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Ten p.m.

A video of “animals descending from the mountain to ask for help after the earthquake” exploded the entire Internet and circle of friends. Less than half an hour after the video was uploaded, it already had hundreds of thousands of hits. Under everyone’s strong request, the uploader of the video even temporarily registered an account on a live broadcast platform and started the live broadcast.

After making sure that the animals would not harm them, the rescue team drove the rescue vehicle and turned on the headlights to illuminate the place where the sika deer was lying down. There were many animals around the sika deer besides the two rescue team members who were treating the sika deer.

A nearly three-meter black bear was quietly squatting on the left side of the sika deer. It had its head lowered and silently stared at the sika deer on the ground. It looked like a mountain and remained motionless like one as well. There was a petite oriole bird above the black bear’s head. The little oriole chirped and called from time to time, and occasionally flapped its wings and flew to the sika deer to circle for a while. On the right side of the sika deer was a black panther that almost merged with the night. It bent down and licked the wound on the sika deer with its tongue over and over again.

There was a large group of animals behind the black bear and panther, but the headlights of the car could not shine into the forest. So, netizens could only distinguish from the blurred outlines across the lens.

“It’s really a bear, such a big bear.”

“I see worry in the eyes of the black bear and panther, and feel like they are about to cry.”

“I saw it too…”

“The cry of the oriole is really worrying.”

“There are many animals behind them, I think I saw wolves…”

“Did all the animals in the forest come out?”

“It seems that the forest must have been severely damaged, otherwise these animals won’t run away by themselves.”

In the live video, countless bullet screens flashed across, and netizens were discussing the reason why the animals walked out of the forest, until the video turned to the sika deer lying on the ground. It was not a strong sika deer, it was covered in blood, its limbs were bent, and there were thick bones protruding from its abdomen. The little sika deer seemed to be unable to even breathe, and the rescue team was holding an oxygen mask to inhale oxygen for the unconscious sika deer.

“Oh my god, it’s so pitiful, it has hurt so much.”

“She is like this, how did this sika deer get out? Was it sent by these animals?”

“Yeah, didn’t the anchor just say that their captain said they wanted to treat the deer’s wounds, so those animals let them come close.”

“Then what are they doing? Why haven’t they treated the deer’s wounds? The bones are still exposed.”

“They are not veterinarians, so they probably don’t know what to do. What should they do?”

“I’m a veterinarian, and although I really don’t want to say it, judging from the injury in the abdomen of this sika deer, it should have been hit by a huge stone, and it probably injured its internal organs. It should be impossible to save it.”

“Nonsense, I won’t listen, I won’t listen.”

“You’re a veterinarian, so please give some advice, don’t mention those unlucky things.”

“So many animals sent sika deer down the mountain for treatment, they must really want to cure the good sika deer, I also believe in us humans, the rescue team must find a way to cure the sika deer.”

“Yes, yes, is there no veterinarian in Qiyang County? If there is one, go there quickly.”

“Yes, the veterinarian, nearby… Is there a veterinarian? Go there quickly.”

In an instant, the barrage comments looking for a veterinarian swiped across the screen.

Looking at the picture in the video, Mi Wan suddenly remembered the group of animals that helped Fan Chen dig her body after the Guyuan Mountain mudslide. The group of animals were grateful for Fan Chen’s life-saving grace, so they came out to help spontaneously, did the sika deer in the video do similar things? Animals always had the purest emotions, and they would give back what they got.

Unable to bear it, Mi Wan forwarded the video to Fan Chen, and then asked: Are you in Qiyang County? Is this sika deer a demon?

Fan Chen: I am here, it is a demon.

Mi Wan: Then why don’t you bring it back?

Fan Chen: Its demon core has been completely shattered. The reason why it is still alive is because I left a ray of demon power on it.

Mi Wan was taken aback, recalling the miserable appearance of the sika deer in the video, she couldn’t help being a little sad. The demon core was completely shattered, like a human heart shattering, even if she wanted to save it, she couldn’t save it.

Mi Wan: Since it is already dead, why do you still want to leave it with a ray of demon power.

Since it was doomed not to survive, leaving a ray of demon power to continue life would only make it more painful.

Fan Chen: They refuse to give up.

Who were they? They were of course the group of animals who had sent the sika deer down the mountain in the video. Wild animals mostly preferred to stay in the deep mountains, unless they had to, they would not take the initiative to step into the human world. But in order to save the sika deer, they were willing to pack up their minions and come to the human world in groups.

