother, Si Huang seems to be in a good mood.” Yu Ling whispered.

Yu Xi: “I can see it.” After a pause, “I always feel that something big is about to happen.”


There were many scenes that were scheduled to be shot in Huaxing Art School.

In a house with two bedrooms and one living room furnished in a modern minimalist style, Yang Bixian first checked the positions of the staff and then waited for Si Huang to appear after confirming that there was no problem.

The door of the temporary dressing room opened, and Si Huang, who had changed into RB’s home clothes, came out.

Everyone turned to look.

The off-white pure cotton long-sleeved shirt still had the fresh and extravagant style of RB from this year. It looked clean and simple at first glance. In fact, there were subtle silver embroidery on the clothes, which highlighted the details. Below was a pair of light gray loose trousers, and under the trousers, there were light blue and white overlapping plaid slippers.

She walked out slowly, as if she was really in her own home, her hair was a little fluffy and messy, which made her whole person feel lazy and soft.

“Have you ever shot an endorsement before?” Yang Bixian nodded with satisfaction and asked softly.

Si Huang said: “No, but I have checked the information.”

Yang Bixian: “Take out your previous self-confidence, treat this place as your own home, do whatever you need to do, the photographer will capture it himself, if there is anything we need you to do in the middle, just follow the photographer’s instructions.”

Si Huang nodded, indicating that he was fine.

Yang Bixian: “Let’s start.”

When the lights were turned on and the camera started rolling, everyone found that Si Huang’s aura had changed again.

The yuppie bully who was wanton in basketball in the morning had turned into a lazy and elegant otaku man.

He seemed to have just woken up, his footsteps were slow and leisurely, he casually rubbed his hair with his hands, his eyes were half-squinted and had a hazy light of water dangling inside, then he glanced lazily at the photographer who was taking the picture in a daze. After a while, the person in the camera had walked towards the open kitchen.

He took the coffee beans from the glass cabinet, then started brewing a fresh cup of coffee, her beautiful fingers and the coffee machine set off against each other, and she leaned against the cabinet, her face showing a lazy look as she waited for the coffee to be brewed, her bright red lips were outlined in a shallow smile, then he lowered his eyes and stared at the phone in his hands.

A special atmosphere called serenity lingered around her. As long as one looked at her, even the flow of time seemed to slow down, making them feel happy and relaxed, and feel that this morning was very wonderful.

Seeing someone brewing freshly ground coffee should be a tedious process, but it was pleasing to the eyes when Si Huang did it. No one wanted to urge her on, but instead they seriously experienced the tranquility she created at this moment.

She personally selected a pure white porcelain cup, washed it and wiped it clean before filling it half full, and walked to the living room with the cup in her hand.

At this time, she seemed to be more awake, but she still showed a relaxed and casual feeling as if she was at home. She picked up a magazine from the coffee table, took off her slippers and sat cross-legged on the sofa, then she put the magazine on her lap, and looked down. When the temperature of the coffee in her hand cooled down, she turned her eyes slightly and took a sip from the rim of the cup.

Amid the steam wafting from the coffee, her delicate eyebrows and eyes stretched softly, and a smile of enjoyment was revealed from the tip of the eyes to the end of the eyebrows. The bright red lips were even redder when they touched the heat, and the upward arc looked even more fresh and precious.

“Are there any special requirements?” The lazy boy on the sofa raised his head and asked in a low-mellow voice.

Yang Bixian first returned to his senses and then looked at the photographer.

The photographer looked at the finished product several times, and exclaimed, “No problem! You can change your clothes!”

If it wasn’t for Si Huang’s reminder, maybe they would have stayed on this scene, forgetting that this was not a movie, but a shoot for product brochures and print photos.

Si Huang got off the sofa and walked to the changing room, then he walked out again after about four or five minutes. He was wearing the latest RB collection that had not yet been released this season, a white T-shirt with a big picture printed on it, a middle-layer blue shirt, and a dark green knit jacket, with nine-point folded jeans below, revealing half her ankle, and completing the ensemble was RB’s casual shoes.

