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It was a pity that the calls of netizens couldn’t reach the ears of the big black bear, and it couldn’t make the big black bear completely trust the human beings, so that it could safely hand over the sika deer to the human beings. It was still as majestic as a mountain, standing in front of the sika deer.

The rescue team leader had been trying to communicate with the black bear, using words and body movements, but no matter what the rescue team said or did, as long as they tried to take the sika deer away, the black bear would stop them.

The rescue captain felt so bitter, the black bear couldn’t communicate at all, they wanted to take the sika deer away for treatment, but the black bear refused, however if they left it alone, the black bear probably wouldn’t let them do that either. The blackness in the woods was full of glowing eyes, God knows how many animals were watching here.

“Brother Black Bear, the medical conditions here are limited. We can’t treat the sika deer. You let us take it away, and we will take it to the best hospital so that we can treat it.” This was what the rescue captain said countless times, but the black bear just looked at him so quietly, without saying a word.

“How about going to a zookeeper, aren’t they better at communicating with animals?” Someone suggested.

Just when the rescue captain was thinking about whether he really should get a zookeeper over, a strange voice suddenly sounded from behind.

“Let us through, let us through, my younger brother is a very good veterinarian, I brought him here to treat the sika deer.”

After everyone heard this, they quickly moved out of the way to let the new veterinarian go ahead.

Xu Zhuang had already understood what had happened on the way here, and he didn’t even bother to talk at the moment. He didn’t even feel subconsciously afraid when he saw a huge black bear like others did. Instead, he passed through the crowd and walked straight to the sika deer. Reaching her side, he began to check the wounds of the sika deer.

“It’s such a serious injury, I have to take it back for surgery.” Xu Zhuang lightly pressed the sika deer’s abdomen, and his face immediately changed. The internal organs of the sika deer must have been damaged. It must be operated on immediately, the sooner the better, otherwise its life would be in danger at any time.

“Can you do me a favor and bring the sika deer back?” Xu Zhuang turned to the rescue captain and shouted.

The rescue captain smiled wryly: “It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s that these animals won’t let us.”

Xu Zhuang was taken aback, as if he had just noticed the black bear and panther squatting on the left and right sides of the sika deer. Perhaps because of dealing with animals all year round, Xu Zhuang could keenly perceive the emotions of animals, and he felt the deep worry from the black bear and black panther.

“Brother Black Bear, Brother Black Panther, the sika deer’s injury is too serious, we have to take it back for surgery.” After speaking, Xu Zhuang assured, “Don’t worry, I will do my best to heal the sika deer.”

The rescue captain on the side heard this and couldn’t help complaining in his heart: I’ve said these words 800 times, it’s useless.

However, an unexpected scene happened. After Xu Zhuang finished his promise, the black bear just stared at Xu Zhuang for a while, then retreated silently, letting out the sika deer from behind him.

“Thank you.” Xu Zhuang was overjoyed, and shouted back, “Hurry up and bring the stretcher.”

The rescue team and tens of millions of netizens in the live broadcast room were all stunned: Why did the black bear back up? Is this agreement? Why did you suddenly agree?

“Stretcher.” Xu Zhuang couldn’t help shouting again when he saw that no one was moving.

The rescue team came back to their senses, and the two boys holding the stretcher looked at each other, walked over tentatively, and then carefully moved the sika deer’s body. During the whole process, they were all on tenterhooks, for fear that the black bear would suddenly slap its paw over. But no, the whole process, until they carried the sika deer into the car, the black bear and other animals did not move. They really agreed to let them take away the sika deer.


Just as everyone was about to leave with the sika deer, a deep roar came from behind. Then one after another, it seemed as if all the animals in the forest cried out together. Everyone was startled, thinking that the animals had repented, they looked back in horror, and then…they saw a scene that they would never forget.

Hundreds of different animals, headed by the black bear and panther, bent their front knees, lowered their heads slightly, and roared in a low voice. The roars were like endless prayers.

We will do our best to save the sika deer.

Immediately, all the people present and the netizens who saw this scene through the live broadcast all agreed in unison.

We will definitely cure the sika deer.

The next day, Mi Wan woke up and found dozens of @messages on her phone, and almost everyone who knew her had @her, and there were even many messages asking to be friends in the address book. Mi Wan was a little confused, what happened?

With this doubt, Mi Wan clicked on the class group, and then she found that almost all the people @her were asking her the same question.

