RCFS Ch. 273

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“Aren’t you awesome? Come again!”

Everyone collectively shrank. At this moment, Ye Yunxi was so sinister and terrifying!

“Yehuang is mine, and I have made the rules. Everyone must abide by them, no one is an exception!”

After saying that, she loosened her fingers and Bai Ruoyue collapsed to the ground. She was surprised to find that she was frightened by Ye Yunxi’s momentum. Her legs were so weak that she couldn’t even stand up!

“If you want to join Yehuang, you can. How they recruit people in the three major societies, we Yehuang will recruit people the same way. Come back when you are qualified!”

After saying that, she turned around and left.

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10+10+…

They could hear a needle drop in the dormitory.

They were frightened by Ye Yunxi, and of course part of them was shocked.

“Ye…, Yehuang is now following the standards of the three major clubs?”

“Do you want to be so awesome?”

“Cultural subjects and martial arts, can she, they, do it?”

Ding! Trigger mission: Winning in military arts! Reward Awesomeness XP: +100000, physical strength +100! The host is big! Winning the military strategy is equivalent to stepping out as the first society of Junyao. Let Yehuang shine even more brilliantly!

Military strategy?

Oh, come on, she, Ye Yunxi, was not afraid of anything!

“President!” Seeing Ye Yunxi, Sun Chao hurried over: “You’re back!”

They hadn’t seen her for half a month, and they were almost dying of anxiety!

“What’s wrong?”

Ye Yunxi raised her eyebrows. She hadn’t been back for half a month. Why did he miss her so much?

“Hurry up, Sky Club’s people are here to make trouble!”


Ye Yunxi walked over calmly, and Sun Chao was about to die of anxiety: “Yes, yes!”

“Just call out and find me. What did you do?”

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

Sun Chao: “…”

He also wanted to fight out and finish the matter, but those were Sky Club’s people, did he dare? Let’s not talk about whether he dared or not, but let’s be practical, could he beat them?

It was obvious that he couldn’t beat them, okay!

“Emm… Anyway, you go back and take a look first!”

Pulling the person back to the club, two groups of people inside were at war with each other.

Ming Siye sat silently on the sofa, his handsome face expressionless, he just heard the movement and looked over.

The Sky Club people also looked over, staring at Ye Yunxi, all of them looking fierce.


Fang You and others seemed to have seen their saviour, but because Sky Club’s people were on the opposite side, they still did not dare to move. It seemed that if they moved, the two groups would start fighting.

In the tense and stalemate atmosphere, Ye Yunxi walked through the crowd indifferently and walked in step by step as if she didn’t see the tense people.

The man who was settled on the sofa was stunned for a moment.

Damn it, how could this girl walk so calmly?

There’s going to be a fight soon, okay? Why does she act like she didn’t see it?

Arriving in front of Ming Siye, Ye Yunxi stood still and turned her head to look at the young man sitting here: “Is something wrong?”

The feeling of being looked down on was very unpleasant. Ming Siye stood up and took advantage of his height and said condescendingly: “Your people from Yehuang came to provoke us in Sky Club, saying that we will be crushed in the ancient martial arts competition at the end of the term.”

Ye Yunxi nodded: “That’s right, you will be crushed!”


Ming Siye felt anxious!

He originally came here to call for punishment, but what happened!

They even slapped their noses on their faces!

Crush the Sky Club!!!

Ming Siye smiled: “Ye Yunxi, please take a look clearly. There are less than twenty people in your club, all of them cannot do it even they try to crush us together. Do you have any self-awareness?”

“Haha, not only Sky Club, but we also want to crush the whole school. Do you accept it?”

‘I do, you big-headed idiot!’

Ming Siye found it unbelievable. Who gave her the confidence to overwhelm the entire school?

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