Yang Bixian: “Get a few pictures in the house first, then go outside. By the way,” he remembered something, and said to Si Huang, “I originally wanted to show love in the last scene, but it would be better to highlight the signs in the middle. Si Huang, can you show the feeling that you have a girlfriend you like by your side? Even if she doesn’t exist.”

“I can try.” Si Huang didn’t finish his sentence.

Yang Bixian nodded first.

Outside the shooting scene, there were many men and women, but the innermost circle was full of girls. They all lay in front of the window and stared at Si Huang’s performance inside. Due to the closure of the house, there was no way to hear the conversation between Yang Bixian and Si Huang. However, with Si Huang’s next performance, some smart girls guessed it, and a burst of screams sounded –

“Even though we have so many girls here, why do you want Your Majesty to play with the air! It’s so bad!”

“That’s right, didn’t you let other boys play in the previous game? Are you looking down on people!”

“Ah—I really want Your Majesty to see me. If you don’t play a female pig’s feet, you can be His Majesty’s pet. I don’t mind being the background wall either!”

“…You guys are sure that if you go up, you won’t knock down Si Huang and cause him trouble?” A sour male voice came out, “Ah—! Who hit me? I’ll be honest. Ah, ah, ah!”

Many girls turned their heads and glared in the direction of the voice, but couldn’t find the boy’s existence, and hummed proudly in their hearts: Tsk! Deserved it!

Although Si Huang didn’t finish her words, her performance still made Yang Bixian and the photographer find no flaws.

This feeling of peace of mind really made people feel both happy and helpless. You have performed so well that the photographer has no sense of accomplishment, right? And it’s a bit stressful! ——People are so amazing in front of him. If he shoots people and it is not realistic and perfect, how would he still dare to stay on in the photography circle?

The simple living room was the home of Si Huang’s charm.

The young man leaned on the sofa, raised his eyes just to look in the direction of the camera, his eyes were bright and clear, full of enthusiasm and a smile, his vermilion lips were slightly open, and the corners of his mouth had a natural upward curvature. He seemed to be calling someone softly, telling them something gently.

Her feelings were not unrestrained and full of heat, but they were just right for people to feel that they belong to youth, they looked frank, pure and beautiful, and his whole person seemed to be glowing.

Then the boy picked up the magazine and lay down on the sofa, his slender and straight legs rested on the armrests of the loveseat, and his head rested on the cushion at the other end. This pose was leisurely and relaxed, revealing her tall and good figure without a doubt. His short black hair was scattered, his face looked even whiter in the light and his eyes were narrowed with pleasure, he smiled a little mischievously, while he held the magazine aloft with one hand.

At that moment, everyone felt that there was really a girl next to him, trying to get that magazine, but was deliberately tricked by the teenager.

Yang Bixian watched carefully, the smile on his face getting thicker and thicker.

He was extremely fortunate that he had chosen Si Huang. This kid would surely be on fire! He thought hotly in his heart: and the fire might even exceed his expectations!

The more popular Si Huang became in the future, the more benefits RB would accrue. If he hadn’t chosen Si Huang at this time, he might not have been able to hire Si Huang for an endorsement after paying several times the price he was paying today, in the future!

“The home photo is here.” Yang Bixian first checked the time on his watch, “Is it still class time? Si Huang, change your clothes and let’s go to the classroom to take two pictures.”


Yang Bixian’s decision made the girl onlookers excited. They showed an obedient and cute look and yelled, “Handsome guy is awesome,” “He’s not bad, it’s no wonder that he has such a high-level position in RB.” While saying this, they completely forget their previous complaints, the contrast made the boys speechless, and they secretly said: You must never offend women!

Yang Bixian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for a while. Facing a group of bright eyes staring at him, he said embarrassingly, “It’s impossible for a class to be full of girls.”

The short-haired fat girl wearing big-rimmed glasses stood up and said proudly: “I wore my dad’s clothes and walked outside, and no one treated me as a girl! You see I’ve worked so hard, if you don’t choose me again, it’ll be so unloving!”

Yang Bixian: “…”

In order to be in the same class as the male god, you worked so hard, do your parents know it?

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