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After making an appointment with Fan Chen, Mi Wan went to school as usual.

In the school, because of Xu Zhuang’s relationship, Mi Wan was surrounded by the classmates for a while, and even their professional teacher, when the class was finished, came to ask: “How is the little deer, Mi Wan?? “

She couldn’t resist the enthusiasm of the masses. In desperation, Mi Wan had to call Xu Zhuang again, but the answer was similar to that in the morning. The experts had already done the operation on the sika deer, but the sika deer still had not escaped the danger.

At eight in the evening, in the backyard of the pet shop, Mi Wan was sitting on the swing boringly and listening to a song, wearing red headphones on the ears, her long hair tied into a ponytail, wearing a white hooded sweater, her toes touched the ground at one click, while her body swung rhythmically with the swing.

Suddenly, a familiar wave of demon power came, and Mi Wan opened her eyes subconsciously, and what appeared in front of her was Fan Chen’s tall figure.

“Sorry, I’ve made you wait for a long time.” Fan Chen whispered apologetically, and there were green vines under his feet.

“No.” Mi Wan shook her head, but her eyes could not help glancing in the direction of Fan Chen’s chest.

It was not worse, fortunately, Mi Wan was relieved subconsciously.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to see the sika deer.” Then, Fan Chen reached out to Mi Wan.

It was a very beautiful palm, with clear bones, long and fair white, and slightly open fingers, which made people want to put their hands inside, and Mi Wan did the same.

When her hand was wrapped in the wider palm, Mi Wan realized that something was wrong and wanted to withdraw, but Fan Chen had already pulled her off the swing and they were entering the ground together then they emerged on the spot where the sika deer was being treated.

When the two of them drilled out of the ground together, Fan Chen immediately released Mi Wan’s hand and pointed to the sika deer lying in the isolation room: “The Sika deer is there.”

Mi Wan was instantly distracted, and she turned to look in the direction of the sika deer. In the isolation ward, the sika deer’s body was covered with white gauze, its original fur was barely visible, and its eyes were tightly closed. It was lying on a small bed covered with white sheets. Various electronic instruments were placed around the bed, and various signs and numbers were displayed on it, but Mi Wan couldn’t understand any of them.

“Can we go in and see? I want to use my spiritual power to look at its injuries.” Mi Wan couldn’t do anything separated by a layer of insulating glass.

“This is a sterile ward, if you want to go in, you must first disinfect.” Fan Chen said.

“How to disinfect?” Mi Wan immediately asked.

“The disinfection room is outside, but we sneaked in. The disinfection will be discovered in the future.” Fan Chen reminded.

“Ah, then did I not come in vain? Is there no other way?” Mi Wan frowned tangledly.

Fan Chen looked at Mi Wan’s distressed expression and said with some embarrassment: “There are ways, but … I’m afraid you won’t agree.”

“If you don’t say it, how do you know I would disagree?” Mi Wan asked curiously.

With a chuckle, Fan Chen did not continue to sell misery and said directly: “Plants have the function of absorbing bacteria to purify the air. My body is a tree. As long as I want, I can absorb the bacteria on your body.”

“Then you suck,” Mi Wan said, taking the initiative to open her arms in the direction of Fan Chen. Since you have this kind of operation, why are you still showing such expressions here.

“Are you sure?” Fan Chen’s eyes narrowed.

“Come on, someone outside might come inside in a while.” Even if someone came in, they could find it in advance and avoid it, but she couldn’t be interrupted when checking the body of the sika deer. If she was interrupted, she would have to start all over again.

“Okay.” Fan Chen responded, then turned to face Mi Wan and took a step forward.

Mi Wan thought he was going to disinfect her, so she straightened her waist and looked at Fan Chen, waiting for him to absorb the germs on her body.

Fan Chen hooked his lips. He was delighted by the movement of Mi Wan, which seemed to be similar to hugging. He couldn’t help but lean down and stretch out his slender arms. Amidst the girl’s surprised eyes, he embraced the girl.

“What … what are you doing?” Mi Wan’s face became red, and she reached out to push him away.

“Don’t move, I’m disinfecting.” Fan Chen’s voice rang in Mi Wan’s ear, and then, a gentle demon power overflowed from Fan Chen’s body, layer by layer, layer upon layer, shrouding Mi Wan’s body.

“How long will it take?” Mi Wan stiffened her neck and dared not move.

“It will be fine in a while, I did not deliberately take advantage of you.” As if knowing what Mi Wan was thinking, Fan Chen explained specifically. As for whether he really did not take advantage, that only he knew.

“Who … I … I didn’t say you took advantage of me.” Mi Wan’s blush was hot, while the chest in front of her was cold. She instinctively touched Fan Chen’s all year long cold chest with her hot face, to relieve the heat on the face.

Fan Chen smiled again at an angle invisible to Mi Wan. He tried to restrain himself from laughing out loud, fearing that his chest would shake, so that the girl who was blushing in his arms could perceive something.

“Okay.” After a few seconds, Fan Chen let go of his arms.

Mi Wan whizzed and stood up straight, then she turned around, not daring to let Fan Chen see her red face.

“I’ll take you in.” Fan Chen didn’t pierce the girl’s embarrassment, he reached out again and motioned for the girl to hold it.

Knowing that Fan Chen was going to teleport in, Mi Wan didn’t think about it anymore, and naturally held his hand. Fan Chen clenched her hand tightly, and then the magic power turned around. After the two disappeared in place, they appeared in the sika deer’s sterile ward.

As soon as she entered the ward, Mi Wan let go of Fan Chen’s hand. She stepped over to the sika deer in two steps, then without delaying for a minute, she directly touched the sika deer’s eyebrows with her hand, carefully inputting her spiritual power.

When the spiritual force entered the sika deer’s body and flowed into the sika deer’s meridian, Mi Wan twitched her brows fiercely. If a brook was used to describe the strange meridians and eight veins in the demon’s body, and a river was used to describe the demon, then at this time inside the sika deer was a dry riverbed. There was no trace of demon power left in its meridians. The fragile meridian like weathered paper could shatter at the slightest touch. The Dantian, where the demon power was originally stored, was empty at this time, and only a cluster of blue demon power was barely maintaining its life.

This cluster of demon power was left by Fan Chen, but the demon’s demon bead had disappeared ~~

Even if the demon bead was cracked, damaged, and injured, as long as she was still alive, she could do her best to repair it. But the sika deer’s demon bead had completely broken, and there was no residue at all. What should she do?

“Her demon bead is gone.” Mi Wan murmured, her voice full of regret.

“If the demon bead was still there, I would have taken it to find you yesterday.” Seeing the Sika Deer in one glance, Fan Chen didn’t think of taking it to find Mi Wan, by then the demon bead had fallen apart, as he knew it was useless even if he found Mi Wan, so he didn’t bring it back. It was just that Mi Wan didn’t believe it, she had to come and see for herself, so he took her to confirm it again.

“How do you demon clan condense the demon bead? Is there a way to condense one more.” Mi Wan suddenly asked.

“The demon bead is formed by the demon clan’s self-cultivation. The ordinary animals have to undergo thousands of years of practice, plus special opportunities if they are lucky to condense the demon bead. This deer can only live for two days, even if she has enough demon power, it cannot condense the demon bead.” The implication was that it could probably not be saved.

“Isn’t there no way? Isn’t it possible for it to become an ordinary sika deer?” Mi Wan asked unwillingly.

Fan Chen shook his head slightly.

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