Mi Wan: How long can the sika deer live?

Fan Chen: Three days.

Mi Wan didn’t ask any more questions, and she didn’t continue to watch the video. Since she couldn’t live anymore, watching it would only increase her troubles. Fan Chen probably did this because he didn’t want the sika deer to die in front of these animals. As long as the sika deer didn’t die in front of these animals, these animals would always think that the sika deer was still alive.

At this time, at the train station in Qiyang County, Xu Zhuang got off the train. After seeing the news of the earthquake in his hometown, he left the pet store without bringing anything with him except his mobile phone, which also died an hour ago. Fortunately, before he got in the car, he sent a message to his family, and his brother Xu Heng would drive over to pick him up.

The railway station in Qiyang County was not big, and there was only one exit in total. As soon as Xu Zhuang came out of the railway station, he immediately saw his elder brother Xu Heng waiting at the door.

“Brother.” Xu Zhuang ran over happily.

“Why is your phone turned off?” Xu Heng asked.

“The phone is out of battery.” Xu Zhuang explained.

“Let’s go, get in the car.” Xu Heng didn’t ask much and pulled his younger brother into the white Buick parked beside him.

The car quickly came out of the train station and turned a corner. Xu Zhuang immediately sensed something was wrong: “Brother, did you drive the wrong way? This doesn’t seem to be the direction to go home.”

“It’s fine at home, no need to rush back.” Xu Heng replied without turning his head.

“Not going back? Then where are we going?” Xu Zhuang was stunned, it was almost eleven o’clock, and if he didn’t go home at night, where did his brother want to take him.

“Great Liuzhuang.” Xu Heng replied.

“Great Liuzhuang? Where is it?” The name sounded like the name of a village, but although Qiyang County was not big, there were quite a lot of villages, and Xu Zhuang had never heard of this name.

“Xiao Zhuang, I remember you are a veterinarian.” Xu Heng suddenly asked again.


“That’s right.” Xu Heng nodded to himself, stepped on the accelerator, and the speed of the car increased by a few times.

“…” Xu Zhuang’s face was full of confusion, but he let his elder brother drag him further and further away.

At the same time, the government of Qiyang County also sent local veterinarians under the constant call of netizens. Two veterinarians rushed to the scene, and with just one glance, they knew that the sika deer might not survive.

“No, the injury is too serious.” One of the middle-aged veterinarians shook his head and sighed. And the moment he shook his head, the bear and leopard guarding the sika deer all turned their heads and looked over. Their golden eyes frightened the middle-aged veterinarian until he fell to the ground.

In the live broadcast room, the bullet screen exploded again in an instant.

“Ah, can the sika deer really not be cured?”

“Can these animals understand human language?”

“Animals are sensitive, maybe they sensed the emotions of the veterinarian.”

The rescue team leader carefully helped the middle-aged veterinarian up, thought for a moment, and suggested: “You treat the sika deer’s wound first, and then we will take the sika deer back for treatment. Staying here is not an option.”

The middle-aged veterinarian thought about it, and stopped talking at the moment, and together with his students, the two carefully treated the wound of the sika deer. While the two were treating the wound, the animals surrounding the sika deer all watched quietly, without making a sound, not disturbing them, and being obedient. However, when the middle-aged veterinarian treated all the wounds that could be treated and tried to take the sika deer away with a stretcher, the black bear suddenly moved.

“Roar~~” it roared in a low voice and took a step forward with its front legs. This one step scared away all the humans who came up and tried to take the sika deer away.

In the live broadcast room, netizens became excited again.

“Did the black bear attack the rescue team?”

“No, it just moved a bit and didn’t hurt anyone.”

“It seems that it doesn’t want the rescue team to take the sika deer away, but if they don’t take it away, how can they treat the sika deer’s injuries?”

“I see, the animals want to heal the sika deer, but they don’t want the sika deer to leave their sight, they want to stay by its side all the time.”

“When you say that, I suddenly want to cry.”

“Me too, but the sika deer was injured so heavily, it may need surgery, how can it be cured if you don’t take it away.”

“Animals don’t completely trust humans, but they can only ask humans for help.”

“Big black bear, just trust us, we will definitely cure the deer, let the rescue team take the deer away.” Someone called on the Internet.

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