PPM Ch. 93: What, I have to live here?

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She spent a few nights outside and squandered half a month’s salary. Did he want her to live in a place that required a month’s salary for one night?

“You drive, I’ll show you the way, turn left at the intersection ahead, and then cross two intersections to the right…”

The car quickly started following Li Shengxia’s instructions. After a while, Li Shengxia said, “It’s here.”

“Here?” Mo Nianchen stopped the car and couldn’t believe his eyes.


“It’s so remote here! Don’t tell me you lived here these days!” Mo Nianchen frowned. He knew that the place she lived in these days was very ordinary, but he didn’t expect it to be so ordinary. It refreshed his perception of ‘remote’!

“It’s cheaper here.” Li Shengxia told the truth.

How could an eldest young master like him know about the suffering of the common people, this kind of hotel was already a luxury for her.

“Are you telling me indirectly that you want a raise?”

“It’s not as complicated as you think, but I’d be more than happy if you give me a raise.” Li Shengxia said.

The two said as they entered the hotel…

“Welcome to Fenghua Hotel!” The drowsy receptionist replied mechanically. However, just as the two entered the door, the staff in the hotel seemed to have revived in a split second.

Ok… what a handsome man! God, was there something wrong with her eyes? How could such a handsome man appear in such a place!

Mo Nianchen felt their gaze, frowned a little unhappily, and followed Li Shengxia in.

The hallway was slightly dark.

Mo Nianchen’s brows furrowed even deeper: “There is one lamp here that is broken!”

Li Shengxia explained for the employees very understandingly: “Save electricity.”

“It is so dark even if it is not broken!” Mo Nianchen said, critically.

“Power saving.”

He continued to criticize even more dissatisfiedly: “The corridor is so narrow!!”

“Because it’s cheap.”

“The door lock is so unsafe! It can be opened easily!”

Li Shengxia finally couldn’t bear it any longer: “Mo Nianchen, are you being picky?”

Mo Nianchen pushed Li Shengxia against the wall, “So you like this style?”

“…” Was it all because of the cheapness?

Li Shengxia put her hand behind her back and touched the doorknob, and the door opened…

Mo Nianchen pushed Li Shengxia onto the bed in a flash.

“Mo Nianchen, what are you doing!”

“Would you rather live in a place like this than call me?” Mo Nianchen frowned and uttered seriously. “Do you know how dangerous it is to live in such a place with hidden safety hazards alone?”


“Even if we quarrel in the future, you have to go home and sleep!”

“Mo Nianchen.”

“I can also give in to you, but you are not allowed to sleep outside in the future, do you hear me!”

“…” For some reason, when he said the word ‘home’, her heart suddenly froze, how much did the word sound warm.

His and her home was not a house, but a home.

Seeing that she didn’t speak for a long time, Mo Nianchen said coldly, “If you don’t answer me, I will demolish the hotel now!”

“Don’t… Mo Nianchen, you used to have no grudges with this hotel in the past, and now you have no grudges against this hotel, why are you tossing it? Although this place is a little remote, the room is a little smaller, and the lights are a little dim, but it is still very clean and tidy, and it is quiet.”

“Then you promise not to run away from home even if we quarrelled.”


“You swear!”

“Mo Nianchen, why are you so naive.” Li Shengxia was speechless, but there was a little sweetness in her heart.

“I want to listen to your swear.”

“Okay, I swear. Mo Nianchen, you are so heavy that I can barely breathe.”

“What are you implying to me? Don’t worry, wait a minute when we get home, I will satisfy you in whatever way you want.”

“Mo Nianchen, can’t you be purer?” Li Shengxia closed her eyes, her cheeks flushed.

He held her hand, pulled her up from the bed, released her hand, and waited for her.

“You should know that my patience is limited.”

Li Shengxia heard the words and immediately ran to pack up.

A few seconds later…

Mo Nianchen asked, “Are you done packing? Let’s go!”


Mo Nianchen couldn’t wait to get out of here, who knew…

Boom— the lights suddenly disappeared, and the world was suddenly dark.

“What the hell!” Mo Nianchen couldn’t help cursing. “It’s not enough for one lamp to fail, every lamp has to be broken again and again!!”

“Mo Nianchen… keep your voice down, it’s a power outage…”

“A power outage?” Mo Nianchen said as if he couldn’t understand this. Was there such a thing as a ‘power outage’ in the world?

Some employees heard Mo Nianchen’s dissatisfaction, and immediately came over with a flashlight, but as soon as they shone the light on Mo Nianchen’s face, they immediately lost their minds: “I’m sorry, this guest, because of the sudden rainstorm outside, the circuit was paralyzed. There is a power outage on the whole line, and the traffic outside is also blocked. You can only stay here for one night now.”

“What! Do I have to stay here?” Mo Nianchen was extremely displeased!

“This is a flashlight, I’ll give it to you first.” The employee said.

Mo Nianchen took the flashlight from her hand and slammed the door shut, completely ignoring the nympho employee.

Li Shengxia opened the curtains and saw that there was a big traffic jam outside. The rain had come fast and violently, and it was dark because the power had gone out. It seemed that they couldn’t go back tonight.

When Mo Nianchen was holding the flashlight, it happened to shine on Li Shengxia’s back. For some reason, his irritability seemed to ease for a moment.

Thinking about it carefully, being able to spend a night with her in such a cosy environment was also a special experience…

He originally wanted to ask Chi Su to check if there were any star-rated hotels nearby, but at this moment, he suddenly liked the faint atmosphere in this room.

Her body exuded a faint scent of jasmine, which was very summery. It was already late autumn, and seeing her, it was like really seeing midsummer… just around the corner.

Mo Nianchen walked towards Li Shengxia.

Step by step, slowly and vigorously.

The ambiguity seemed to have begun to spread.

The feeling that he finally suppressed, now had a reaction… He wanted…

He wanted to kiss her sweet lips…

The taste must be very good…

She looked out the window and said to Mo Nianchen: “Mo Nianchen, it’s raining a lot outside, and there is heavy traffic. If you think the room is too small, I’ll book another room…”

No, she didn’t understand that he did not feel cramped, he only hated that the room was not small enough, not narrow enough, not ambiguous enough, not close enough to her, not enough to smell her fragrance well.

Li Shengxia walked out while talking, but before she could finish her words, Mo Nianchen suddenly kissed her lips.

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