PPM Ch. 92: Was this his way of Reconciliation?

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“Do you still own what can be stolen?” Mo Nianchen said coldly, “Besides, the woman I want can still be snatched? I’m afraid I won’t want her if she sticks me upside down!”

“I don’t allow it. You insulted her like that…” Ling Yarang clenched her fists in exasperation trying to silence him.

Mo Nianchen kicked him hard, and looked at him condescendingly: “What if I insult others?”

Seeing that Mo Nianchen was about to punch and kick Ling Yarang, at this critical moment, Li Shengxia suddenly grabbed Mo Nianchen’s hand, “Forget it…”

Mo Nianchen looked at the pleading in her eyes, and paused in a trance, but he still didn’t kick him down.

He looked at Ling Yarang coldly, and his voice was as cold as Satan: “You are lucky, get out of my way, and never appear in my range again! Otherwise, you will not be so lucky next time!”

Ling Yarang did not expect Li Shengxia would actually plead for him, he was experiencing a moment of shock, he had clearly hurt her! Only now did he realize in a trance what he had just said.

“Li Shengxia, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Whatever I said was unreasonable, and I said too much, I…”

Ling Yarang wanted to say something, but Li Shengxia didn’t want to listen at all. Because she knew that even if he apologized, it was just because of her relationship with Mo Nianchen, right?

Mo Nianchen was right, and Tan Qing was also right, she was an idiot, her eyes were blind, and she couldn’t tell who was really good to her and who was fake.

“We’ll be strangers in the future, just pretend that I never knew you.” Li Shengxia said to Ling Yarang, and then walked away with Mo Nianchen.

Ling Yarang looked at the two backs and lost his mind for a long time… He didn’t know why there was a strange emotion in his heart. So sad…

Mo Nianchen put his arms around Li Shengxia’s shoulders and took her far, far away. This was the first time that Li Shengxia felt that his thoughtfulness made people want to cry…

Why was his mind always so hard to guess? She couldn’t forget that this person was once her girlhood dream, but he had also destroyed everything she had…

But why did he always give her a ray of sunshine when she fell into the ice cellar…

The two were silent for a long time.

Mo Nianchen did not speak. Li Shengxia remembered that before, he had said very unreasonable things to her, but just now he stood beside her without hesitation, struggling for a long time in her heart, she intended to break the silence.

After a while, Li Shengxia looked at Mo Nianchen and broke the deadlock, “Why did you want to come?”

A voice in her heart asked: Why did he come? Didn’t he hate her the most?

She held her breath waiting for his answer.

He said coldly and indifferently: “Even if one of my pets is injured outside, I will avenge it.”

Such an understatement, so natural.

Li Shengxia’s heartbeat just now was completely extinguished by his indifferent words at this moment!

Yes, how could she forget, she was his toy.

He wasn’t tired of playing yet.

But she felt relieved.

That’s fine, anyway, she’ll recover after she gave up on him. He was standing by her side so casually now, which made her feel that there was no sense of disobedience, as if there had never been any unhappiness between them…

She vaguely remembered that the cause of that incident was the ring on her hand .

“Last time, I really just said a few words to Yin Tangyi. I really have nothing with him. It was just a coincidence that I met him.” Li Shengxia looked down at the ring he put on her just now, she don’t know why she want to explain to him suddenly.

“Don’t talk about the past.” Mo Nianchen didn’t want to recall, so he waved his hand.

At this moment, she saw the wound on his hand, and said in surprise, “Why is your hand bleeding?” And it seemed to be cut by some sharp debris.

Could it be that day…, that vase that fell from the sky hit him?

At that time he was also injured?

But she didn’t know it at all, and said so many hurtful things…

She thought of this, and she had mixed feelings for a while. Why didn’t he explain? Was it the same as her, because the other party said too much and he felt very sad, so he didn’t want to explain anything?

Thinking like this, she felt very flustered, but he hugged her shoulders even tighter. Li Shengxia was shocked and let him hug her tightly.

Mo Nianchen raised the corner of his lips slightly, and his previous bad mood seemed to be swept away.

What was this injury? He couldn’t remember how many times he had been hurt for her.

But at least she was back.

The feeling of him hugging her shoulders was very special, and she didn’t know what was wrong, as if every time she felt safe only in his arms… He clearly hated her the most. It was very strange.

Mo Nianchen…

Didn’t he hate her the most? Wasn’t it that he didn’t accept her liking? Why did he give her fatal tenderness every time she decided to give up completely…

And she couldn’t tell whether she had fallen in love with this devil again… She just knew that she had to keep reminding herself that Li Shengxia, don’t be fooled, don’t be fooled by his brief tenderness. But it’s still like this, and she can’t help but get closer to him…

So, was it a reconciliation?

“Let’s go, go home.” Mo Nianchen said.

She didn’t know why the word ‘home’ from his mouth seemed to have a special charm.

In fact, he was also trying to learn how a normal boyfriend treated his girlfriend…

Although it felt awkward, she seemed to like it…

At this moment, Li Shengxia’s cell phone rang again, it was from the Li company, it was nothing more than to tell her that everything was fine, and the company was operating normally. Not only had no one withdrawn capital, but there were more investors, and she heard that there might even be expansion of the company.

Li Shengxia gave Mo Nianchen a strange look, was this his way of reconciliation? She really couldn’t stand his uncertainty, rich were indeed wilful! But for some reason, her heavy mood for the past few days had finally cleared up.

When she came to her senses, she found that they had reached the luxury car. She suddenly remembered something and said to him, “Wait a minute, I still have something in Fenghua Hotel, you can take me there first.”

“What is Fenghua Hotel? Why haven’t I heard of it?” Mo Nianchen took her into the car. After that, his hands on the steering wheel froze a bit.

“Of course people like you don’t go to cheap hotels.” Wasn’t that very normal? Li Shengxia thought dully.”

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