TBVSR Ch. 95

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Jiang Yu booked a recent flight to Haicheng that night.

She couldn’t fall asleep anymore, so she rummaged through the crystal music box that had been dusty for a long time, opened it, and the music of “Swan Lake” sounded slowly.

The crystal girl danced lightly to the beautiful melody.

Those memories that were buried intentionally or unintentionally flooded out like a tide.

That night in Haicheng, that night in the bar… those words he deliberately whispered in her ears, those words that guided her and hypnotized her subconscious.

She remembered everything!

That bastard Qiu Li, he actually hypnotized her!

Early the next morning, before dawn, Jiang Yu went straight to the airport.

On the way to the airport, she took out her mobile phone and sent a message to the family group where Cheng Ye, Jiang Manyi and Xie Yuan were a part, informing them of her decision to go to Haicheng.

Jiang Manyi: “Ah! Come on, baby! Bring back son-in-law Lili!”

Cheng Ye: “Go, go, I don’t object or support it.”

Jiang Manyi: “I am very satisfied with son-in-law Lili, who has good grades and good looks. He’s also handsome, so there’s nothing to choose.”

Cheng Ye: “What’s the use of good grades and good looks? Character is the key. After you bring him back, I’ll have to do some research.”

Xie Yuan didn’t ask any more questions, he just went straight to the group and sent a few red envelopes of large denomination transfers to Jiang Yu: “If you have no money, you can always find Dad.”

Jiang Yu sent a “love you” emoticon package, and was about to receive the red envelopes, and then saw a few system messages— “Cheng Ye received Xie Yuan’s red envelope.”

Cheng Ye received Xie Yuan’s red envelope.

Cheng Ye received Xie Yuan’s red envelope.

Jiang Yu: “…”

Xie Yuan: “…”

Jiang Yu: “Spit it out!!!”

Cheng Ye smiled: “Ah, I’m sorry, my hands were slippery.”

Jiang Yu: “Give it back to me, my dad gave it to me!”

Cheng Ye: “What about your dad, he’s not your dad! I pay the living expenses, he’s just making fun of it.”

After speaking, Cheng Ye privately transferred 100,000 yuan to Jiang Yu: “Hey, you ask Dad for it when you run out.”

Jiang Yu said unceremoniously, after receiving the red envelope, she stuck out her tongue at him: “Xie Yuan is my real father, you are at most a stepfather.”

“Ah! Little white-eyed wolf! Return my money!”


After a while, after many years, Jiang Yu came to Haicheng again. Haicheng Airport was still the same as it was two years ago, and the campus of Haicheng University had also not changed much, except for the renovation of the cafeteria and several new dormitory buildings.

Jiang Yu walked on campus, breathing the air he had breathed, looking at the scenery he had seen, as if she had never experienced the parting and forgetting of these two years.

After these two years of hypnosis, she woke up from the dream, and she still loved him as much as she did when she graduated from high school, as much as she did yesterday.

Jiang Yu found Zhen Xuxu in the reference room of the graduate school.

Sunlight penetrated through the skylight of the reference room, and the air was filled with faint dust. Zhen Xuxu was standing in the sun, wearing thick glasses, holding a copy of Mr. Lu Xun’s “A Brief History of Chinese Novels”, looking elegant and quiet just like her mother.

She had now successfully passed the postgraduate entrance examination.

“I’m here this time to take him away.” Before Zhen Xuxu could speak, Jiang Yu said first: “I want to take him away, whether you agree or not.”

Zhen Xuxu smiled: “You should have come earlier.”


After Jiang Yu was hypnotized by Qiu Li, she subconsciously thought that Qiu Li and Zhen Xuxu were together, and that understanding was further deepened when Ren Xian came to her.

“We’ve never been together, and he’s never liked me, he always had you in his eyes.”

Jiang Yu could tell that only when one was relieved could they smile like that.

Because in the past two years, even though her subconscious kept saying, don’t love, let go… But she had never smiled like Zhen Xuxu for a moment.

“Has he been doing well in the past two years?”

Zhen Xuxu shook his head: “Not good, very bad.”

Jiang Yu’s heart tightened.

“He has obtained the highest level certificate of hypnotism. It can be said that he is the only student who has obtained this level of certificate. I heard from others that he can even supervise hypnotism in class. You know that supervision is the consultation of psychological counsellors. He has a strong self-will, but he can even hypnotize the supervisor, which is too scary.”

Zhen Xuxu took a deep breath: “I heard that the college has rejected his application for postgraduate insurance because…”

“What is the reason?”

Zhen Xuxu approached Jiang Yu’s ear and said softly, “The reason is that he may have potential criminal tendencies…”


“This is just the professors’ guess, because he passed all the criminal psychology tests, and the test results showed that he is mentally very healthy, even healthier than normal people, but…Professor Song Yuhe strongly opposes and says that he cannot be allowed to continue his studies, at least, he cannot be recommended to other graduate schools from our school, and he will not be recommended to other schools. I heard that during this period of time, he is preparing for the national postgraduate unified examination, and nothing can stop him from reaching his goal.”

Jiang Yu said in a daze, “The postgraduate entrance examination…is a good thing.”

“Is it really a good thing?” Zhen Xuxu looked at Jiang Yu: “You are the person who knows him best, does he really have criminal tendencies.”


Qiu Li not only had a tendency to commit crimes, but in the near future, he would cause great damage. He would instigate crimes, and then be sentenced to death for endangering public safety!

Jiang Yu couldn’t delay any more, so she asked Zhen Xuxu, “Do you know where Qiu Li is now? I just went to his dormitory building, and they said he doesn’t live in school anymore.”

“He left school, together with his roommate Duan Bo, he seems to have opened a consulting room outside, I don’t know the details, I don’t care about his news anymore.”

