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Qin Fan seemed to have heard some big joke, and pulled out a rare smile, “You can’t do it like this.”

His tone was not deliberately mocking, but it was his self-satisfied tone of stating the facts that hit people even more.

Si Huang did not refute, the situation in front of her did prove that she was not as powerful as Qin Fan.

“What’s your name?” Qin Fan asked again.

“Si Huang.” She had nothing to fear from being exposed.

Qin Fan slapped her head with a big hand, but looking at the harmless and beautiful little face, he was afraid that a slap would break the person. In the middle of the process, he forcibly released his strength, and the slap on the head turned into a pat on the head, which made Si Huang look at him strangely, but Qin Fan was very calm, “Be honest.”

“My name is Si Huang.” What did this name look like? It must be fake.

Perhaps it was because Si Huang was too serious and calm, and Qin Fan couldn’t see any flaws in her words, so he wondered, “I don’t remember any family surnamed Si.” He fixed his eyes on the people under him, “If you are not from those families, how do you know my name?”

Si Huang said indifferently: “A friend told me about you, and I saw your photo.”

Qin Fan: “What’s your friend’s name?”

Si Huang said nothing.

Qin Fan’s eyes were very oppressive.

The knock on the door came suddenly, breaking the silence between the two just at the right moment. Grandma Xiang’s voice came from outside the door: “Afan, come out quickly.”

Si Huang squinted at Qin Fan, and the other party released her. After thinking about it, he said, “Stay here and wait for me to come back.”

Si Huang stood up quietly, without answering Qin Fan’s words, then she turned around and sat on a chair in a corner.

Qin Fan glanced at her again before opening the door and walking out.

Grandma Xiang couldn’t see Si Huang’s position from outside. She wanted to take a look, but Qin Fan stopped her, “What’s the matter?” Saying this, he closed the door.

“What about the child? What did you guys just do inside?”

“It’s okay.”

“…Your grandma Yu is here, go say hello.”

Si Huang listened to the faint voices outside and waited until she could no longer hear them, then she murmured, “It would be strange if I stayed here and waited for you to come back.” She got up and walked to the window, when the voice of Five Treasures sounded in her mind: [Your Majesty think twice! Your Majesty, listen to me first! That man is incredible! If it weren’t for him being close to His Majesty, I would not have noticed that this person is of pure Yang constitution, not to mention that he is carrying a Supreme Yang baby, and there is no better person for Your Majesty, a person with a Supreme Yin body! He alone can give the best benefits to your Majesty, and supply Yang Qi to make His Majesty live a healthier life! So, what I want to say, Your Majesty, is to use your charm to hook him up! This must be very simple for you. You must know that in his situation, the yang qi can easily lead to madness and death. Only the yin qi in Your Majesty’s body can neutralize his excessive yang qi and make his life less painful! 】

Because the matter was very important and Five Treasure was afraid that Si Huang would not listen to him, so he revealed it all in one go.

Si Huang was shocked by this large series of information, but her thoughts were fixed on the sentence ‘You must know that in his situation, the yang qi can easily lead to madness and death.’

Crazy…death? Go apeshit? Become a madman?

Si Huang felt as if she had understood some secrets she didn’t know about in her previous life.

She stood by the window and looked down, and the sight in front of her clearly told her that it was impossible to escape from the window.

No wonder Qin Fan walked out so easily.

[His Majesty! His Majesty! Did you listen to me? This is a huge opportunity. People like him, he is probably the only one in the world.] He thought that Si Huang would be as excited as him when she heard his words, but her indifferent reaction made Five Treasures anxious.

“I see.” Si Huang replied, “We’ll talk about this later.” Now she was not so desperate that she couldn’t live without that man. Letting her take the initiative to hook up with Qin Fan? Seeing it all over again gave her an indescribable sense of weirdness.    

After looking around in the room, Si Huang found the bag she was carrying before. There was no trace of somebody having looked through the contents inside, but her phone was out of power. Putting the shoulder bag back on her back, Si Huang thought of Yu Xi, but she didn’t know how he was, so she thought irresponsibly: He can’t blame her for missing an appointment.    

If the man who had been waiting for a day at the sixth station of Weiming Mountain and kept calling in a hurry knew what Si Huang was thinking, he would probably cry and faint in the toilet.


The windows cannot be escaped from, so Si Huang naturally walked out of the main entrance.    

Walking out of Qin Fan’s room, a path led directly to the living room. Si Huang stood sideways at the corner and saw several people sitting on solid wood chairs in the living room. In addition to Qin Fan, there were two others she knew, that was Tie Lao and his wife Yu Shulan.    