(Student Mi Wan, was the veterinarian who picked up the sika deer yesterday Dr. Xu from your pet shop?)

Old Xu? Sika deer?

Mi Wan continued to scroll down, and then saw a small video, in which Xu Zhuang was communicating with the black bear about taking away the sika deer for treatment, and then the black bear seemed to understand, took two steps back, and handed the sika deer to the Xu Zhuang.

When seeing Xu Zhuang in the video, Mi Wan was not too surprised. Xu Zhuang was from Qiyang County, and he happened to go back yesterday. If he arrived in Qiyang County, he would definitely go to rescue the sika deer. It would be unreasonable for him not to go after all. This was a person who bankrupted his own pet store in order to treat stray animals.

Mi Wan replied a message in the class group: It’s Xu Zhuang.

Seeing that Mi Wan finally answered, the people in the class group were so excited that they asked questions one after another, all about Xu Zhuang and the sika deer.

(How is the sika deer now? Can it be cured?)

(The sika deer is in Qiyang County now, or was it brought back to your shop by Dr. Xu?)

(Is the sika deer in your shop?)

Mi Wan thought for a while and replied: (Let me ask Xu Zhuang first.)

Mi Wan called Xu Zhuang, and the call was quickly connected: “Hi, boss.”

“Old Xu, are you still in Qiyang County?” Mi Wan cut to the chase asked.

“I’m back in Cannes.” Xu Zhuang replied.

“You came back to Cannes? Didn’t you just go back yesterday?” Mi Wan was a little surprised.

“Yes, but yesterday I found a sika deer injured after the earthquake. The sika deer was seriously injured. Qiyang County has no surgical conditions, so I brought the sika deer back overnight.” Xu Zhuang replied, “Now I’m in my teacher’s laboratory in M University, my teacher and some professors are working together to rescue the sika deer.”

“Oh~~” Mi Wan paused, and then asked, “Can the sika deer be rescued?”

“Not very Optimistic.” Xu Zhuang’s voice was a little low, “The sika deer’s body should have been squeezed by a boulder, and the internal organs were damaged to varying degrees. Although the professors tried their best to repair it, but…”

Xu Zhuang didn’t finish the rest of the sentence, but Mi Wan could understand.

“But there may still be hope.” After a moment of silence, Xu Zhuang continued, “According to normal circumstances, the little sika deer should have died long ago with such serious injuries, but it is still alive, which proves that its desire to survive is very strong. Maybe, there will be a miracle.”

There would be no miracle, because Fan Chen’s demon power had maintained it this long, and it could only last for three days.

Mi Wan hung up the phone and told the students in the group about the news that the sika deer was being treated at M University. The students who got the first-hand information immediately forwarded the news to the Internet, and everyone on the Internet got to know that the sika deer was at M University.

Seeing her coming downstairs after changing her clothes, Auntie Zhang couldn’t help coming over when she saw Mi Wan: “Miss, the sika deer is being treated at M University, how is the condition now? Can you ask Dr. Xu?”

Mi Wan was stunned, the news spread so fast? She just said something in the class group five minutes ago, and Mrs. Zhang already knew?

“Xu Zhuang said that the best experts in his school are doing their best to rescue the sika deer.” Mi Wan replied.

“That’s good, that’s good. With the help of so many experts, the little sika deer will definitely be fine.” Auntie Zhang said happily, and then posted the news that the sika deer was being rescued by experts on the Internet.

In less than ten minutes, all the famous experts and professors of M University were @ by netizens, with only one content: Please cure the sika deer.

“Auntie Zhang, why do you care so much about the sika deer?” Mi Wan couldn’t help asking, because after waking up this morning, she found that everyone around her seemed to be talking about the sika deer.

“Of course I am concerned, I have promised Big Bear and them.” Auntie Zhang said.

“Who’s the big bear?”

“It’s the bear guarding the sika deer.” Auntie Zhang was taken aback, and asked, “Miss, you must have watched the video yesterday.” After speaking, Mrs. Zhang dug out yesterday’s live video, pulled the picture to the last minute, and showed it to Mi Wan.

In the video, it was the picture of the black bear leading the animals in the forest to bow their heads and pray.

——It is them who refuse to give up.

Mi Wan thought for a moment, took out her phone and sent Fan Chen a message.

(Are you free tonight? I want to see the sika deer. I want to see if there is anything else I can do.)

(OK.) Fan Chen replied.

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