“Thank you.” Jiang Yu walked out of the reference room of the graduate school. It was easy to find out the specific location of Qiu Li’s consulting room from a few boys in the School of Psychology, which was in a small alley on Fengjia Road.

She hailed a taxi at the school gate and drove straight towards Fengjia Road.

On the way, she received a call from an unfamiliar person. After answering the phone and hearing the other party’s voice, she was a little surprised.

It turned out to be Mrs. Bu.

Mrs. Bu was furious when she learned that Jiang Yu had asked for a long vacation to go to Haicheng. Regardless of her status, she called her directly: “The performance of “Swan Lake” is coming soon. Everyone is training hard. After leaving the classroom, you actually asked for a long vacation to go to Haicheng, do you really not want the queen’s trophy!”

Jiang Yu knew that Mrs. Bu had completely regarded her as her own granddaughter, and her request to Jiang Yu was like in the past, she had the same high demands on Bu Xi.

“Even if Bu Xi plays the role of the Swan Queen, she will not be able to get the queen position, but you can.”

Mrs. Bu’s eyes were so vicious, she could see through Bu Xi’s upper limit at a glance, even if Jiang Yu thought that Bu Xi was really very good and very strong.

“Xiao Yu, be obedient, come back now, don’t think about other things. If you can win this year’s queen, you will become the youngest ballet queen in history. Do you know what this honor is? Your mother won the championship when she was twenty-six then you were born, but you are only twenty-one this year!”

Jiang Yu didn’t interrupt Mrs. Bu, she just listened calmly, and then said, “Grandma, is the queen’s trophy really so important to you?”

“Of course.”

“Is it more important than mother’s life?”


“Her departure was an accident, and no one wanted to see it.”

Mrs. Bu said excitedly: “And your goal all along, wasn’t it the queen? The competition between you and Xiaoxi, every training until the early morning, isn’t it for the queen’s trophy! But in the end, you gave up! Are you worthy of your hard work every day and night!”

Jiang Yu said calmly: “The goal is important, but I care more about the journey along the way. Along with the scenery, I also want to protect the important people.”

Bu Xi, Qiu Li, her parents… During her journey to the future, these people were the most brilliant scenery in her life.

Through the phone, Jiang Yu could hear Mrs. Bu’s gnashing of teeth—

“You’re really her child, you and her…are exactly the same, stubborn!”

After finishing speaking, she hung up the phone.

Jiang Yu grinned, and was in shock.

This grandma… when getting angry was really scary.

No wonder Bu Xi on seeing her, reacted like a mouse seeing a cat.

Jiang Yu followed the address given by the students and came to the alley of Fengjia Road. This was the old city street in Haicheng. The houses were relatively low, and the surrounding shops looked old and grey.

According to the address, she came to the door of a psychological clinic. This clinic was composed of two shops, which were quite big, but the decoration was not very good, and the light inside was relatively dim.

Jiang Yu was suddenly a little nervous, so she stood in front of the glass mirror in the hair salon next door and looked at herself.

She was wearing a small and fresh loose long dress and two sets. She looked like a Mori girl. Her hair were in big waves over her shoulders. She took off the ponytail deliberately, showing a mature temperament.

She took out her lipstick again and covered her lips, making her look more radiant.

No matter what she looked like usually, when Jiang Yu went to see him, she would eventually dress up properly.

Women were those who pleased themselves.

But she hoped he was still happy with her.

Jiang Yu took a deep breath, mustered up the courage, and walked into this psychological consultation room.

The interior decoration of the room felt like a consulting room. Blackout curtains blocked the sunlight from the rear window. There were special single beds and comfortable sofa chairs for guests to sleep in the room.

At the desk, a man wearing glasses was playing a mobile game.

There was a screen behind the desk. Jiang Yu guessed that someone was sleeping behind the screen, because one leg was sticking out, and he was wearing a pair of old… AJ sneakers and another man with glasses. This man named Duan Bo was Qiu Li’s roommate, hearing a guest coming in, he yawned lazily, but without raising his head, he did not stop the game in hand.

“Sit down.”

Jiang Yu sat on the chair in front of the table.

Duan Bo asked: “What’s your problem?”

“I’ve been hypnotized.”

Hearing this voice, the leg wearing the AJ sneakers behind the screen shrank suddenly.

Duan Bo raised his eyes to look at Jiang Yu, and at this moment, he immediately put down the phone, his eyes seemed to be glued to her, and he couldn’t take them back.

This guest, my wife is so beautiful!

This face, this figure, absolutely perfect!

“You…who were you hypnotized by?”

“My boyfriend.”

Jiang Yu heard the low breathing of the man behind the screen.

“Your boyfriend? What did he hypnotize you for? Did he do…something against your will?”

Duan Bo had already thought of a large-scale action movie in his mind.

“No, he hypnotized me, made me not like him and made me forget about him.”

“Ah, this…”

At this moment, a small white snake swam out from the gap in the desk drawer.

Seeing the familiar little white snake, Jiang Yu gritted her teeth angrily in astonishment: “He even stole my pet!”

“Forget it, it’s too much to snatch a child!”

“Too much.”

“…Is it a cat or a dog?”


After finishing speaking, the eyes of the two fell on the little white snake on the table at the same time, and the corners of Duan Bo’s mouth fell twitching: “It can’t happen to be a white snake.”


“No…it just happens to be the one on the table…”

After finishing speaking, the little snake had already climbed onto Jiang Yu’s wrist and onto her shoulder, rubbing against her face affectionately, seeming very happy.

“Mom is here.”

Duan Bo: “…”

He swallowed, and asked with difficulty: “So your bad boyfriend who hypnotized you and stole the child, can’t happen to be…”

“Qiu Li, get out here.”

“Come out.”

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