If she guessed correctly, the other two must be Qin Fan’s grandfather and grandma. In her memory, Qin Fan’s parents died when he was a child, and he lived in his grandfather’s house since he was a child. She never had the chance to see these two old people in her previous life.    

“Little Qilin looks in good spirits.” It was Grandma Yu who spoke.    

Grandma Xiang replied, “It’s rare for him to have slept all day.” At the same time, she glanced at Qin Fan, who was silent, and saw Si Huang standing at the corner, her expression became stunned, and then she stood up, “You are the child Afan brought back, come and sit down, are you feeling better?”    

Her reaction caught the attention of others.    

Qin Fan strode towards Si Huang, standing not a short distance away, which he covered in a few strides, then his arm naturally came to rest on Si Huang’s shoulders, and he took her to the center of the living room.    

Si Huang felt her shoulders sink, stared at Qin Fan expressionlessly, thinking: Are they familiar enough for him to hook his arms around my shoulder?

Grandpa Qin and Old Tie also had strange expressions on their faces. They all knew how critical Qin Fan was about people. Thinking of this, Grandma Yu couldn’t help looking at Si Huang seriously. Just now, she couldn’t see the person clearly from a distance, but now it was different when she was sitting opposite. At this glance, Grandma Yu jumped up and rushed to the opposite side of Si Huang, “Aqiong! You are Aqiong! Oh, this is fate, I came here to see you!”

Grandpa Qin and Grandma Xiang: “…” What about seeing friends? Her change of heart was too fast!

Si Huang was also stunned, but her eyes softened when she turned to Grandma Yu, and her eyes were clear and pure, “Did you?”

Grandma Yu looked like an idol chasing fan: “I am your fan!”

Grandma Xiang knew her best friend since she was a child and knew that she had become ill again.

“Pfft.” Si Huang was not surprised, but laughed, and blinked at the excited grandma Yu, “Thank you for liking me. Do you need my signature?”

“Oh-” Her love for her immediately increased by two points. She felt that the child who was playing A Qiong was not only lovable when acting, but also had a well-behaved and polite personality in daily life. She happily pulled at the hem of her clothes, “Sign it! Sign it here!”

Tie Lao finally couldn’t stand it anymore, he pulled his wife to his side, and asked Si Huang with a stern expression: “Why are you here?”

Si Huang said calmly, “I accidentally bumped into a beast on the mountain and fell while running away. I must have bumped my head.”

Grandma Yu exclaimed: “Why are there beasts on this mountain, are you okay?” Turning to look at Grandma Xiang: “You are negligent in your management here.”

Grandma Xiang: “…”

The Beast Qin Fan stared at Si Huang with oppressive and aggressive eyes.

Si Huang’s expression did not change at all. He smiled and said, “I have nothing to do here. I would just like to thank Qin Fan for saving me this time.”

Beast Fan suddenly said, “Beasts don’t understand human words.”

Si Huang choked. The gazes of Tie Lao and others around him became subtle.

She secretly scolded Qin Fan for not being able to speak, and her smile faded a bit. Anyway, she didn’t owe Qin Fan anything, and it wasn’t true that the other party rescued her, so there was no need to lower her stance and explain again and again, “I still have something to do at work, so I won’t bother you anymore.”

Grandma Xiang’s eyes flashed, and she was about to speak. But Qin Fan took the lead: “What kind of work do you have?”

Si Huang: “I’m an actor.”

Qin Fan said: “Don’t do it, come to my army.” Seeing that the other party’s beautiful eyes became a little colder, his heart sank inexplicably, and he blurted out two sentences involuntarily: “You have great potential. Enlisting in the army is more promising than acting. I promise…”

“No need.” Si Huang interrupted him indifferently, with no shame on his face. He was annoyed and angry, but her slightly raised eyebrows and raised corners of her eyes made her look inviolable. He was not suppressed by Qin Fan in aura, and confronted him head-on, “My future is not up to you to decide.”

Qin Fan frowned.

Although the child spoke in a very light tone, he felt that the other party was angry, even more angry than when they were fighting in the room before.


Si Huang didn’t give him a chance to continue speaking, she just turned around and saluted the four old men and women, and left without hesitation.

After a while, Grandma Xiang came back to her senses and shouted, “Wait, there is no car to leave here.” But Si Huang could no longer be seen.

It didn’t take long for a soldier to come in and report: “The boy’s skills look very good, and there is absolutely no problem with him going down the mountain by himself.”

Er Shui: Three chapters in a row, what do you think?

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Er Shui: (touching her chin) Why don’t you just strip and lie down, and let His Majesty handle it.

Beast Fan: (Frowning) Effective?

Ershui: What do you say?

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