RCFS Ch. 272

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Therefore, even if one of the two conditions was not fulfilled, don’t try to be the first in Junyao!

What qualifications did a newly established Yehuang have to compete here?

Becoming Junyao’s first place, do you really think that Junyao’s first place is easy to win?

It’s simply overestimating one’s capabilities!

“Really?” Ye Yunxi chuckled and looked over calmly, her dark eyes full of frightening gloom and indifference.

“Then I can’t use you even more. It will lower the average level of our Yehuang!”

“Ye Yunxi!”

Several girls were about to explode!

To belittle and insult them like this!

Damn it!

“Why do you insult us!”

“That’s right! Who do you think you are!”

“Bullshit Yehuang, we will never join you again!”

“Please, we won’t go!”

“That’s right!”

Ye Yunxi lazily picked her ears and smiled: “Thank you very much, thank you very much for saving Yehuang!”

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10+10+…

System: Hahahahaha! Thank you!

The girls were going to be furious!

This Ye Yunxi was simply too much!

“Ye Yunxi, don’t be so self-righteous!” Bai Ruoyue stabbed Ye Yunxi fiercely and shouted ferociously.

But before she could touch Ye Yunxi, her finger was grabbed and she was pinched hard!


When her screams sounded, everyone in the dormitory was frightened!

Was that clicking sound just the sound of a broken bone?

It was very scary!

This Ye Yunxi, did she have to be so cruel?

Bai Ruoyue even broke into a cold sweat while holding her fingers in pain.

“Go, go call the teacher!”

No matter what happened today, she would definitely destroy Ye Yunxi today!

A fight in the dormitory was enough to expel you from school!

Lin Jingyi was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly called for someone. After a while, the dormitory teacher rushed in and saw Bai Ruoyue squatting on the ground, covering her fingers, with an ugly face.

“What’s going on?”

The teacher was going crazy. Why did this dormitory always keep having problems?

“T-Teacher, she, she broke my finger…”

Bai Ruoyue gritted her teeth.

“Ye Yunxi?” The dormitory teacher looked over and felt a little incredible.

Hadn’t the people in this dormitory always bullied Ye Yunxi?

The last two times, it was Bai Ruoyue who started the trouble and said that she was being taken care of, but it turned out that it was her own car!

What a bastard!

“Bai Ruoyue, what are you doing? Didn’t I tell you not to bully Ye Yunxi anymore!”

Bai Ruoyue was about to cry, teacher, teacher!

She was the one being bullied now. Her fingers were broken, right!

Bai Ruoyue felt so wronged and her hand hurt so much.

“But, but teacher, I, my hand is really broken…”

The dormitory teacher came over speechlessly and checked it again: “Is it broken! It’s just a little red and swollen!”

Sure enough, Bai Ruoyue was still bullying Ye Yunxi.

What happened with these students?

“I asked you, what are you guys in the dormitory doing? Do you know how to unite with your classmates? Why are you always picking on Ye Yunxi when you have nothing to do? If you don’t want to live in the dormitory, all of you can go to become a day student!”

Bai Ruoyue was really going crazy.

Not broken? How could it be? She could hear bones cracking!

And it was really Ye Yunxi who bullied her, why did the teacher lecture them?


“Stop shouting, I’m telling you, if I see you bullying your classmates again, all of you are going to be punished, do you hear me!”

Everyone in the dormitory was startled, and subconsciously cooperated: “I know!”

The dormitory teacher slammed the door angrily and left, leaving Ye Yunxi smiling and lowering her head, raising Bai Ruoyue’s surprised face with her fingers, and scanning everyone here with her dark eyes.

Break it off? It was just a bruise on her hand, it was no wonder it didn’t hurt!

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